September 14, 2017

Another health benefit of being short

People of short height are often envious of tall people and have self-esteem issues. That's because tall people not only look good but studies have also shown that they have better self-esteem, better social status, earn more  and are generally more successful than people of short stature. While one can't do much about one's height, one can certainty do something about self-confidence and self-esteem issues. Do read the post 5 Tips to Build Self-Esteem For short People.

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September 8, 2017

Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap - Review

2 months ago, I happened to notice Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap at a departmental store and after reading from its cover that it's a soap meant exclusively for the feet, I immediately purchased it.

I especially needed such a soap to keep my feet clean in the rainy season. In the monsoons, as you all know it is a herculean task wading through muddy waters and puddles and there's a high risk of contracting a fungal infection as well as other skin infections if you neglect foot hygiene. So it's highly necessary to wash and clean your feet thoroughly after you come home from outdoors. (Read Pamper your feet & Pedicure at home - easy steps)

September 2, 2017

World Coconut Day - 2nd September

The coconut palm is often compared to "Kalpavriksha", the celestial wish-giving tree in Hindu mythology and why not! All the parts of the coconut tree can be put to some use or another. Coconut is a staple diet of the people of several countries in the world, though it's considered as exotic in the western world. Coconut oil, wrongly got the bad press for being an unhealthy oil but recent studies have shown that it's one of the healthiest oils. Coconut water, especially tender coconut water is one of the most healthiest, nutritious health drinks out there which is full of electrolytes. Being rich is potassium and  magnesium, two important electrolytes, this makes for an awesome after-workout energy drink. If you're vegan or lactose intolerant, you can use coconut milk as milk substitute. Even if you do eat dairy, you can add coconut milk in your recipes to enhance the taste as well to reap the health benefits. These are just a few uses of coconut that I have enumerated. If I start listing out each and every benefit, I'll have to write pages and pages.

August 30, 2017

Replace your kitchen sponge instead of sanitizing

A few decades ago, it was quite common in South India to use coconut fiber / coir as a scrub to clean the vessels.  Since coconut is the staple diet in most households in South India, coconut coir is available in plenty. After 3-4 days this old coir scrub was discarded and a new one used in its place. After all, there was no dearth of coconut fibre. But with time, the humble coir scrub became uncool and most women started using store bought kitchen sponges.

Waste coconut fiber / coir can be used as kitchen scrub.

July 22, 2017

Never Share Nail Cutters With Others

Even an innocuous, grooming task such as trimming nails is not left untouched by superstitious beliefs. An ancient European belief forbids a person from cutting nails on Sunday and Friday; cutting nails on Friday invariably brings bad luck and on Sunday attracts evil spirits. Another superstition doing the rounds in 19th century Europe was that a mother should never cut the nails of the child before it's first birthday and if she does so the child will grow up to be a thief.  India too has its share of superstitious beliefs regarding nail cutting. In India, at least in the part of South India where I grew up, there is a belief that cutting nails after dusk is a bad thing. Moreover clipping nails on Saturday and on the day of the week you were born is supposed to bring bad luck. So most people avoid cutting nails on these days.

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July 17, 2017

Slow down for the sake of health

This one's for the workaholics who work for long hours incessantly, unmindful of the devastating effects it can have on their health.

Don't work for long hours incessantly.

July 13, 2017

Memory Loss Could Mean Vitamin B12 Deficiency

If you find yourself or your dear ones often forgetting things, don't panic. While in most circumstances, memory loss is associated with stress, dementia etc., there could also be other reasons for forgetfulness and memory loss.

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