Medicinal uses of Hing (asafetida)

Asafoetida, commonly called as ‘Hing’(or ingu in kannada) is indispensable to Indian cuisines. Any prosaic dish can be turned tasty by adding heeng to it. Its persisting and penetrating flavor is acceptable to those who are used to it from childhood; few others may not prefer it. This aromatic condiment is not merely confined to adding zing to the food, but has a plethora of medicinal properties to its credit. 

Don’t go into a panic attack every time a member of your family coughs or sneezes. Just head towards your kitchen, which is supposedly a storehouse of alternative medicines. And fully exploit this highly valued ingredient of the kitchen, the good old ‘heeng’ to your advantage. 

Take a look.

Asafoetida (Heeng / Hing) - Medicinal uses/Home remedies 

asafoetida or asafetdia or hing or heeng

* Make a habit of using hing in your culinary preparations.
*It aids digestion and prevents constipation.
* For gas and flatulence, you may add a pinch of hing to buttermilk with a pinch of salt and drink it after meals.
* In case of stomach ache, a little hing should be dissolved in water and the paste should be applied on the navel.
* A piece of hing placed on an aching tooth, reduces pain.
* Raw asafetida may be given to the patients in lung infections like bronchitis in dosage of 5gm per day.
* It can be fried in ghee / clarified butter and given to the patients suffering from neuro-muscular disorders such as sciatica, facial palsy, paralysis etc. for relief from pain.
* In urinary retention and pain in the bladder region, intake of 5 gm of asafetida fried in ghee, promotes normal voiding of urine.
* It is also useful in menstrual disorders like dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.
* In breathing disorders, coughs and cold, it can be consumed in dosages of 12-15 gms. for relief
* You can even apply hing on an itching skin for relief.
* Hing is also found to be beneficial for post-partum women.

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  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    A few years back, I was averse to using hing in any dishes, but nowadays I just can’t cook without hing!!

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Very informative post and you have listed so many medicinal uses of Hing. Thanks a lot.By the way, Hingashtak with buttermilk is my mantra to keep away any digestive problems.

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    - Asafoetida is a valuable remedy for several diseases of the stomach. It is one of the best remedies available for flatulence and is an essential ingredient for most of the digestive powders. In case of flatulence and distension of the stomach, it should be dissolved in hot water and pad a cloth steeped in it may be used for fomenting the abdomen.

    - It is useful for women after childbirth. Owing to its anti-flatulent and digestive properties, the herbs can be taken with beneficial result during the post-delivery period.

    - It is also useful in alleviating toothache. After being pestled in lemon juice, it is slightly heated. A cotton piece, soaked in the lotion and placed in the cavity of the tooth, relieves pain quickly.

  5. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Asafoetida is also suggested to be useful in the treatment of impotency. Roasted Asafoetida is taken along with honey and extract of Banyan tree for a period of 2 months on empty stomach in the morning. This treatment is considered to be beneficial for women with menstrual problems such as irregular menses, menstrual cramps and aches and also helpful in the treatment of leucorrhoea. It is also used in the treatment of frequent miscarriages, and delivery problems in women.

  6. Suniti9:47 AM

    It is mainly used in the treatment of stomach troubles such as indigestion, gastritis, and flatulence. It helps to release the locked-up gas from the abdomen and relieves stomachache. It is also applied as water based mixture on the stomach to relieve pain and distention of stomach.

  7. Expert9:48 AM

    Asafoetida cannot be eaten raw. Eating raw asafoetida root can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting. In the United States, powder is the only form of asafoetida available for purchase.


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