April 21, 2015

10 Secret Skin Care Creams for Beautiful Skin

Everyone would be happy to find lotions or creams that will make their skin look younger. Though there are many game changing products out there in the market that will all make your skin look younger and beautiful, yet you need to be aware of various fraudulent activities such as scams and fake products. This is not all. Even the most reputed companies come up with products promising you results that will never be actually delivered. Our lifestyle habits, particularly how and what we eat and how much exposure our skin has to ultra violet rays play an important role in determining what our skin looks like. With the right skin care creams, you will not only look younger, but also beautiful. We will help you find the 10 most appropriate Secret Skin Care Creams for Beautiful Skin. Since people know little about the effective skin care creams amidst the numerous much hyped products, we will let you know the secret creams.

glamorous woman

April 20, 2015

How To Stop Picking Your Skin

Skin picking, by all means, is a particular type of an act that most of us have indulged in. The whole process of picking at your skin starts quite naively. You first see the boil or a pimple starting to occur in certain spots of your skin, so you feel like giving a little scrub to it.

girl picking at her pimple

April 17, 2015

Overnight Tricks for Stunning Skin

Looking fabulous is a desire for many especially women. The skin is a delicate organ and should be treated with care. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles tend to eat up on our time. This is normally experienced in the morning when everything is rushed thus leaving little time for attending to the skin. This results into the dull looking skin that looks much older than it is. However, even with as little make-up as one layer, the skin can still look as refreshed and attractive as it is intended to. The key lies in treating your skin with care. Since the morning schedule does not cut it, try an overnight routine. Below are overnight tricks for the stunning skin.

April 16, 2015

My skin has become rough after bleaching - Help!

Reader's Query
I have been bleaching my face, every 15 days, from the age of 19 as there is some superfluous hair on my face. But now, I find that my skin is no more soft and clean as it used to be. Pimples and rashes have started troubling me. Please advise. - Anu

April 15, 2015

Acne Treatment- Tips on how to approach the condition

Every individual wishes to have flawless, radiating skin. Certain factors like pollution, unhealthy eating habits trigger the occurrence of acne. Acne and acne scars can affect the confidence level of people to a great extent. However, there is nothing to worry about it. There are several home remedies and solutions for acne.

It is better to research about the types of acne, causes, and common myths prior to acne treatment. Even after taking over-the-counter medications, if the acne problem still persists, then it is better to consult a dermatologist for an effective acne treatment.

April 9, 2015

Analyse your personality type & behaviour

Can an individual's personality be classified? What do we mean by personality? Every individual has different behaviour patterns which vary with time and with mood changes, fits of temper, laughter, fear, joy and grief. Behind this changing emotional pattern there are deeper unseen characteristics and tendencies which make it possible to classify people in a number of ways.

The question that may come to one's mind is: psychoanalysis may be useful for doctors and psychiatrists but how is it useful to the common person? Well, personality and behavioural tests can be used for self-analysis which can help in overcoming depression, anxiety, nervousness, complexes and a number of other emotional problems.

April 8, 2015

Trends alert for Spring 2015

Finally the sun is out, and we can leave our stuffy rooms and the four walls we have been staring at for the last couple of winter months. We have picked up our phones, called our friends and arranged a coffee house meeting for a spring gossip session. And what are you going to wear?

Probably like all women, you have just enough clothes in your wardrobe, but the problem will be that it is all last season. If you have no time to go shopping, the good thing about living in the 21st century is that women’s clothing can be bought online. Your new pair of Marry Janes are just a click away, but what else will you need this season to keep in pace with the trends? Here are a couple of necessary items you should fill your closet with this spring.