September 16, 2006

How mature are you-part 4

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Social maturity:
Social maturity measures your ability to get along with people. As you grow up from an infant to a child, then from an adolescent to an adult, your spheres of social relationships and activities keep on enlarging. As you grow up, you need more and more people of various kinds in your life. Social maturity is gradually learned as you learn to live in a world full of people. Social maturity is a very difficult area of growth. It is neither predictable nor regular. It is not e same all the time with all the people. Your success, popularity and satisfaction to a great extent depends upon how you get along with the people around you.
Philosophical maturity
Every human being has a philosophy of life which includes long term values, aiming goals worth striving for, making true friends and having a dedication and mission in life. One cannot become mature until one has a good workable philosophy of life.

Philosophy of life depends upon the customs and values of the people in the family, religion, community etc. The teachings of your religion set a goal before you. The great noble ideas and thoughts and the great sacrifices of great men have always moulded the philosophy of life of many.

It is important to maintain good physical, mental, emotional and social health. An all-round maturity helps in keeping balance in present as well as the future life.
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  1. Krishna4:35 PM

    Maturity" means (to me) the ability of the person to manage basic tasks of life that all human beings are responsible for. There are six such tasks, and the ability to manage them is laid in the first four to six years of life: Self, Love, Others/community, Work, World, and Mystery/limits.


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