5 Home Remedies to Treat Your Worst Skin Infection

Skin infection can be a troublesome issue for many of us especially if it is serious and incurable by medical sciences. Preventing such infections and curing them is essential for general well being.

skin infections
We carry staph bacteria as part of natural flora of our skin with ourselves everywhere we go. These bacteria can travel from one person to another in the form of physical contacts. Sometimes when the pathogenic bacteria enter the human body it can result in worst staph infections such as cellulitis, folliculitis, impetigo, herpes and carbuncles.

How effective are beauty power pills? Are they worth it?

It seems like almost every day there's some new product designed to help you look and feel better – and one of the latest of these are beauty pills, or supplements. We look at whether or not they are as effective as they claim – and how to get the most out of them.

How to Prevent Soreness After a Hard Workout

Although a little soreness after a workout is both expected and even healthy, for some, it can be exacerbated into excessive discomfort. This usually is a sign that you're doing something wrong either before or during your work, but fear not - instead of giving up exercise, you can just make these simple changes.

How to Prevent Soreness After a Hard Workout

Cosmetic Dentistry: 5 Benefits to Having Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants a brighter smile, but few know that whitening the teeth has several other health and psychological benefits that may not be obvious. A good smile is important because it is one of the first things that other people notice. The ways that whiter teeth can improve a person's life are outlined below.

Cosmetic Dentistry 5 Benefits to Having Whiter Teeth

Easy Guide to Pick a Perfect Outfit

Do you have any idea how to pick out an outfit? Or you’re confused what style shirt work well with pants? Or what’s really appropriate for the event? If you need to know the answer of all of these questions, then there is a step-by-step guide for you! This guide will help you out to pick out the classic outfit without any hassle or stress free. It’s just as easy as 1-2-3-4? So, here you go:


Why isn't my daughter’s hair long? - Reader's Query

Reader's Query

Mrs. M asks
I have a young daughter who is growing up to be a beauty. The only problem is that, while I have thick, long, silky hair  reaching up to the waist, hers has not grown beyond her shoulders. I have tried all remedies suggested by people ranging from egg shampoo to reetha (soapnut) and Shikakai, to Ayurvedic oils but to no avail. Doctors say that the length of a person’s hair depends on genetic factors. Then why hasn’t she inherited this trait from me?

Women's Music Festival Fashion

Ladies, festival season has officially begun! No festival is the same therefore neither is the fashion. For those who don’t want to go full-on hippie, one-day or city-held festivals such as Boston Calling, Lollapalooza or Governors Ball allow for great music without the grime. Long weekend festivals such as Firefly, Bonnaroo and Coachella where attendees are most likely camping in tents; require an effortless yet still original fashion. Grassy and muddy venues are not ideal for your favorite pair of heels or chunky necklace so when packing for your camping-friendly festival your fashion is held within the essentials…

Men's Music Fashion Festival

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Besides the great music, long days and cool nights at music festivals this summer, one essential factor is the fashion.  Fellas, fashion is not left only to the girls, so here are some go to looks for your next festival…
Generally men’s fashion can be described as simple and plain, but if there is a place to break out of your fashion shell, it’s at your upcoming music festival! Go with bold; button up short sleeve shirts with floral or Hawaiian prints. Festivals are no time to play it safe; pops of bright color as well as fun graphic tees make any outfit festival ready. If you’re festival falls mid-summer then desert-like temperatures are expected. Throw on a cotton tank in a bold colors or stripes and in order to stay cool. Leave the sports shorts at home and try cut-off jean shorts or shorter chino shorts.

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