Carve a permanent smile into an otherwise angry face by "Smile Lipt"

South Korea has been an international pioneer for human improvement through plastic surgery for decades. The country has constantly struggled to pave away the road to double-eyelid surgery, calf reductions, dimple injections, and jaw surgery, just to name a few. Apparently, they're looking to take things to the next level and use plastic surgery to alter the appearance of emotion.

Bad Breath: 5 Tips to Good Oral Hygiene

With estimates placing victims of bad breath at anywhere between one third to nearly half of the world's population, the hygiene of your mouth may be more of a problem than you thought it was. Although notoriously difficult to detect until the embarrassing moment when someone tells you about it, you can fight off bad breath with these easy, preventative steps.

Bad Breath 5 Tips to Good Oral Hygiene

The risks of food poisoning

Changing lifestyles in the modern hurly-burly world has occasioned an augmented demand for ready-to-eat foods, also called fast foods. A concomitant of this drastic change is the risk of bacterial food poisoning. How does food poisoning occur? Usually it takes an immense number of food-poisoning  bacteria to be present in food in order to cause sickness. Given the right conditions, however, bacteria can multiply very quickly.

food poisoning

How to Look Like a Celebrity

Looking like a celebrity may seem to be a daunting task, as celebrities have to be very conscious about their appearance and style. They are style icons for others and stand out because of their charismatic personalities. You can take some simple makeover steps which can help you look amazingly extraordinary.
Here are the simple steps to look like a celebrity:

Boost your fertility with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medical practice that started in China dating more than 2,500 years ago involving the insertion of needles in the skin. It is an ancient way of treating diseases, relieving pain, and boosting fertility. This discipline believes in the principle that qi which is life force is obstructed when there is an imbalance in yin and yang. This is manifested by malfunction of body organs.

There are 12 meridians in the body where qi flows. These meridians are like pathways. If one or more of them are obstructed and qi does not flow as it should, major organs are affected. This leads then to diseases and incapability to conceive. Acupuncture alters the distribution of yin and yang in these areas to bring a person back to health by normalizing the flow of qi.
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What Adults Need to Know Before Getting Braces

Most people have braces placed when they are children, because this is when gums and bones are most easily molded. Although having braces can be much more complicated for an adult, an older person has the advantage of being mature enough to properly care for teeth enmeshed in this infamous dental contraption. The reason for choosing braces now is not important: the real concern is understanding and avoiding the pitfalls.

young college student smiling at camera

Six Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Improve His Hygiene

Dating a new person often causes anxiety and raised expectations. You may wonder if your date will consider you smart enough, funny enough, or attractive enough to continue spending time with. However, some of these anxieties have a bigger impact than others, depending on a number of factors.

One such common factor is gender. For example, while women may spend more time "primping" for a new date, men may actually let hygiene go once they feel comfortable enough.

6 tips to improving BF hygeine

Want Whiter Teeth? 4 Remedies to Restore Your Smile

White teeth can improve your smile and self-confidence, but a white smile can be hard to maintain. Here are four ways you can combat stains and yellowing for a bright, beautiful smile, even if you aren’t ready to give up your morning coffee or lunchtime Diet Coke.

Want Whiter Teeth 5 Remedies to Restore Your Smile

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