Combination skin

To know whether you have a combination skin, refer to the post Know your skin type.
Skin that is oily in some parts but dry or normal in others is considered as combination skin. The oily skin is concentrated on the T-zone, which is across the forehead, down the nose and chin. Whenever you wash your face, you may find that some areas of your face feel tight after washing; and that these parts look dull or feel dry and rough whereas the T-zone looks shiny, feels oily to touch and is prone to pimples and blackheads.

Combination skin needs special attention because the dry parts of your face need to be nourished, whereas the oily parts need to be kept clean to avoid breakouts. Follow these simple tips each day and see what a difference they make to your skin.

* Cleanse your entire face twice a day. Always use a mild cleanser to gently remove dirt, grime and make-up from your face.
* The dry areas of your face need to be moisturized to prevent formation of premature wrinkles. Use a good moisturizer on the dry parts of your face, and if possible, use an oil-free moisturizer on your T-zone.
* If you use make-up, try and use oil-free/shine-control type of makeup on the T-zone. These products are easily available in the market today and help absorb all the excess oil secretion and control the shine.
* If you have combination skin, your skin will greatly benefit from AHA and vitamin C moisturizers and creams. Products that contain AHA tend to normalize your skin.
Home remedies for Combination Skin
* Always keep a small bottle of rose water in the refrigerator. Saturate a bit of clean cotton with cool rose water and dab liberally on your face. Enjoy the fresh feeling.
* Take 3-4 tbsp of ripe, deseeded papaya pulp. Mash well and cool in the refrigerator. Apply on face and leave it on 10-15 minutes, then wash off with cool water. Papaya helps normalize combination or oily skin and gives it a healthy, beautiful glow.
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  1. Madhuri2:27 PM

    I have what seems to be oily, dry and sensitive skin so it’s very tricky picking out the right skin care products. What I found works best is Erno Laszlo products. I cleanse my face with the Sea Mud Soap and Active Phelityl Oil and within a couple days, my skin was even and toned. It leaves my skin soft but not oily, and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all. It has to be the best cleansing products I’ve ever used. It makes my face feel fresh and normal instead of a disaster! Also, I use the Light Controlling Lotion after I wash my face to keep it extra soft. I love Erno Laszlo!!!

  2. Pallavi2:35 PM

    You should use mild soap for washing your face. For caring your skin you can use mixture of lemon juice and fresh curd. You should use homemade cleansing milk cream for remove the extra lotion from your skin before going to the bed. You should avoid eating oily food, chocolates and don’t drink cocoa. According to dry areas, you should use moisturizer.

  3. Take equal amount of lemon juice and cucumber. Mix together and apply on your face..Take drops of lemon juice and apple mixture. Mix it very well and apply on your face.wash off with lukewarm water.You should rub your face with ice-cubes..You should have a lemon juice with crushed ginger before taking food.For removing dust, grease and make-up, you should use cleanser. Cleansing cream deeply remove dust from your face.


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