Voice Improvement

A woman can improve her hair, make-up and dress but if she doesn’t improve and modulate her voice, her grooming would be considered incomplete!

There are various kinds of voice-nasal, shrill whispery, little-girl voice, and a well-modulated voice. Here are some techniques to improve our voices.

A High Pitched voice
A high pitched voice can be lowered by speaking clearly and forcefully and dropping your voice on each succeeding syllable. Put a hand just under the collar bone, to feel the vibrations. If no vibrations, a low pitch hasn’t been achieved. Repeat the phrase – “Low, low” and practice will make you attain a low pitched voice.

A Nasal VoiceTo find out if you have a nasal voice, hold your nose between thumb and forefinger as you speak. Speak ‘m’, ‘n’ and other words beginning with ‘m’ and ‘n’ and if your nose buzzes on these words, you have a nasal voice, although the degree of nasality may vary. A nasal voice is due to the tightness in the mouth and throat, which forces sound to exit through the nose. Practise few breathing exercises. Speak words beginning with ‘W’ more often. Gradually your voice flaw of nasality will be decreased.

A Shrill VoiceA shrill voice is a result of tensions in our throat, neck, jaw and tongue. To loosen your jaw and open your throat, open your mouth wide, rest your chin on the back of your hand and speak words starting with ‘y’ in a low, forceful manner. Yawn five times and do neck exercises. Speak in a low pitch.

Consult a speech therapist or simply tape your voice on a tape recorder and hear it. Hear your voice carefully. Look out for any accent, poor grammar, irritating mannerism or any gyrating tone. Only after assessing your flaws honestly can you really improve your voice. Any flaw in your voice can depict you as having an entirely different type of personality from what you actually have. The basic idea is to sound good as one looks!

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  1. Sandeep10:34 AM

    yoga can help with the voice, as it can very much focus on the breath and strengthening the breath and the lungs, and what is it that drives our voice, but our breath

  2. Megha9:41 AM

    Gargle with warm salt water several times. Drink warm water. Drink Warm lemon juice with just a touch of honey for taste. When 1st waking up, don't speak until you have drunken something warm or taken a warm shower. This allows the mucus on your throat and vocal chords to loosen. If you speak without doing this, the mucus will stick and it will be harder to get your voice back. If you are a singer don't sing for a while, you could ruin your voice forever. If you have to sing be sure to warm your voice up very well. Stay away from soft drinks and sugary drinks. Give your voice a rest. NO EXCESS TALKING

  3. Yoga can help - not only in breath but improving the voice quality,hearing capacity and many other defects. It also hels in removing fear blocks like fear of speech, stagefear, etc. It also helps in improving creativity.

    I can help you on that - you can write to me on manjireegokhale@yahoo.com

    Manjiree Gokhale


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