Home remedies for sore throat

Sore throat is a common malady that each one of us faces sometime or the other in our lifetime.  That scratchy, dry and abrasively painful feeling at the back of the throat that you experience is so very discomforting!

There are many ways to relieve that scratchy and painful, infected throat. Sore throat home remedies are many and varied and range from the folk ones to the medically tested and proven ones. 

best home remedies for sore throat indian - pic of man with sore throat

With this common recurring condition many sufferers have their own favourite sore throat treatments that seem to work for them.

Sore throat is one of the ailments which responds very well to home based remedies, so there is no reason why one should hesitate to try out these invaluable tips which have been handed over to us by generations of yore. 

After all these remedies have negligible side-effects and so there is no harm in trying them. And you can always rush to a doctor if they don’t work for you. 

Sore throat – Home remedies

sore throat home remedies indian - pic of woman with sore throat

 Best remedy for sore throat is gargling

One of the most effective ways to ease your throat pain when you have a sore throat is to gargle with the right sort of ingredients. There are several options to consider:

1.  Dissolve a teaspoonful of common salt in a cup of warm water and gargle. Do these 3-4 times in a day. Do not drink the water while gargling, though.

2  Most of you probably know or betel nuts of arecanuts of supari (used in eating paan). Heat some water, add a few pieces (2 -4 tsp) of betel nuts and let it come to a boil. When it has slightly cooled down and is good enough to be used for gargle, take this betel nut wate and gargle. 

3. Anti-viral and antibacterial neem is extremely good as a gargle for all sorts of throat infection.  Extract juice from neem leaves, heat this diluted mixture slightly. Add some honey to it. Use this warm liquid as a gargle.

4. . The herb sage also makes for a great sore-throat gargle. Mix 1 teaspoon of sage in 1 cup boiling water and steep for 10-15 minutes then strain. Add to it 1 teaspoon cider vinegar and honey, and then gargle four times a day.

5. If you can procure fresh mehendi or henna leaves,  prepare an infusion of it and use it as a gargle to get relief from your sore throat. 

6. You can also steep 1-2 teaspoon dried chamomile in 1 cup of hot water. Strain and let it cool to lukewarm and gargle as required.

7.  Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and salt to warm water. Gargle for 20 to 30 seconds two to three times a day for sore throat reliefGet it as far back into the throat as possible without swallowing. 

Gargling provides immense relief when you have sore throat. So that should be the first remedy that you should attempt for your throat pain.

More effective remedies for sore throat

8. Citrus fruits like lime or lemon can also help relieve sore throat. You just need to sip on some lemon or lime juice, made with a touch of honey and a tablespoon of lemon / lime juice in a cup of warm water. 

9.  Apply a fine paste of drumstick (Sahijan) leaves with a pinch of lime at the base of the throat at bedtime. Combine this therapy with a salt water gargle.

10.  Take 1 tsp fresh ginger juice, ½ tsp honey and a pinch of turmeric. Take this mixture thrice a day.

11.  Drinking warm milk to which a pinch of turmeric and a teaspoon of  black pepper powder and sugar candy are added also helps to soothe your throat. This is the famous Haldi doodh or the Turmeric latte, which provides immense relief for sorse throat as well as for productive and dry coughs. Do check out the complete recipe in the post Dry cough? Try these efective remedies. 

12.  Chewing on cardamom soothes the throat and clears any obstructing phlegm.

13.  1 tsp of honey should be mixed with a glassful of decoction of harad (available at any ayurvedic stores) and consumed, twice a day to relieve your throat infection.

14.  Boil liquorice (Jesthamadhu, mulhati) roots, pepper seeds and a few sugar candy crystals in milk and take an ounce thrice a day with honey to soothe throat irritation.

15. Chewing a piece of sugar candy (mishri or khadi sakkar / sakhar) or even chewing gum can also help as it keeps the mouth and throat moist.

16. Take some garlic tea everyday. For this put a few cloves of garlic in boiling water and let it simmer for sometime. Have this drink when it's tepid. Alternatively you can also use boiling milk instead of water and drink this milky garlic tea. 

17.  Add powdered cinnamon (dalchini) to a glass of water along with a pinch of ground pepper and two tablespoon honey, and then boil the mixture. Have this solution when it's bearably hot; it's an effective home remedy for sore throat.

18. Tulsi or holy basil leaves  are anti-inflammatory and antiviral. They can help in all sorts of respiratory issues and sore throat probelms and help in healing and soothing the pain. Make Tulsi tea or Basil tea by boilng 2-3 tsp of fresh Tulsi leaves in water with a dash of honey in it and havingit twice a day.

19. Prepare a cup of beeroot juice and slightly warm it. Then add two tablespoons of honey. . Drink this solution by sipping slowly.

Other steps you to relieve sore throat symptoms :

20. Don't eat or drink anything that is too hot or too cold as this could irritate your throat.

21. You can suck throat lozenges to ease the pain.

22. You should also avoid smoking and smoky environments as this will irritate your throat. Also avoid smoke from incense sticks in your prayer room or in religious places.Incense sticks can be very  bothersome and irritating to your throat especially when you have a respiratory problem.

23. Drink plenty of water and fluids, preferably warm to prevent dehydration as well as to keep your throat moist.

24. Boost your intake of antioxidants through eating more fruits and vegetables. This simple change will give your body all of the nutrients it need to fight off the infection or irritation. 

25. Rest well and see to it that you get adequate sleep at night.

Final Word

So what are you favourite sour throat remedies? Did you try any of these remedies to get relief from sore throat? Which ones did you find effective? Do share in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    I have found that turmeric in milk is the best remedy for cough and sore throat.

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Do you have a stuffy nose? If so, before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning, use "Ocean Ultra". It's a saline nose spray the really works good. I use it when I have that kind of sore throat. Sometimes you breath through your mouth when you have a cold and you throat dries out. This should help

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    pineapple soothes it.

    Bromelain with papaya will cure it (in with the vitamins).

    sucking on whole cloves overnight and when you mouth is dry helps. I keep cloves by my bed and carry them in my purse...like when you get dry mouth..kind of like a security blanket.

    chiken noodle soup, garlic, salt water gargle are all good..as is honey, hot tea, any thing that feels good.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Gargle with salt water OR depending on how old you are (my grandma's favorite which really works) is to gargle WILD TURKEY. I know it sounds weird but the alcohol will kill anything!

  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    You'll be okay taking a sore throat lozenge or zinc lozenge

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM

    the least expensive sore throat remedy is rinse mouth with warm water with salt added or water and baking soda; some people gargle with water and hydrogen peroxide; one tsp. per quart h20

    eating garlic can help; like spagetti with garlic;
    taking Vitamin C helps; buy 100 tabs for $5.
    drinking mint tea or slippery elm tea as someone else said tea honey lemon all "cheap !

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Use about a 1/4 cup warm water with about a tsp or tbsp of salt, mix well, gargle like with mouth wash and spit out.

    Try hot lemon and honey, boil some water put about 2 Tbsp Lemon juice in the cup of water and about at least 1 1/2 tbsp honey, mix well and drink down, it will really feel funny drinking it, but the honey soothes your throat and acts as an antiseptic.

  8. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Just mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take one Tablespoon six times a day. The vinegar kills the bacteria.

  9. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Try sippin on some honey that could help or something warm.

  10. Akash8:30 AM

    Honey has always been used to soothe a sore throat, now an easier more natural way to ease the pain of a sore, scratchy throat, Bee M.D. Organic Honey Throat Drops.

  11. Bhagyalashmi10:02 AM

    Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as a drink in case of sore throat. This water can also be used as a gargle.

  12. Janaki9:35 AM

    Sooth a sore throat by gargling with one teaspoon of salt mixed in a small amount of warm water. Do not swallow. Repeat as often as necessary.

  13. Harsh3:48 PM

    For soar throat lick juice of Tulsi leaves mixed with honey

  14. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Gargling with a decoction made by cardamom-seed powder, cinnamon, and clove with water helps to control the pain in sore throat and prevents further worsening of the event. It is an effective home remedy of laryngitis by cardamom.

  15. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Most likely an infection, either bacterial or viral. The best and almost fool proof remedy to get you better in less than 3 days:
    Go to a health foods store and pick up Yarrow (powder), Golden seal, Mullein, and Peppermint. These are all safe and wonderfully working herbs.Put half a teaspoon of golden seal and mullein and a quarter teaspoon of yarrow powder in a cup of hot water and steep about 5 minutes. Strain through a coffee filter and drink 3 cups a day. Drink PLENTY of fluids to get the mucous flowing out of your body. Put a warm compress on your sore ear and throat. To do this, get a towel and large bowl. Add the hottest water you can stand. If you have Cheyenne, add a small amount of this as well. Dip the towel (folded) into the water, lie down, and place on affected areas. When the towel begins to cool, dip it in the bowl again. Take hot baths and get some rest. Oh and add plenty of honey into your tea because honey has antibiotic and antiviral tendencies.

  16. Nagarjun4:37 PM

    Black Currant or Blackberry Jam - Take any of these in a cup of hot water and strain it before using as a gargle. This is really very good for gargling purpose. So are blackcurrant juice and blackcurrant jelly, shrub, rob, cordial or vinegar, diluted in a cup of boiling water, with or without cinnamon added. They can all be used to gargle with and then drunk.

  17. Aswin2:39 PM

    sometimes this happens because of infection of the throat or the mouth or even the gums and teeth the simple way to relieve is to have mouth gargle. with warm water and salt on it. or if symptoms persist then visit your doctor for proper evaluation.

  18. Sarika6:27 PM

    Combine one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and three tablespoons of clover honey in a glass of warm water. Gargle as often as necessary.

  19. unknown5:29 PM

    A warm cup of tea with 2 teaspoons of honey plus lemon could do the job.
    Try to drink warm fluids and i recommend the above mentioned. a warm cup of tea and honey are very effective for sore throat.
    Another idea could be eating 2 teaspoons of chopped onion with honey.
    This might sound weired, but it works. just think of the action that onion do when you chop it. i believe sore throat is one of theese symptoms.

  20. Yogita9:56 AM

    Mixing up oil of lavender, tea tree and chamomile and then massaging the outer ear with it has been known to offer earaches relief. It can also be applied to the ear itself by dipping a piece of cotton into the oil and then placing it in the ear.

  21. Anonymous10:05 AM

    One more thing that you can try while you are waiting for the throat culture you should be taking to come back is to take a towel long enough to wrap around your throat and put it into cold water. Wring out the water well so you don't drip all over the floor. Then wrap the cold wet towel around your throat and then wrap a dry towel over that towel. Leave the towels on your throat for about 15 minutes to ease sore throat symptoms.

  22. Phalguni10:06 AM

    use a peppermint spray - that has a numbing effect and helps to boost the immune system - here is a link to a brand that I have tried and liked..

  23. Meghana5:32 PM

    Mint tea with honey :)

  24. Samir5:33 PM

    Losenges are great, but they're only working once they're in your mouth. Bring a couple to school (if you're in school), so that your good for the day, but otherwise avoid using them a lot.

  25. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Many sore throats are caused by 'drainage' down your throat from nasal passages. An Antihistamine will help a lot with this issue....AND...gargle salty warm water frequently during your awake hours. This dissolves the drainage (phylem)...and helps in the healing process.
    Also, get a flashlight...and look in a mirror...( 1ST )....and IF you see any yellow/white spots...or... colonies of yellow/white spots...then proceed to see a DOCTOR as soon as possible

  26. Any hot tea will stimulate the throat and help relax the vocal cords.Zinc Suck on zinc lozenges to ease throat discomfort.

  27. Anagha6:13 PM

    Manuka Honey, lemon juice and cinamon. Mix together in hot water and sip. The Manuka honey isn't cheap but well worth it - it's good for lots of other ailments too (such as digestive problems) and it has very high anticeptic properties. Other than this natural remedy I find Tyrozettes the best tablets to suck - you can buy them from a pharmacy -

  28. unknown6:30 PM

    For a sore throat,get a glass of warm water and add at least a teaspoon of salt.Gargle with this at least 3 times a day.The salt takes the soreness out.

  29. Ateendra6:34 PM

    Chloraseptic is pretty good for a sore throat or a painkiller like Tylenol. If you don't have any of those on hand, lime/lemon juice with salt or honey

  30. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I put about 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea (and drink it obviously). has always worked for me without fail, dont know if it helps anyone else. thats not for severe sore throats though, i breathe in the smoke from a kettle to try and clear my throat then but ive only had to do that once.

  31. unknown6:20 PM

    gargle with apple cider vinegar [1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water]. You must use only apple cider vinegar and not white vinegar or wine vinegar.

  32. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

  33. Kailas3:47 PM

    For a sore throat I have always Gargled Listerine as far back as i could without swallowing it..... and the next morning It would be gone

  34. Kapil5:03 PM

    Gargle with hydrogen peroxide

  35. Anusha5:17 PM

    Stop eating anything dairy - milk, yogurt etc. Drink lots of water.

  36. Shyam5:24 PM

    don't talk a lot. suck on lozenges and lollipops. take some advil.

  37. Anonymous6:10 PM

    If the sore throat is partially in your nasal passages you can use a Neti pot and steam therapy.

  38. Bhavya5:22 PM

    sage tea with honey

  39. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Gargling with garlic will kill any bacteria that may be lingering in your throat. Vinegar works as well, you must rinse and brush afterwards cause it will eat away your enamel. Sipping on warm mint teas may be soothing as well.
    I would also take 1,000 mg C 3x daily, and 25 mg zinc daily. This will decrease the amount of time you are sick. Kali bic may help during the later stages, if your symptoms fit

  40. Dr Roopa4:05 PM

    Tips for Sore Throat Relief
    Drink herbal teas, juices and water to rehydrate and moisten the throat
    Increase Vitamin C to boost your immune system
    Avoid heavy polluted and smoke-filled areas
    Add honey and lemon to hot water to loosen mucus for sore throat relief
    Gargling warm salt water

  41. Kamakshi9:18 AM

    when you have a sore throat, you just keep one each on both the cheek and sleep…next morning you will never know what hit you!

  42. Unknown9:51 AM

    A tablespoon of *Raw* honey. Take it straight, not in water or tea. Not processed honey, just raw honey. When honey is mixed with saliva, hydrogen peroxide is created, which helps to kill germs.

  43. l get a peace of garlic chew it up and swallow it and at least 95% of the sour throat is gone.

  44. Anonymous7:10 PM

    (Grapefruit seed extract could do the trick

  45. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Most important thing is that you rest your voice. Most sore throats are the result of viral infections and will resolve spontaneously. If things fail to improve and/or get worse see your GP.

  46. Anonymous8:40 AM

    To soothe the throat a warm tea containing equal parts licorice root, fennel seed, cinnamon bark, black cherry bark, orange peel,clove and slippery elm would help. I know your looking for household items, so Gargling with garlic can help kill any harmful bacteria if it's bacterial rather than viral. Warm saltwater to gargle with if garlic in unavailable. Honey or dark chocolate can soothe a sore throat as well. Maybe some warm tea with lemon and honey if there's not any other medicinal remedies around the house. If you have any vapor rub you may also put in a steam pot and inhale the vapors to help soothe your airways.

  47. Nileema10:18 AM

    Thanks for a great post. Nothing like keeping it simple! To sooth a sore throat we always gargle with warm salt water and settle the stomach by drinking flat ginger ale. Works every time!

  48. Dr Hemant9:33 AM

    Use naproxen

  49. Sanyam10:13 AM

    Drink Turmeric with Milk. Turmeric is a very good anti septic and mucolytic helping to resolve the symptoms of cough associated with cold like sore throat.Milk is also a very good expectorant thinning the mucus and helping to expels the mucus from the respiratory tract. The combination of both is a great remedy for sore throat even when the symptoms have worsened.

  50. Unknown9:33 AM

    Honey has antibacterial and antifungal activity.The reason why it soothes coughs is because it is a Demulcant which means it coats and soothes mucus membranes.Honey is best for dry coughs although occasionally can be beneficial in other types of coughs too.
    Something else you might want to try too is fresh pear juice/syrup.

  51. unknown9:13 AM

    Try some elderberry tea.

  52. Sairaj9:13 AM

    Drink warm/ hot lyrics.

  53. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Melt some butter in the microwave then drink it.

  54. Sairaj10:30 AM

    I suggest give licorice tea another try :) Liquorice is great for the throat and if you add a little honey that might help too..

  55. Drink Hot water for some days till your sore throat decreases.

  56. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Golden Seal or Chamomile herbal teas. Avoid dairy foods. Rest.

  57. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Juice three pineapple rings together with a 1/4-inch-thick slice of fresh ginger.

  58. Cyras8:40 AM

    I dip grapefruit sections in a mixture of vinegar with some salt.

  59. Sujata9:11 AM

    Simply gargle with salt water(1/2 tsp in 8 oz) This should relieve the inflammation and stop the itch. If it gets worse try Cepacol lozenges or throat spray. If it persists for 3-4 days call your doctor to take a look at it.

  60. Divya9:04 AM

    you should try eating citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits

  61. Anonymous9:04 AM

    A way to cure a sore throat is to make regular tea with lemon and honey. Make sure it's very hot , that's the only way it will work :)

  62. unknown9:24 AM

    Ricola drops were really good

  63. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Another good remedy is to slice ginger and put in honey and pour hot water over it and drinking it as tea. It works really really well. If ginger is too strong for you, drink herbal teas without caffeine as much as you can.
    Echinacea is really good for general symptoms of cold. Take caution for possible drug-drug interaction if you are currently taking any medication.

  64. Anonymous5:41 PM

    gargl with thyme tea which is a powerful antiseptic, disinfectant, antibacterial, anti this and that, or using lemon juice. If you can handle neat lemon juice, so much the better, but a lemon tea or lemonade will work well. It may sting, but it works. You can always add a little honey to it, which will also help the throat.

  65. unknown5:42 PM

    eat some well-beaten egg whites. My favorite treatment for sore throats, cold and flu symptoms is a mixture of equal quantities of honey, vinegar and lemon juice, taken in teaspoonfuls several times a day. The honey is soothing, the vinegar clears the sinuses and the lemon kills the bugs

  66. Anonymous5:43 PM

    buy yourself some olive leaf extract from the health food store or pharmacy..... take Olive leaf Extract in a liquid form two or three times daily just before food..... 30ml each time..... works a treat for me.... and i use it for my grade school children too.... my eldest just went to camp and came back with a sore throat and very sore raw lips and mouth.... within 3 days of taking 30ml of olive leaf twice daily his symptoms have all but vanished.... buy the natural flavored variety as the flavored ones contain less concentration of the active ingredient oleuropein... Olive leaf extract has been used as a natural antiotiobic for thousand years, but is only recently that scientific research has shown that its active ingredient oleuropein, has the ability to fight a broad range of infective microorganisms.... Oleuropein has been found to be effective in fighting bacteria, fungi, yeasts, parasites and viruses in laboratory studies.

  67. Freshly crush pure cucumber juice + salt.

  68. Dinakar9:38 AM

    Take Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory lozenges throughout the day. The latter is important, it numbs the throat so you won't clear it as often which worsens the condition. Drink some fresh fruit juice daily. Watermelon or apple juice is good. If you can find a tropical fruit called Starfruit, it'll help as well. Swallow a teaspoon of Active Manuka honey right before bedtime. Do not drink water after that.

  69. Subramanya9:39 AM

    Try honey...you need something to coat your throat to stop the itch and stop the cough...get lots of sleep and eat well you should be right as rain in a few days

  70. Praveen8:42 AM

    Cinnamon helps in cold, flu, influenza, sore throat and congestion.

  71. Swashti3:33 PM

    Try elderberry tea, with honey and a bit of lemon juice. I love this combination.

  72. Anonymous10:26 AM

    you spray into ur mouth way back into the throat, it makes it numb then your sore throat goes away

  73. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Put half of a peeled white onion into a jar of runny honey leave for at least a week and take a teaspoon every few hours whenever you have a sore throat. I have kept a jar of this for six months in the fridge and it still tasted fine and still worked.

  74. Kedar8:48 AM

    Camamille tea with sugar for sweetner, take zinc vitamins, gargle with warm salt water (not to salty if your throat is flat out raw), and don't talk to anyone unless you absolutely have to, and yes you should go to the doctor tomorrow.

  75. Anonymous4:36 PM

    You could try it mixed in an equal proportion with the juice of freshly grated ginger. It should be raw unpasteurised honey. Trickle a small amount of this mix into the back of your throat where it is inflamed. Store the rest of the mix in the fridge and use as and when needed.
    And gargling with a little cayenne pepper in warm water might also help.If it is really bad you could keep a flask with some warm water by your bed....a little warm [not cold] water might help if a sore throat should wake you. And chloraseptic spray is also a boon should a sore throat wake you.
    Take vitamin C also at this time if you have any.

  76. Gurunath11:19 AM

    Boil a pot of water and remove from the stove. Add: 2 drops chamomile essential oil, 3 drops lavender essential oil and 2 drops thyme essential oil. Make a tent over your head and the pot and inhale.

  77. Kailash11:29 AM

    Ice Suck on a piece of ice. It will stop spasms in your throat.

  78. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen to relieve pain.
    * Gargle with warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup [8 ounces] of water).
    * Suck on throat lozenges or hard candy.
    * Suck on flavored frozen desserts (such as Popsicles).
    * Use a humidifier in your bedroom or other rooms you spend lots of time in
    * Drink lots of liquids. They help keep your throat lubricated and prevent dehydration.

  79. Kratika11:19 AM

    Do gargles three times a day with warm water. Clean your mouth before doing the gargles. Or mix one cup of warm water and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. Do gargles three times a day.

  80. Kartik11:20 AM

    Do gargles with chamomile tea; it helps to reduce the inflammation on your throat.

  81. Joseph8:46 AM

    Mix 2 tea spoon of honey and lemon juice with a cup of medium warm water and sip. Rinse warm salty water after every 1-2 hours or more. Gargle the mixture of salt, water and white vinegar. Drink a lot of liquids and try to avoid orange or lemon juice because it can irritate your sore

  82. Sonaxi10:13 AM

    try boiling some water put lemon juice in it and some honey, drink it and it should help, also chewing gum will help, also sucking a hard candy will help, no "cure though" these just sooth it.

  83. Shanta10:14 AM

    1)vicks rub works MAGIC, overnight it will be almost gone , its like 4 bucks
    2) milk with honey (warm)
    3) halls cough drops/ vicks soar throat spray

  84. Anonymous11:26 AM

    -Drink lots of water. 2.5 liters is enough
    -Avoid soft drinks. Drinking cola or any soft drink with a cough drop will make it melt and that hurts.
    -Drink hot drinks and soup. This will ease the pain, and give you fluids and some nourishment. Chicken soup is a good choice.
    -Drink a glass of lemon tea (or green tea or herbal tea) with honey. This works great.
    -Drink warm water. It will help by stretching the muscles in your throat and won't hurt as much when coughing.(even if it tastes horrible but it works)
    -Mix some warm milk with honey. Not only does it tastes great, but it works instantly.
    -Eat ice cream or popsicles. This helps soothe the throat; just don't eat anything too sweet, like cupcakes.
    -Take a hot shower. The steam vapors help clear your sinuses, which usually is a cause of a sore throat.
    -Sleep! Sleep can help your body get stronger, and fight the cold.
    -Use a humidifier. It will help add moisture to your room.(optional)

  85. Suniti9:44 AM

    Hot tea is good for a sore throat i had it a week ago nd itz gone i drink it everyday till it feels better nd i also spray mint listerine down mah throat every day till itz gone hope i helped :)

  86. Kiran9:44 AM

    Have a spoon of honey it is soothing and antiseptic, you can put it with lemon juice and hot water or in tea or on its own.

  87. Piyush11:00 AM

    You should use naproxen, it is the best.

  88. Jitumuni11:01 AM

    drink some herbal tea OR A sort-of medicated soup- Powder coriander seeds(1 and a 1/2 tbsp) ; Black pepper powder (1/2 tsp) ; Cumin seeds (powdered-1/2 tsp) ; Turmeric powder (a pinch) ; a pinch of salt. Sieve all these and add it to a cup of boiling water , mix and serve hot.
    (If you're mom has a sweet tooth, you could also add some honey at the end).

  89. try Aunt Sophronia's soothing syrup: mix three parts honey to one part whiskey or brandy. Add a tablespoon or two or three of fresh lemon juice, plus a few grains of salt. Mix very well. Slowly swallow a teaspoonful whenever your throat hurts too much. It's soothing rather than medicinal, but there's no limit on how much you can take in one day, and the amount of honey in it keeps you from abusing it too severely.

    Another use is to stir some of it into a cup of warm chamomile tea, and sip that slowly.

  90. Gourish10:31 AM

    if you have nasal congestion - it is probably post nasal drainage -
    For the strep - you need to see a Dr., Monday -
    For nasal drainage - Use an OTC decongestant, and Mucinex, - take Aleve or Tylenol for pain - and gargle with warm salt water -- You could also try some lemon (or whiskey) and honey mixed to soothe the throat - Let it "sit" there for a little while before you swallow --

  91. VIMALA5:24 PM

    licorice tea will sooth it.

  92. Shiva5:25 PM

    Staying well hydrated is really important for any respiratory condition.

  93. Preetam3:49 PM

    sore throat remedy is one that can enhance the immune system so the body can fight off the infection. Vitamin C plays an important role in improving immune function and preventing rheumatic fever.

  94. Shanta3:58 PM

    Soak a wash cloth in warm chamomile tea, wring it out, and apply it to the throat. Repeat when the cloth cools.

  95. Try avoiding dairy for a while and see if it clears up. If it doesn't, try other food categories. If you can't track it down, you can get allergy testing.

  96. Miranda10:51 AM

    Vitamin C and a big teaspoon of honey is the best remedy! So soothing.

  97. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Most sore throats are the result of viral infections and it's generally advisable that you don't exercise when you have a viral infection. Viruses can cause inflammation of the heart muscle (viral myocarditis) and the extra adrenaline from the exercise can tip your heart rhythm into ventricular fibrillation. And that's bad.

  98. Vimala9:41 AM

    u need antibiotics. if u dont have take a lot of hot tea stay warm.

  99. Sanjira9:43 AM

    Gargle with a level teaspoonful of salt and 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of warm water,GOOD LUCK.

  100. Shohab9:44 AM

    Avoid sugar as bacteria will only multiply and feed on sugar. Also avoid B complex thieves such as caffeine, tea, sodas and soft drinks, alcohol .............. all these things will also do a great job of dehydrating you♥

  101. Raman9:46 AM

    Put a capfull of eucalyptus oil into a hot bath and soak in that for 15 - 20 minutes luxuriously inhaling the steamy wonderfull vapours.......... this will help enormously in loosening congestion and mucus from your chest and respiratory tract.
    Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil also onto a hanky and lie it next to your pillow at night to help ease breathing.

  102. Honey. Or you can do throat exercises, I smoke daily and did this for two days and I feel like I can fit a golf ball down my throat. Go "Shhhh" as loud as you can and for as long as you can 20 times then blow your lips together 20 times. it really helps


    n 250 gms. hot milk,mix 2 gms of pure turmeric powder,boil 2-3 times & then filter it.When it turns drinkably hot,mix 1.5 tsp. ground sugar and drink 3-4 hrs. after dinner,before sleeping at night,for 2-3 days.

  104. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Prevent dehydration. Fluids may help thin secretions and soothe an irritated throat. Hot fluids, such as tea or soup, may help decrease throat irritation.
    Use a vaporizer or humidifier in your bedroom.
    Warm or cool mist may help you feel more comfortable by soothing the swollen air passages. It may also relieve hoarseness. However, don't let your room become uncomfortably cold or very damp.
    Use a shallow pan of water to provide moisture in the air through evaporation if you don't have a humidifier. Place the pan in a safe location where no one will trip on it or fall into it.

  105. Anonymous9:37 AM

    for sore throat----Whip up a quick infusion of honey, lemon and ginger. Simply grate a half inch chunk of ginger into a large mug. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in on top (you can also add the zest if you're feeling daring) and add a heaping teaspoonful of honey (feel free to adjust the sweetness level to your personal taste). Fill the cup with boiling water and stir to combine. Drink while still warm and repeat as necessary.

  106. Ganesh10:49 AM

    Purchase any tea of your prefrence (Herbal honey tea’s are best to me) add 1tsp of honey after heating tea. Then add( 2 Halls) cough drops and stir till cough drop breaks down from a solid to a liquid. Becareful because the cough drops may stick to the bottom of the cup presenting some resistence when trying to stir. The medicine in the cough drop will give you a coolness relief when finished and the honey as we all know will back the cooling effect by coating. Hope this works for all those who are “Sick” of having a sore throat:)

  107. Andrew9:56 AM

    the best way to cure a real sore throat in adults is using a gargle. Children are not able to gargle, so a throat compress or a homeopathic medicine is a better sore throat remedy for them.

  108. Aravind9:57 AM

    A fine oil external throat massage can speed up the healing process.

  109. Saptami9:59 AM

    Avoid cow's milk products, sugar and refined wheat foods, sincetsore throat pineapplehey promote mucus formation.

  110. Vaishakha9:59 AM

    Drink a lot of fresh Pineapple Juice, may be hot. You can even gargle the juice before swallowing.

  111. Rajesh9:19 AM

    Tamrind pulp is cooling and antiseptic. Tamrind tea is considered to be very healing for summer colds and sore throat.

  112. Mithun10:07 AM

    Gargling with tamarind water aids in the healing of sore throat.

  113. Abhishek9:41 AM

    Gargling with salt water is very good and soothing. also if you are brave, cayenne pepper, it really does help, sometimes it cures it! What I do is gargle with cayenne pepper, then with the salt because the salt soothes the hot cayenne feeling. Hope it helps and get better soon.

  114. Ramya9:41 AM

    spicy soup
    hot tea
    cough drops (dont need to cough to take them > >;;)
    keep yourself warm
    getting your rest
    avoid "AHEM"ing. (unless you have some nasty mucus-y things coughing up, then spit it out :D)

  115. Narasimha9:53 AM

    Coat your tongue with honey a mixed with lemon juice. Drink plenty of fluids (lots of water, fruit & vege juices). Gargle with salt water (about 1/2 tsp. salt to a cup of water).
    Gargle with powdered vitamin C (stirred into a glass of water) and also take a 250 mg tablet of vitamin C.
    Remember to get rest

  116. Pramila9:14 AM

    Tamarind water must be used as a gargle.

  117. Anjana9:17 AM

    Prepare a gargle made from fenugreek seeds. Take two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a litre of cold water and let it simmer for 30 minutes over a low flame. This should then be allowed to cool to a bearable temperature, strained, and then used totally as a gargle.

  118. Dayanidhi9:13 AM

    .Drink fluids to keep hydrated.Ride it out

  119. Sanjana9:08 AM

    A teaspoon of olive oil can help soothe a tickling or sore throat

  120. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Just don't drink any soft drinks coffee,
    Just drink warm water, keep doing this in a routine like
    drink morning,snack time, lunch, dinner, do this between your meals.
    Also drink before you go to bed.

  121. sip on hot lemonade...also try talking & breathing a little higher or lower through your vocal cords...like talking with a much higher voice, or lower voice depending on where it is sore...this is only for a few days so you won't sound weird all your life..if it does last more than a few days, ya simply need to see your doc....

  122. Abhinav9:10 AM

    Melt 1/2 cup butter, with 1/4 cup lemon juicein a sauce pan. When melted let cool, then drink slowly.
    Follow this with a cup of chicken noodle soup and lemon juice in that as well.
    Go to the store and use a numbing spray for your throat.
    Drink some warm tea, and relax.

  123. Durga8:38 AM

    Brahmi / Ekpani – raw leaves (Centella asiatica) – nerve tonic, cures sore throat.

  124. Emily8:46 AM

    Adequate rest is extremely important, especially when you're feeling sick.

  125. Emily8:47 AM

    Water, warm tea with honey, orange juice, and milk are all great things to drink when your throat is sore. Extremely cold or extremely hot things feel nice going down the throat. Your drink will also keep your mucus thin and easy to clear.

  126. Drink hot substances like tea, soup, apple cider, or bean soup.

  127. Ulhas9:19 AM

    Rest your voice. Speak softly or avoiding speaking all together. Perhaps take a day off from work or school to rest. If talking is a necessity, keep from shouting or talking loud, as these will damage the throat much more than simple talking. Whisper or talk softly.

  128. Upendra9:47 AM

    NO milk! Don't drink ANY milk!
    The best thing for a sore throat is the home remedy my Nana gave me. It's been in my family for generations, and we even give it to the littlies when they're sick (we asked the doctor about adding the whiskey when we give it to them, so don't worry). Here's how you make it:
    1-2 Tablesp. apple vinegar
    A good shot of Scottish whiskey (but any whiskey'll do)
    1 Tablesp. honey
    Boil the water in a kettle.
    In meantime put the vinegar, honey and whiskey into a mug.
    Pour hot, boiled water into the mug & stir. Drink as hot as possible!

  129. A cheap remedy for a sore throat is lemon ginger honey water, I call it the cold chaser. Low boil a few slices of fresh ginger per cup of water for 5 mines. Turn off flame and add honey and lemon to taste.

  130. Prithvi10:54 AM

    I melt the honey in a tiny amount of hot water to make it runny, then add the vinegar. Adjust to suit your own individual taste and sip slowly. Always works and my family have used this remedy for many years.

  131. Boil basil leaves with water and drink twice a day. This can also be used for gargling as and when required.

  132. I always gargle with warm salt water... one teaspoon of salt to a glass of very warm water. That usually relieves some of the pain in the throat.
    The breathing problem is dangerous if it indicates the infection and traveled to the lungs.
    If you are having trouble breathing you need to see a doctor.

  133. Rimsha12:19 PM

    Tea and honey, plus plenty of cough drops and water too! Hopes this helps :)

  134. Umadevi12:20 PM

    take some sudafed and drink tea :)

  135. Spoorthy1:55 PM

    avoid dairy as it produces phlegm, avoid citrus as it irritates the throat and avoid sugar as germ feed off it - however, lucozade sport helps load's

  136. Indira2:57 PM

    Tamarind is used as a gargle for sore throats

  137. Damini12:12 PM

    I recently got sick about 3 weeks ago, i felt a sore throat coming along and i Took tylenol cold (liquid kind) *nighttime because it helps you sleep better, and my mom bought me some cough drops that were Cherry and a bag of H/L. I was over my sickness in 2-3 days without the sore throat.

  138. Bhavani3:57 PM

    If you've gained a sore throat try not to sing at that will make it worse,
    For a sore throat, take analgesics (aspirin or ibuprofen) to control the pain.
    Hot ginger tea is great for sore throat, and warm saline gargle can also reduce the discomfort.
    Make sure you stay warm

  139. chaya3:57 PM

    REST!!! That is all.

  140. Philiph4:08 PM

    Gargle contionously with shots of Booze, Like bourbon or scotch. It will relieve your pain and rid the scratchyness that is associated witth sore throats...Take Care!

  141. Albert4:09 PM

    boil stinging nettle leaves, strain out the leaves, and drink the water you boiled the stinging nettle in. It will help numb your throat. If you don't have stinging nettle close by. There's at least one shop on etsy.com that sells stinging nettle tea.

  142. Anmol4:31 PM

    Gargle lukewarm water with salt or aspirin in it.

    Have a tea spoon of honey

    Drink tea with a pinch of salt in it

    Avoid cold food like ice-cream and soda etc

  143. Shounak4:32 PM

    Get a cup of water warm it up in the microwave for 35 seconds put a few sprinkles of cayanne pepper in it and gargle about 5 times. Why should you do this? Because it's going to kill whatever is causing your sore throat. Trust me.

  144. Nandita11:35 AM

    When my hurt throats, i mix lemon juice with honey and i drink it. this helps a lot when u know your throat is going to start to hurt. you might also try garlic with lemon. this smells funky but it does miracles lol. so what u do is you blend like 3 pieces of garlic and u squeeze a lemon or two(:

  145. Saket4:51 PM

    gargle some warm water with sea salt, turmeric, cayenne and lemon juice will help you recover quickly ... also neti pot will help you recover quickly

  146. Sanatani7:26 AM

    Clove controls the throat irritation.

  147. Pratham7:43 AM

    Lemon juice have antibacterial properties and also cures tonsillitis and other throat infections. For throat pain lemon juice and water can be used for gargling.

  148. theraflu works great, if you dont have that eat honey. it will soothe the throat and bring moisture back

  149. gurgle salt water 3 times a day. Eating hot dogs is good because of the salt and smoothness of the hot dog.

  150. Eat/drink things high in citric acid. Like squeeze a lemon into a cup and drink the juice. Heres why: Citric Acid kills bacteria in the throat.

  151. s the saltwater works best. Also try hot tea, no col drinks. Try getting some cough medicine from the store it usually has things in it for sore throats.

  152. Bhavana8:49 AM

    Stay away from dairy products and try not to strain your throat (i.e. talk loudly, whisper, scream, etc)

  153. Saroj9:04 AM

    Its not a big problem. For sore throat, you can gargle your throat with hale spoon table salt in one glass of warm water, do it thrice a day.. And don't forget to take any antibiotic and soothing agent for your throat.

  154. Bhagya12:17 PM

    Make a ginger tea before bedtime. Or mix ginger, water and sugar to make a syrup. Heat ingredients over medium heat, and simmer gently. Strain and cool enough to drink. Mixing ginger juice and honey can help relieve the pain associated with a sore throat.

  155. Anonymous12:18 PM

    This is very simple.
    Step 1: get a cup.
    Step 2: put water in the cup.
    Step 3: put two tablespoons of salt
    In the water.
    Step 4: MIX
    Step 5: gargle the salt as far back as you can go.
    Step 6: repeat step five till all of the water is gone.
    ^_^ this always works for me!

  156. Rajesh12:31 PM

    Your best option without spending money would be drinking some nice hot tea with honey mixed in. Also try gargling with salt water.

  157. Siddharth10:55 AM

    Really drinking lemon tea with honey also helps cure soar throats lots of times for me try it. Keep your voice at rest and cough drops aren't just for coughs.... helps for bad throat problems.

  158. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Soup, tea, coffee, any warm drink will help. My aunt once made me drink a gross drink that she made it wasnt that bad but she took ginger and put it in water and boiled it and it tasted horrible but it helped my throat.

  159. a good way to manage the pain is clove tea. Just put some cloves in a pot of boiling water (with cinnamon, mint, or whatever spices/herbs you want) and boil for about 10 minutes. Then strain and add some honey. The cloves help numb your throat, temporarily ridding the pain as you drink it.

  160. a grapefruit covered in honey.

  161. Aditya10:32 AM

    You can try a spoonful of raw honey straight or in warm tea to help your throat feel better

  162. Trivikram9:11 AM

    take amoxycillin 500 three time daily
    aspirin tablets even twice aday
    use nasal decongestant drops if nasal obstruction (afrin drops for 3dayes if needed only)

  163. Girish9:12 AM

    Drink hot green tea with honey and lemon. Also suck on Robitussin or similar cough drops with honey. I would still see a doctor. Lots of doctors have a cash plan for patients without insurance. So call around and ask how much the office visit would be if you don't have insurance. Around where I live (LA), there're lots of doctors who only charge $20-$30 for cash patients.

  164. Dr.Arun9:37 AM

    Drink plenty of fluids, cool ones are usually more soothing than hot, take appropriate doses of paracetamol and you could try Diflamm or Chloraseptic spay, which both help reduce local inflammation. Do not gargle with salt water or aspirin which is in fact irritant and actually makes things worse. Vitamin C is also of no help at all.

  165. Ginger and pineapple both contain natural anti-inflammatory agents that can speed the healing of a sore throat.

  166. Raw garlic is the most effective. Allicin, the compound that puts the pungent odor in garlic has antibiotic and anti fungal properties that can heal many types of sore throat,

  167. Anonymous10:29 AM

    making a circular motion with the tongue usually helps
    do it maybe every 5 minutes for 30 seconds each time

  168. Expert10:30 AM

    take wild garlic leaves and bulbs at least three times a day. It can be taken on toast or honey as honey is also another good remedy for sore throat and other respiratory infections. Most people have reported benefits by taking eight cloves of garlic everyday.
    Another remedy is elderberry tincture or syrup every two hours for eight doses, and then four times until better.

  169. What does gargling with peroxide do for a sore throat ?

  170. Helps remove the inflammation. I personally use either salt water or water with squeezed lemons to help me out with my sour throat

  171. Daksha8:52 AM

    Don't speak unless totally necessary for a few days, and don't try to sing at all. Singing with a bad throat can cause permanent damage, so better to be mute for a few days now than to cause future complications.

  172. Savitri10:39 AM

    Take a honey 2-4 times a day after meal.. It really works on me. on just about 2 days. after 2 weeks of suffering. Don't forget to brush your teeth and tongue. After the sore throat is gone, please change your toothbrush to prevent recurrence. Godbless!

  173. Rajeev3:01 PM

    drink tea with honey and eat chicken soup-also drink tons of water

  174. I find these home remedies and cures very useful. They are natural and organic. They do work in helping rid of cough and sore throat.

  175. Paridhi9:22 AM

    *Honey and lemon on a spoon
    *Hot water with honey
    *Hot tea with lemon
    *Plenty of rest
    *Plenty of cough drops
    *Plenty of fruits, especially oranges
    *Stay inside
    *Shower, wash hands, and brush teeth frequently
    *Mouth wash

  176. Devaki10:06 AM

    Put lemon juice in the microwave for about a minute . When you drink it, it will open up your throat. It may sting a bit, but it helps. If you need to, add 2-4 teaspoons of sugar.
    2 Try a cup of orange juice with a spoonful of lemon or lime juice added .

  177. Urmila10:54 AM

    Do not eat cold foods or any food that is too sweet, like cupcakes . Excess sugar will irritate the throat. Ice cream or Popsicle (preferably sugar-free) work!

  178. Raveena2:28 PM

    Make decoction on slow fire - 10g. ginger & 5 g. dalchini Cinnamon) and 250 ml. water till it reduces to 1/4th strain and mix honey a tablespoon drink last thing of day and sleep, you will be fine the next day.


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