Home made herbal soaps

Our skin needs regular cleansing, toning and nourishing. Fragrant herbal soaps and cosmetic preparations cleanse the skin deeply, restore the natural pH and also nourish it deeply. Here is simple exotic, gentle and soft action soap. Use with warm or cold water only.
100 gm. Pears soap (or any simple, uncolored, unscented soap)
50 gm. Mint (pudina), neem and tulsi (basil) leaves.
200 ml. pure water.
1 tbsp. rose or sandalwood(chandan) oil
Coarsely, grate the soap into a bowl. Make a normal strength *infusion of herbs. Add the soap shreds and cook on a very slow heat till the soap melts and whisk hard until smooth. Remove from heat and beat in oil. Pour into waxed paper cups. When cool, cover with butter paper and leave it in a warm, dry place for about 2-4 weeks until firm.

*How to prepare infusion of herbs?
The first basic knowledge required is the preparation of herbal infusions. For a weak infusion, use half a handful of fresh herbs. For normal strength use three handfuls and for a strong infusion, use six handfuls. Infusions should be made by pouring boiling water (say 100 to 250 ml.) over the herb. Then leave it covered for half an hour and then strain. It is always best to use filter water for cosmetic purposes for the infusion to last longer.
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    Only the finest natural herbal ingredients are used in the soaps. Made purely from natural herbs and extract to ensure that the highest quality standards have been met.


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