Make-up-Choosing the right foundation

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Choose your foundation according to your skin type:
* an oil-free base for oily skins which help control and absorb the excess oil secretion and keep the skin oil-free and glowing for hours.
* a moisturizing foundation for dry skins and
* a water-base pigment for the combination skin.

The color of the foundation you choose should be as close to your natural skin tone as is possible. Shades that are much lighter than your skin tone, or foundations with a pink tinge, should be avoided.

Foundations are available in different forms:
1. Liquid foundation,
2. Cream foundation
3. Solid foundation in stick, block or cake form.

Before buying test the foundation on your face and on the back of your hand.

Concealer: A bit of concealing is sometimes necessary to cover up dark under-eye circles, scars or pimple blemishes. Concealers are available in stick or cream form.

Remember: A skin with wrinkles or pimples must avoid heavy foundations and powders as these accentuate lines and make one look older.
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  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Always test your foundation before buying! Apply to clean, moisturized skin. Finish with powder to set your foundation, keep it in place, make applying other make-up products easier and provide a silky, smooth, matte effect. In winter (or under neon lighting), opt for foundation with a hint of pink. In summer, choose a sandy beige foundation that will glow in the sunlight.
    - Don’t go overboard trying to cover imperfections: use concealer instead, which is far more effective

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    This is quite an interesting and informative posting on makeup tips which girls and women out there would surely find useful. Thanks for these advices. :-)

  3. Expert12:18 PM

    If you have porcelain-colored skin you should try a foundation with a slightly pink cast; all others skin shade should stick to yellow-toned formulas.Choose a powder shade that harmonises with your skin tone.For most Asian complexions this means a yellow-toned shade, except for really pale beauties, who may do better with a translucent or a pale beige shade with a pink cast.Drier skin will benefit from a creamier foundation, and those with oilier skin should stick to a water-based liquid foundation and oil-free powder.Those with allergy-prone skins needn''t worry about finding coverage. Look for those which are free of perfume, chemical dyes and preservatives.Try the color out on your jawline, not your wrist or hand.Go for different looks for evening and day. A light foundation is perfect for work or weekend. While a sexy shimmer is great for evening. A foundation with sunscreen is a safe bet, but you will still need to wear sunscreen under your foundation. Also considering skipping foundation & opting for a tinted moisturizer instead.


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