October 12, 2017

Depression - Recognize And Tackle It

World Mental Health Day was observed on Oct 10th, two days ago. Mental ill-health is much bigger now, maybe due to today’s fast paced, stress-filled life. Depression, a persistent feeling of sadness is something which is often overlooked, thinking that it’s a passing phase or that time will heal it and that one need not do anything about it! But the truth is that depressed people, in addition to family and friends’ support may also need professional help! A lingering feeling of sadness, gloominess, under-eating, overeating, not dressing well, not taking care of one’s appearance, not happy over any achievement, remaining isolated, avoiding company of people, marked change in behavior etc.are some obvious markers. Noticing these early signs of depression helps us respond quickly and more effectively. Also read Depression has negative effects on your body.

October 11, 2017

White Spots on Fingernails Indicate Calcium deficiency. - Fact or Myth?

White spots on fingernails do not indicate calcium deficiency, zinc deficiency or any other vitamin or mineral deficiency, though it worries people. The white spots on fingernails are called “leukonychia” and are very common. Usually they are a result of some minor injury to the base of your nails – for instance, very vigorous pressing with a nail cutter or other manicure tool and even nail biting. Even though the knocking or injury may have happened several weeks ago, the spots show up quite late ; so you may not even realize that this could be the cause. Sometimes white fingernail spots could also be a sign of allergic reaction to nail polish or nail hardeners and sometimes a symptom of mild infection. However these white spots on fingernails are temporary and will disappear once your nail grows out but this may take considerable time, even several months.

white spots on fingernails

October 10, 2017

Girl worried about unequal size of breasts

Reader's Query
M.S asks: My problem is an embarrassing one. I am a 16 year old girl, smart and attractive. But there is one feature of my physique which is bothering me a lot. My left breast is smaller than the right one. Due to this, I always wear salwar suits with dupatta, although I long to put on shirts and blouses like my friends. Is there any cream or medicine which will help me?

girl worried about unequal size of breasts

October 7, 2017

Anti-Aging Tips To Feel Energetic & Youthful

The other day, I met a lady walking in the park. There was a spring in her step and her eyes were bright and sparkling. No, she wasn’t a 20 year old in love, but a grey-haired lady nearing 70. She was radiating so much energy and life that I wondered about youth - that passing shower that everyone craves to get soaked in for eternity.

                  Everyone is in search of the proverbial Fountain of Youth (Image Credits)

Time waits for no one and walks on relentlessly, yet there are ways to delay the physical ravages caused by old age, ways to imprison the spirit of youth and to keep it burning in our hearts.

October 5, 2017

Smart Eating For Weight Loss

It’s a fact that every woman dreams of having an hour-glass figure, but lack of exercise and poor dietary habits are some of the factors that cause a slim and fit body to remain a dream for many of us. A gradual weight gain over the years is a hard reality of life. Young girls, aided by a fast metabolic rate, find it relatively easier to control their weight but, as we age, the metabolic rate slows down, and our tussle with excess fat starts.

Every woman wishes to have a slim, svelte and an hour-glass figure.

October 4, 2017

Dianabol - When in doubt, stay away. Men's fitness needed

If you are looking for a way to gain those muscles that you really want, then you should really try Dbal Crazybulk. It's completely legal and very easy to purchase. A lot of bodybuilders who are dying to increase the size of their muscles have now found a way in order for them to see the results right away. It's pretty understandable that they are not that patient with these kinds of things.

October 3, 2017

Exam Fear, Sleeplessness During Exams

J asks: Whenever my exams are round the corner, I find I cannot sleep at nights. My family doctor has prescribed mild tranquilizers but these are of no help. What can I do?

Reader's Query

Response: Apparently, anxiety over your approaching exams robs you of your sleep. Tranquilizers can only artificially sedate your nerves. It is wiser to tackle the root of your insomnia problem: anxiety and stress.

A good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for a good memory and to recall whatever you have read easily and quickly. Spending sleepless nights before the exams can take a toll on your physical and mental abilities and not help you perform your best. So make some lifestyle changes and try some of these tips and measures to tackle your sleeplessness and tension.

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