Exercise for the homemaker

A busy housewife has very little time for exercises. “Where do I have the time?” she retorts when anyone pesters her to devote some of her time for exercising. Little does she know that in simple everyday movements, as she keeps her busy schedule, there are valuable hidden exercises.


When you are dusting, reaching to the top of high cupboards, hanging out washing, you can stretch your arms to full height. They will benefit from the exercise and become extra supple.

Put the washing line as high as you can reach. Preferably peg up clothes without going up on your toes.

Stretch to reach the line. If your washing line is still higher, you can even get rid of a double chin as you have to look up frequently while trying to hang your clothes, besides getting a good stretching exercise for your neck and arms.


Every time you bend to pick up something you should be getting good exercise. But not if you go down with legs straight, bending the body in half.

Better go down bending legs, keeping back at right angles to the ground. That way you are toning your leg muscles in the best possible way.


As you are sweeping with dustpan and brush, bend down, then work on area 6 inches to one side. Feel the stretch around the midriff, and then work to the other side.

Empty pan halfway through to give you a chance to stand up properly. Strech tall before bending down again.


No harm in sitting down for a rest. Relaxing muscles is just as important as making them work. Also refer Simple tips for sitting.

Pick a chair with good back support. Sit down, clench stomach muscles and push the small of the back into the chair. You will be making a hollow where your tummy was.


When you are doing your hair or stroking on your eye shadow, push your shoulders back, keeping your spine straight and erect. Sit up when you do it and hold elbows out at the side of the head. Take an extra second to clasp your hands behind your head, pushing elbows back as far as you can.

Inner legs: 

Shoes off, feet together and flat on the floor, press your legs together hard. This helps to smooth flabby muscles on the inner side of the thighs.


Upstairs and downstairs 20 times a day – you probably do it everyday, not realizing that it is a great toner - shaper for calves and thighs. Go up on the balls of your feet and with bare feet when possible to make it extra effective.

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  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Exercise not only helps us burn the excess load our body carries, making us lose weight and look trim, but it also promotes health and well-being. Regular exercise prevents our body from being afflicted with ailments such as heart disease, depression, and even cancer. Exercise gives the body more energy and strength, and makes the mind sharper and more alert. Exercise is good for the body.

  2. Nayantara10:19 AM

    As we age, we gradually lose our sense of balance. To reverse this, challenge yourself with stability exercises for a complete workout routine.

  3. Urvashi10:30 AM

    I was trying to get some exercises for abs and back. It helped me so much. Its really very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for your help!

  4. Geeta9:52 AM

    Yoga Stretch ( Physical exercise) - Restores the mind to simplicity and peace, freeing us from confusion, suffering and distress.

  5. Unknown3:46 PM

    Exercise can also strengthen your bones. As we age we become more susceptible to bone density problems like osteoporosis. Exercise can help to [...]

  6. We all know that 30 minutes per day of strenuous exercise will provide many health benefits.

  7. Nadira10:20 AM

    Benefits of exercises are:

    * It increases your cardiovascular capability and hence you feel more active.
    * Staying slim is one of the key factors to look young.
    * Exercising tones your muscles and they do not sag early. It burns your extra flab and prevents bone loss.
    * It helps to fight high blood pressure, cholesterol and gives you good sleep. Exercising hence will keep you slim, fit, stress free, and thus reducing your aging process.


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