Wake Up Refreshed–Start the day positively

Has it ever struck you that there are innumerable books and articles telling us 101 ways to sleep well, but hardly any that tell us how to wake up well? Strange, considering how important it is to have a full and satisfying day to fall into a deep, dreamless slumber. And to have that full satisfying day, we need to wake up with much cheer and verve in our heart and mind.

Most women say they think of making breakfast, filling luncheon, tiffins, as they roll out of bed and stumble to the bathroom to brush their teeth. The thing is that the mind is too precious to be filled with daily morning chores. It is more practical to make a list and stick it on the refrigerator door. That leaves the mind open, free and fresh to enjoy a great morning.

Best Tips for Breaking Through in Cosmetology

Dressing up and applying makeup is fun for many young girls, but some women never grow tired of painting nails, styling hair and curling eyelashes. If you like making others feel beautiful and enjoy creating different looks, you could have a future in cosmetology. Those who have just finished beauty school, are looking for a new workplace, or do not know where to begin can use these tips for breaking through in the cosmetology industry.
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Dental Care for the Elderly

It is estimated that by 2030, more than 20% of India’s population will be 60 years of age or older. The average lifespan of man has constantly been on the increase and is now placed at 65 years, yet older people use fewer dental services than young adults. The most common dental problems faced by the elderly  include root caries, periodontal disease, darkened / stained teeth, toothlessness or missing teeth - all these problems usually are due to neglect of oral care in their younger days, also a tooth-unfriendly diet lacking in essential nutrients,  poor oral hygiene practices like not brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, and habits like smoking and chewing tobacco.

Tips to Get Longer, Thicker and Beautiful Eyelashes

Eyelashes add to the beauty of your eyes. Thick, long and dark eyelashes encircling the eyes have long been recognized as an important facet of physical beauty. Beautiful eyes are also associated with social advantages. In many cultures, long, thick eyelashes have been considered as the symbol of beauty and femininity; on the other hand loss of lashes has been related with the loss of attractiveness and psychological grief.

The Art of Making Conversation

Sheila and Ana entered the party together but whereas, Sheila was within moments, surrounded by a knot of people eagerly hanging on to her every word, Ana found herself conforming to the classic prototype of a wallflower. She stood quite alone in a corner, embarrassed and miserable, trying hard to look unconcerned but inwardly wishing she could be swallowed up by the floor.

Why this marked difference between the two friends? The answer lies in the talent for making conversation. A necessary requisite of modern life, this art is not difficult to master, if you keep a few points in mind:

Natural Oils That Can Help You Delay the Onset of Wrinkles

A face full of wrinkles is the inevitable future for each of us. We may be able to delay the onset of aging, but we will eventually find ourselves with skin that’s less supple and wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.

There are many products out there in the market that promise to prevent the formation of wrinkles or smoothen out the skin if lines and folds are already there. Before buying any of those products, make sure you check the ingredients list at the cover packet. See if its ingredients contain the following natural oils:

Dieting: Common Myths and Facts

When you talk about losing or gaining a few kilograms, it sounds like a marathon task, in the beginning. You can either drag on, postpone it to a later date, which will only make the task worse.

The first step is to make up your mind, once and for all, set yourself a target and move ahead to achieve it.
Scientific dieting is not just a matter of missing out on our regular meals or nibbling down anything that looks good enough to eat, or is edible.

Whether you are on a diet to lose or gain weight, make sure you have balanced nutrition, a regular meal pattern, a daily program of exercise and a safe, slow loss or gain of weight.

There are certain myths about dieting which have no scientific basis. Many are too fat or too thin because of these myths, attached to dieting.

Exercise regularly for better vision

Regular exercise has enormous health benefits and it's great for your mind as well as it improves your mood and memory. It improves the overall stamina and strength, improves blood circulation, helps reduce stress and tension and provides a better quality of life.  Some mentionable health benefits of exercise include reduced risk of heart diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis, some cancers etc.  Thus it's the key to the prevention of numerous illnesses and in the maintenance of a fit and agile body.Studies have found that elderly people who indulge in regular exercise have improved immune systems, good bone density, improved flexibility of joints, decreased blood pressure, better heart health, improved metabolism, better quality of sleep and a lower risk of dreaded diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

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