Short Permed Hair

Permed hair has become very popular these days. Perming makes all types of hair look attractive. Though it suits long hair more, even short hair can be given a unique look by perming. Let us know about some new permed hairstyles.

woman with wavy curls - short permed hair

Butterfly pony-tail perm:

In this style of perming, hair is fully curled. First of all, part your hair from the middle onto left and right up to the nape. Then tie the 2 parts separately into a pony-tail.

Now divide the pony-tail into many small parts and curl them around perming solution. Follow the same routine for the other pony-tail. After sometime, open the hair slowly and carefully.

Root perm:

This perm does not just make the hair attractive; it also makes your body smarter and taller. In root perming, the hair is given a crown shape. Begin from the middle portion of the hair and roll them on the perm rods in small lumps one after the other.

When you have finished rolling the hair, clip the rod and apply perming lotion on the rolled portion. Follow the same procedure with the back and front portion of your hair. To protect your hair, cover the head with a plastic wrapper (cap).

Top knot perm:

For beautiful and lustrous hair, top knot perm is found to be the most effective. Tie your hair into a pony tail on the top of your head. After this, divide the tied hair into small parts. Now roll them on the perming rods starting from the ends and clip the rods near the pony-tail. Apply perming solution on the rolled portion.

Tips to follow before perming:

If you want to get better results from perming, follow the following advice.
  • Never perm dry, damaged brittle hair.
  • Perm hair when they are in the best condition.
  • Condition your hair before perming to treat dry and brittle hair.
  • Get trimming or haircut done before perming if you want to.
  • If you are suffering from any infection, allergy or sore in the head, do not perm your hair.
  • Always shampoo your hair before perming.
  • If you want both coloring and perming dome, first perm your hair. Get coloring done only after 2 weeks.
  • If you have colored your hair beforehand, then use perming kit suitable for colored hair.
  • Many times you might experience a bad odor in your hair due to the use of the perming solution. So wash your hair after perming to get rid of bad odor.
permed hair

Tips to follow after perming

  • Take proper care of your permed hair, like using conditioner with moisturizer which lets the curls remain for a longer time and also makes the hair lustrous.
  • Use regularly those products which are suitable for permed hair. Like hair spray, conditioner or styling mousse for permed hair.
  • If perming is not properly done first time, do not follow with a quick second.
  • In case of any difficulty after perming, do consult a beautician.
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  1. Vandita3:37 PM

    If you want to keep your curls, I suggest FINGER combing. ya know, just running your fingers like a comb through your hair. or you could use a wide tooth comb

  2. you need to invest in a good flat iron. judging by the sound of it you probably need a trim if the end won't straighten,their probably damaged.Try a product like proclaim hair glosser before you flat iron your hair. make sure you do small thin sections at a time, but definitely get a trim.

  3. Dhanya8:53 AM

    Root perms are sometimes offered by salons that emphasize a high fashion image. These can look marvelous, giving the hair a real lift, but they lose their appeal as the hair grows and the curl moves away from the root.

  4. Avani3:10 PM

    Perms for short hair are not recommended either. Short hair and layered hair can end up looking unruly and unmanageable after a perm


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