Makeup for spectacle users

Clever but not necessarily heavy eye makeup can improve the look of your bespectacled features, compensate for thick lenses and make sure your eyes aren’t overshadowed by showy frames.

Eyeshadow:Lenses for short sight (myopia) are usually thinner in the centre and thicker around the edges, making the eyes look smaller and rounder. To counteract this, you need a positive touch-use two or three toning shades of eye shadow to add depth, don’t always stick to shades that match the color of your iris. Dark brown eyes, for instance, can look sultrier with deep green or blue shadows for shadowing, teamed with lighter, brighter, blue, green, silver or turquoise shadows used as lid highlighters. Gleamy eye shadows help emphasize small eyes. The long sighted (hypermetropia) lenses are thicker at the centre and thinner at the sides, making the eyes look bigger. Go in for subtle rather than striking shadows, and if you have large lids, avoid shades that are too shiny and bright. Take the middle road and pick dusty blues, mossy greens and soft browns.

Eye-liners: Eye-lining is also important to myopic eyes. The eyeliner should be definite, extending up and out at the outer corners of the eye, but never inside the rim of the lower lashes, since this can ‘close’ the eyes. Long sighted women can use just a suggestion of eyeliner following the natural line of the lashes. If you just aim to touch your pencil liner to the roots of the lashes and blend in, you’ll have the right kind of look.

Mascara: Mascara adds a definition to bespectacled eyes. Short sighted people, or anyone who wants to play up rather than play down their eyes will prefer the lash-lengthening variety for a more wide-eyed look.

Lipstick: Lipstick is very important to balance things out. Tone your lipsticks to your frames wherever possible. Brown and berry shades look good.

Hair style: Fluffy curls look out of place with business-lady horn rims. Heavy fringes, of course are disastrous with any kind of specs! Upswept hairstyles do most justice to attractive glasses and give a more uncluttered line to the neck and face.

Accessories: A woman wearing glasses must remember to wear small and delicate ear ornaments. Thin loops or rings, small studs or starts are nice. But heavy dangling earrings don’t go well with spectacles. Try and balance your spectacles with something nice around your neck. A strand of pearls is perfect. A thick short gold cord or a heavy pendant with a delicate gold strand too is very elegant.

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  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Use highlighters or white liner to define the inner corners of your eyes.
    Use 2 maximum coats of mascara.
    Avoid using eyeliner or apply it less quantities
    Remove all make mishaps and smudges.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Cool! I’d love to learn how to heavy eye makeup can improve the look of your bespectacled features.

  3. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I liked this post how to heavy eye makeup can improve the look of your bespectacled features

  4. Kalpana10:08 AM

    This is quite an interesting and informative posting on makeup tips for spectacle users, would surely find useful. Thanks for these advices. :-)

  5. Swarnalata9:25 AM

    Bacteria can grow in older cosmetics, which can lead to infections. Be on the safe side: Toss anything that's seems old, especially mascara, and avoid sharing products with others.

  6. Shashikala3:35 PM

    if i had to pick one a nice black eyeliner. eyeliner is a amazing must have it makes ur eyes look bigger and personaly i think mascara or eyeshadow look wierd unless a person has on eyeliner

  7. Aishwarya3:37 PM

    Try green, gold and champagne eyeshadow. it will make your eyes pop!


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