Best of the year 2006

A collection of posts which you liked and some which I wish you had liked…

Skin care

Oily skin, Normal skin, Combination skin. and Dry skin care
Skin care according to your skin type
Your skin care rituals according to your age.
Skin care-follow these 5 golden rules
Remember these rules as well.
Skin care during daytime and at night
You should treat your skin with heavy creams at night…
Everyday care for a beautiful skin
Care for your skin on a daily basis
Skin care for dark complexion
A dusky complexion looks great. Take care of it.
The Wonders of Cream Bleach
Bleaching has its own advantages.

Skin ailments and infections
Get rid of blackheads and Whiteheads
You certainly don’t want these spots to spoil your looks? Do you?
Fungal infections may affect your feet
Those tiny fungi might eat away your toes…. So act fast…

Hands and nails
Strengthening weak nails
Strengthen your weak nails with these tips
French manicure
Steps to get a great French manicure
Split ends in the hair-get rid of them
Trim your split-ends …
Nails reveal your health
Watch your nails….there is much more to it than just the looks.
Fix torn nails at home
Fixing torn nails is not a problem any more.
A unique nail-art
An easy, frugal, yet stylish way to tattoo your nails

Homemade face packs, body masks and potions
Simple ways of acquiring a clear & blemish free skin
Simplicity is the key to beauty. A blemish-free complexion is still attainable with home made beauty aids.
Home-made face packs for wrinkles
Forget botox! Try these masks to delay ageing and to prevent as well as smoothen out your wrinkles.
Face mask with cucumber and yoghurt
Yummy yoghurt and cool cucumber: fantastic combination - good enough to eat as well as to smear on your face.
Home-made face wash
Don’t pooh-pooh this after looking at the ingredients used. Your tired face will revive instantly after washing it with this.
Instant remedy for a dull face and unsightly nose
Perk up a dull face instantly with this remedy. Wait… there is help for an unsightly nose too.
Body softening mask
Once in a while you need to pamper your body with a mask and this one is for you.
Beauty Masks for a glowing complexion
Time-tested, awesome masks to make your face glowing and bright.

Bath and Body
A luxurious bath will leave you as fresh as a daisy.
Pamper your feet
Fuss and pamper those tired horses at the end of the day.
Home Facials
Pamper and rejuvenate yourself with a home facial.
Manicure and Pedicure at home
Easy tips for a great manicure and pedicure and that too in the comforts of your home.

Hair care
Prevent gray hair
Premature graying…. Maybe you are getting too wise beyond years or it could be that….
Crimp your hair for beauty
Tired of that same old straight look. Try crimping to get wavy hair…..
Prevent hair-loss part-1 and part-2
Hair loss is a universal problem…
Short Permed Hair-1 and part-2
Take care of your short permed hair.
Home-made henna (mehendi) hair dye
Dye your gray hair with natural henna for an auburn color. Looks good only when you have a few gray strands….
Hairstyles-choose according to the shape of your face
Choose a hairstyle that suits you.
Dos and Don’ts of hair care
Some do’s and don’t for while managing your mane.
Herbs for health and beauty
Tulsi (Basil) for beauty
Holy Basil – Not just meant to be revered but to be as a beauty aid as well.
Aloevera, the wonder herb
This spiky plant won’t prick you; not if you handle it gently to squeeze out the fleshy juice from its leaf and slather it on your skin.

Fruits and vegetables for health and beauty
Papaya for health and beauty
Grow a papaya tree at home and you will never tire relating the virtues of this awesome fruit to each and everyone.
Cucumber for beauty and health
Use cucumber as a health and beauty aid and become as cool as a cucumber.
Lemon as a beauty aid
This tiny golden colored fruit is sooooo marvelous.
Banana-medicinal and cosmetic value
Binge on bananas… crush its pulp to make amazing face masks.

Dairy products for health and beauty
Buttermilk for Beauty
Buttermilk’s not just for quenching your thirst, it can do a lot more for your skin, hair and your health too.
Milk for health and beauty
Let’s not get into an argument whether milk is good for you or not. Just slather it on your skin to make it glow….

Makeup- Why is it necessary
Is make-up essential???
Groom yourself with accessories
Collect trendy accessories..mix ‘n match with your dresses- create your own style

Teeth whitening remedies
Whiten and brighten you teeth professionally or at home…
Home remedies for tooth aches
Ease your toothache with some of these easy home remedies.
Noon-time nap
A short siesta at noon refreshes you mentally and physically…

Eyes and eye care
Eye yoga
Simple ways to exercise your eyes.
Eyebrows shaping and care
Shapely eyebrows look great.
Eye care for computer users
Spending too much time on the computers? The result – tired, dry, watery eyes.
First aid tips for eye emergencies
These tips may come in handy when someone punches you in the eye. :)
Make up with contact lenses – Is it permissible
Surely you can apply make-up with considerable ease when you are wearing contact lenses.
Eye care in summer
Harmful sunrays wreak havoc on your eyes. Use huge wrap-around sunglasses to protect them.
Facts about Contact lenses
All you wanted to know about contact lenses…
Contact lenses-some helpful tips for care and maintenance Part-1 and Part-2
Don’t underestimate the importance of caring for those tiny lenses.
Spectacle frames- tips on choosing the right one
Choose the right frames for your face. See clearly and look great.

Care of your jewellery
Your precious jewels…. You wouldn’t dream of parting with them even for a few minutes- no, not even for cleaning. No worries. Just clean ‘em all by yourself at home…
Those white, pure glistening pieces are just so mesmerizing…. Take care of them so that they last you a lifetime.
Diamonds are forever… A family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation…

Body art
The Magnificient Mehendi (Henna)
Those temporary tattoos are just too cute!

You and your voice
Voice Improvement
Do you have a nasal voice or….?
Keep your voice young and healthy
Your voice can be a dead give-away of your age. Nurture it and keep it sounding young.
Home remedies for hoarse voice (laryngitis)
Easy tips and remedies to cure laryngitis

Health and nutrition
Laughter, the best medicine
Laugh your way to good health…
Sleep deprivation-Consequences
Sleep deprived, are you?
Weight reduction diet tips
Wanna reduce weight? In addition to exercise you need to pay attention to what you eat.
Bad Breath (Halitosis)
It can be so embarrassing at times.
For a good night's sleep
Sleep well and wake up refreshed
Body odor
Do you have an offensive body odour?
Breakfast is essential for good health
Don’t you dare to skip your breakfast. You will end up bingeing even more, later during the day…

Home Remedies for common ailments
Home Remedies for tonsillitis
Tips that may help you when you have a problem of tonsillitis
Home Remedies for flatulence/gas
Now this can cause you a lot of embarrassment. Some of the remedies mentioned here will of immense help.
Home remedies for common cold and cough
Don’t shuffle, cough and sniff when you have a cold. Ease yourself with these remedies.
Home Remedies for headache
A pounding headache hammering your head from all sides? Not to worry. Help is here.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Exercise and Fitness
Kapalabhati Pranayam
The breath of fire…
Anuloma-Viloma pranayama breathing exercise
This breathing exercise can cure a migraine also.
Facial exercises for a youthful look-part-1 and part-2
Exercise your face for a youthful look.

Hot summer tips
Some tips for summer
Beauty and health tips for the hot summer months.
Sunscreen-the neccessity of summer
It’s so very essential, not just in summer but in all seasons too.
Make-up tips for summer
Cool make-up tips to look you best in summer.
Cool ways to beauty in summer
Don’t swelter in the summer heat. Be a cool cat this summer by following these cool tips.
Fruit juices for a cool summer
Quench your insatiable thirst with delicious, nutritious fruit juices….

Personal growth, personality development
Intellectual grooming
Groom your intellectual side.
Beauty and health effects of negative emotions
How your negativity can affect health and beauty?
Beauty and emotions - kinship between them
What’s emotion got to do with beauty???
Self esteem-Why is it so important?
What is self-esteem ? Is it self-love, narcissism or selfishness? The answer- None of these. But if you possess adequate self-esteem you will surely lead a happy life.
Sense of humor-tips to regain it
Tickle that funny bone in you…
How mature are you?
Are you mature for your age? Find out for yourself…

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