March 29, 2007

More home-remedies for cough

girl coughingPrepare your own cough formulation at home, instead of relying on those over-the-counter pills and drugs.

* Mix a quarter spoon of each of the juice of tulsi (holy basil), mint, fresh ginger (adrak), betel leaf and honey. This recipe gives instantaneous relief in cough.

* Roast 4-5 cloves and chew them with jaggery. It is also an effective remedy for coughs.

* Equal parts of lime juice and honey is also beneficial.

* A cup of grape juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey is also helpful.

* A syrup of 1 teaspoon raw onion juice with 1 teaspoonful of honey kept over 3 to 4 hours serves as an excellent cough syrup.

* Soak almonds overnight and remove their skin. A paste of these almonds with little butter and sugar is very useful for dry cough.

* Steam inhalation with few drops of tincture benzoin or 1/4th teaspoonful camphor water for 15 to 20 minutes is often helpful.

* Rubbing the chest, back, throat and nose with camphor water provides some relief. For young kids, sprinkle a few drops of menthol extract on handkerchief and place it near the face of the child. This remedy is soothing and will result in uninterrupted sleep.

* An older child can reduce the cough considerably by sucking on a lump of sugar.

* For severe cough, mix tulsi juice with garlic juice and honey. A teaspoonful of this mixture taken once in every three hours will cure excessive cough.

* Chewing betel leaf with 3-4 black Tulsi (Krishna Tulsi) leaves, a clove and a small quantity of menthol thrice a day provides relief from severe cough.

* For dry coughs, start eating apples each day for 2-3 weeks until your cough is cured. Avoid sour apples, though.

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  1. Thanks for the informative and indepth information! Amazing what the simplest of ingredients can do!

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Cough comes only at a particular time means something wrong at that moment. may be you are allergic to that particular place,food, air etc.

    Consume chips of hot water, little at a time.
    Have milk boiled with turmeric powder, crushed pepper and garlic with a little sugar. turmeric is anti septic and garlic antibiotic with pepper which gives a soothing feeling to the throat. All the above have place in Indian medicines.

    Do breathing exercise daily in the morning and evenings. It will purify your lungs and vocal systems. It helps in cleaning the 'Abanam' and 'Pranan' vayus.

  3. Pratibha9:39 PM

    i would say anything warm and liquid. tea, hot soup, anything along those lines. i actually use theraflu myself

  4. Anonymous5:55 PM

    The best kind of honey is the thick set stuff - not the clear honey - as it has more beneficial ingredients. For my kids I take one, large heaped teaspoon of honey and dissolve it in half a cup of hot water (not boiling as this will damage the honey). Check the temperature; add a little cold water if too hot and then get them to sip the drink slowly. This really does seem to reduce the coughing and sore throat considerably. I use the same technique for myself but add some freshly chopped ginger.

  5. Satyan9:34 AM

    Cough is not a disease actually; it is a symptom of any kind of obstruction in the respiratory tract. Coughs can originate in the pharynx, bronchial tubes, trachea and the pleura lining of the lungs.

  6. The use of raw onion is valuable in a cough. This vegetable should be chopped fine and the juice extracted from it. One teaspoon of the juice should then be mixed with one teaspoon of honey and kept for four or five hours-it will make an excellent cough syrup and should be taken twice daily. Onions are also useful in removing phelgm. A medium-sized onion should be crushed, the juice of one lemon added to it, and then one cup of boiling water poured on it. A teaspoon of honey can be added for taste. This remedy should be taken two or three times a day

  7. Aruna6:43 PM

    eat a piece of 1-2 ounce of high quality dark chocolate will help.
    Mix 1/4 tsp turmeric powder with 1/4 cup of warm milk and drink 3 times a day

  8. Take 2-3 teaspoon juice from an onion and then add 2-3 teaspoon honey in it. Keep the mixture aside for 4-5 hours and then consume the herbal combination 2-3 a day to get instant relief from cold.

  9. Anonymous3:45 PM

    For cough use any cough syrup like BENADRYL, ASCORIL-D, D-COLD TOTAL.
    For fever use any medicine based on paracetamol like PARASAFE

  10. Suvidha10:28 AM

    Add some ginger root to your lemon and honey mixture. It is spicy but it is so healing for the throat. Just slice up or shred some into the boiling water and let it boil.

  11. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Honey in warm tea or water. Camomile. Gargling with warm salt water. Once in awhile, chew a vitamin C.

  12. Surya9:08 AM

    In winters eating garlic at night with meals twice a week will provide relief from cough and its also a simplest cough cure.

  13. Yadav9:12 AM

    Gargling with warm spinach juice is very helpful in dealing with dry cough.

  14. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Home made cough medicine
    2 large onions peeled and chopped
    half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg
    1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
    2 cloves of garlic
    4 tbsp of soft brown sugar
    oil of cloves
    Put the onions in a basin and sprinkle with sugar, add the rest of the ingredients
    Cover in cling film and leave in a cool dry place for 2 days
    After this time strain the mixture of onion pieces and bottle. You will find the the onion juice is drawn out of the onions and mixes with the sugar to form a sticky syrup

  15. Nityanand8:59 AM

    avoid exposure which causes this problem.close watch the food which triggering the allergy..also the bed sheets dust etc which may contain dust mite all are involved in this type of allergies so once u find the factor u may avoid that

  16. Savita4:22 PM

    Syrup prepared from Fennel juice was formerly given for chronic coughs.

  17. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Sometimes a cough like that is due to post nasal drip from the sinuses. When you have a head cold, sometimes you might want to sleep with your head elevated. Also, try irrigating your sinuses, with either or netti pot or using a small plastic spray bottle filled with a mild salt water solution.

    If you use hydrogen peroxide to wash out your mouth, dilute it first half with water, and make sure you don't swallow it. You can also use a 1/2 peroxide and water solution for brushing your teeth -- it gets rid of a lot of bacteria along the gum line.

    I have heard of honey as having properties that fight infections. I have also heard one shouldn't give babies honey. I don't know how that applies to pregnancy.

    You can also make a tea from a piece of ginger root. Peel it, chop it up, and cover with boiling water for a few minutes. Then sweeten the tea and sip.

  18. Komal8:53 AM

    add 25g of fresh leaves in a liter of boiling water and drink 3 daily of this infusion.

  19. Anonymous10:28 AM


  20. Nishi9:25 AM

    To clear the phlegm and cure coughs, make a decoction of methi leaves. To 1 cup of this decoction, add 1 tsp each of ginger and honey and have it.

  21. Natal9:50 AM

    sprinkle two teaspoonfuls of dried turmeric into a small bowl of boiling water and stir well. Breath in the steam for twenty minutes and follow with a spoonful of honey. This is really helpful last thing at night as it can help you get a good nights sleep.

  22. Sajjid1:11 PM

    echinacea tea may help in fighting your cough.

  23. pop in a couple lemon cough drops, drink LOTS of water, and get plenty of sleep. works every time guaranteed.

  24. Echinacea tea has been a traditional home remedy for cough. Forsythia tea is also used in Asia and this herb is included in the formulation for the anti-cough, colds Airborne remedy.

  25. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Drinking thyme tea and basil tea are some acceptable cures for coughing. One can add honey to these herbal teas for increased effectiveness and taste.An effectual way to cure a persistent dry cough is using eucalyptus oil. It possesses decongestant, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Rub pure eucalyptus oil in the chest and throat area before sleep to manage cough symptoms

  26. Mradula9:47 AM

    Combination of onion juice and honey in the ratio of 10:4 is very helpful for cough.

  27. Zarina9:55 AM

    To clear the phlegm and cure coughs, make a decoction of methi leaves. To 1 cup of this decoction, add 1 tsp each of ginger and honey and have it.

  28. Poornima8:37 AM

    Take a thin slice of onion, sprinkle with sugar and let stand until sugar is converted into a syrup, 15 minutes or so. Sip syrup as needed and coughing will be relieved. Syrup does not taste like onion.

  29. try drinking sleepy time tea and water with honey and lime

  30. Shreya8:58 AM

    Mixing grape juice with honey is said to be even more effective to relieve coughing.

  31. Ganapati8:58 AM

    Regular consumption of poppy seeds cures asthma and cough.

  32. Suvarna9:05 AM

    Do not use over-the-counter expectorant cough remedies as they just suppress the symptoms and do not address the underlying problem. If you have the kind of cough with mucus you want to get it out of your respiratory system, not suppress it.

  33. Tarun9:07 AM

    Add a few drops of myrrh to a carrier oil and rub on your chest. This will help reduce mucus.

  34. Jyothi3:12 PM

    If the coughing is caused by some inflammation in the lung or bronchitis, no. Get the vitamin C from other fruit like grape or apple.

  35. Sneha3:17 PM

    Add a pinch of grounded white pepper in one tea spoon of pure honey. Regular use of this 2-3 times a day for regularly for 4-5 days will cure your cough. This remedy is considered as one of the effective home remedy for cough.

  36. Karuna3:22 PM

    Dry cough occurs as the throat and upper airways grow to be inflamed. Patients cough without producing any mucus or phlegm in a dry cough. They often experience an uncomfortable tickling in the throat which begins the tangible attacks of cough. [...]

  37. Dhanashree3:38 PM

    The juice extract of aloe Vera helps soothe the chest and the sore throat problem. Honey cures cough naturally. Take equal parts of honey and aloe vera juice. Mix well and take a teaspoon everyday. Or mix equal quantities of aloe Vera and honey in a glass of warm water and take a few sips all through the day or when ever it tickles to cough.

  38. Shobha3:41 PM

    Take 500 grams of water and Boil 10 grams of Sprague in it for 15 minutes. After it has cooled, add two pinches of salt. Gargle with this mixture two times a day. Apart from clearing excessive mucous, it would also soothe the throat.

  39. Drink herbal tea with cinnamon to stop the coughing.

  40. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Infections of the respiratory tract are the major causes of acute cough.Tulasi or the holy basil supplement improves the function of the respiratory system by addressing the issues linked to cough, infections and breathing difficulties

  41. You may cure cough with grapes,almonds.onions.turmeric

  42. It could be anything from dust, allergies, dry air, mouth breathing at night, the beginnings of a cold, etc.

    Just stay hydrated and rested, and see what happens.

  43. Grind half a tea spoon of ginger and put it in a litter of hot tea! better roibos tea if u have where u r, or any other one...and put 5 spoons of honey and drink it with in 3 hours... helps a lot... also plenty lemon juice...

  44. Bhavya12:02 PM

    Make a cup of organic green tea and put organic honey and organic lemon in it and drink it....if the cough continues for more than 2 weeks then see a doctor!

  45. Kailas9:58 AM

    it can be a up coming infection. mucus, congestion runny nose are signs of a cold. just take medicine like nyquil or other medicine due to cold.. also you have a slight fever not dangerous a little above normal you can say. anything over 100.0 and over u might wanna get checked out

  46. Sandya11:29 AM

    A neti pot will help right away. You can get one at the drug store.

  47. Expert3:10 PM

    A deficiency in magnesium, vitamin B12, and folic acid causes coughing. You might want to get your nutrient levels for these checked up; the nurse will take a blood test to see if you are low in any of them.

  48. Farukh3:28 PM

    A LoT of water, more than usual, try it warm as that'll soothe the throat, make sure it's never cold.
    U have to cough out viral resp. infections like that. If it keeps up more than a wk see a dr

  49. Soubhagya3:29 PM

    Try nyquil cough medicine that helps you sleep also . Coricenden is good for coughs also but it also helps the mucus come up and drink a lot of water which helps it thin down.

  50. Their are a lot of respiratory issues that could be the cause of the cough.see thyroid test

  51. Pavani9:34 AM

    Drink lots of fluids and take your meds as ordered. Try holding a pillow and press tightly over sore spot when coughing-its called splinting.. Less effectively press hand on spot while coughing, Take some Aleve or Motrin.Be better soon

  52. Kavita10:39 AM

    Coughing is a sign of airway irritation - main causes of this are sputum/mucus, dryness or infection/inflammation.. Check you're not heating the room too much or avoiding 'fresh' (ie naturally humidified) air from circulating


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