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May 30, 2006

Skin care-follow these 5 golden rules
Following are the five golden rules for basic skin care:   Cleansing: Mere washing the skin with a soap or face will only remove the dirt...

May 19, 2006

Make-up tips for summer
Summer is the time when make-up doesn’t stay on for a longer period of time or the way we want it to be. So make-up in summer should be ke...

May 18, 2006

Cool ways to beauty in summer
Summer is often dreaded by women. They have horrifying pictures about themselves suffering from prickly heat & boils, a face breaking i...

May 15, 2006

Know your skin type!
Skin is one of the largest organs of the human body. It is always in the process of renewing itself. The skin ages inexorably through time,...

May 14, 2006

Some tips for summer
1) Drink at least 12 glasses of water or diluted fruit juices in a day. It is very important to drink water because your body needs water t...

May 11, 2006

Sunscreen-the neccessity of summer
People indulge in a lot of travel, sports and outdoor activities in summer. But few of them know that it could have a devastating effect on...

May 9, 2006

Body odor
Does your body odor repel others? The ultimate social disaster, a bad body odor may take your confidence to its lowest level. “Do I smell b...

May 7, 2006

About Deodorants and Anti-perspirants
Summer is here, bringing along with it all the sweat and grime. This is the time when most people buy deodorants and anti-perspirants to ...

May 5, 2006

Voice Improvement
A woman can improve her hair, make-up and dress but if she doesn’t improve and modulate her voice, her grooming would be considered incomp...

May 2, 2006

Inner Beauty
Everyone is today concerned with physical health and beauty. Let us consider some hints for making ourselves beautiful from the inside too....

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