April 12, 2017

Is some white discharge from the vagina normal?

I am a 22 year old unmarried girl. I keep myself clean and wash my private parts regularly while bathing. Sometimes I notice a whitish sticky discharge from my private parts. It does not pain or itch. I am very worried. Please advise.

Reader's Query

Some vaginal secretions are normally present which are meant to lubricate the vaginal walls. It’s absolutely normal for your vagina or cervix to produce these clear or white secretions.

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March 30, 2017

Bad Dreams Before Periods?

Shireen asks: I am a 35 year old woman. I've noticed a pattern that I get weird, and vivid dreams a few days before the commencement of my period. I do not exactly get nightmares and wake up feeling frightened or something of that sort but I do get bad dreams like being in an anxious situation or being chased or roaming naked in a public place. Sometimes, the dream is about the  loss of a loved one. At times the dreams are extremely hazy, bizarre and muddled. Do other women also experience this? Any idea why this happens?

Reader's Query

March 21, 2017

Googling for your symptoms is not a bad idea

Should you google your health issues?

Long back, I had written a post about how hypochodriacs have become obsessed about using the net to diagnose their symptoms  and got chided by a commenter for branding all those who search for online health information as "cyberchondriacs" or "hypochodriacs".

March 6, 2017

8 Reasons To Buy Handmade Jewelry

In this fast-paced, technologically driven world, it’s really difficult to get people to like handmade products. But handmade accessories, be it jewelry or other handicrafts are always superior to machine-made goods. An artisan takes significant amount of time to create a beautiful masterpiece and does it with utmost precision, skill and ingenuity whereas machines mechanically churn out thousands and thousands of similar, monotonous, droll looking pieces per day.

March 2, 2017

Transitioning to a Natural Beauty Regimen: What You Need to Know

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so it's essential that you care for your skin with the right products. The truth is, a number of conventional cosmetics don't do much to improve your skin's health. Some of these products even have harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Making the switch to natural serums, moisturizers and cleansers can improve both the look and health of your skin. 

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