Smooth silky skin with oils

Here is a brief profile of a few oils which help to keep your skin soft and smooth.

An emollient oil pressed from the beans of the castor plant is rich and used in most of the hair-treating products. It is applied regularly on eye-brows, eye-lashes and hair to encourage hair growth. It also gradually darkens the color of the hair. Castor oil is said to cure warts, corns and even blemishes on the skin. Today’s most of the eye cosmetics include a certain percentage of castor oil.

A heavy vegetable oil which can be used in body and face creams. The presence of Vitamin E helps to keep the cells of the body functioning healthy and prevents rapid degeneration of the tissues. It cures common skin disorders like scaly patches on hands and feet and treats dry hair follicles well.

As a food, maize provides fuel which the body can store easily until it is required. The milk extracted from maize is used on dry skin, as it is very rich in Vitamin A and magnesium.

This oil has great medicinal values. It has antiseptic properties and also some special properties associated with skin problems. It helps soothing and healing skin. It refreshes and treats the oily skin well.

It is used as a deodorant on skin directly as well as indirectly through soaps, perfumes, lotions and bath oils. It removes body odor and leaves the skin fresh and clean.

The oil is extracted from jasmine flowers are highly aromatic and used in perfumes, soaps and shampoos.

It is a polyunsaturated vegetable oil used in nourishing creams. It effectively removes the unwanted marks, spots and scars on the skin. It can treat the dry and chapped skin during winter. Those who want to increase weight, can consume this oil liberally. Externally, as an ointment, it is readily absorbed by the skin and is a valuable medicinal oil too.

It is the richest source of vitamin E. It is an ideal base for all skin tonics, creams, face packs, lotions and thereby occupies an essential percentage in cosmetics. It softens the skin and porcelains the pores. Rose oil is good for soothing and gentle action with luxurious aroma.


A polyunsaturated oil used in all cosmetics, especially in sun tanning creams, as it absorbs ultraviolet rays. It is also known as gingelly oil. When applied externally, it makes a lubricant for skin disorders and leaves the skin after removing the dry film during prolonged use. When mixed with olive oil, it is very effective for the removal of dandruff. It is sometimes used as massage oil also.

It being rich in vitamin E, A and D, is widely used in preparations of creams. Sunflower oil is helpful in soothing the skin and lets free from eruptions of all kinds. It is both protective and remedial in its action.

The germ of the wheat grain consists of many tiny cells rich in protein, fat and fat soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin E. The pure germ oil is helpful in toning up the skin and prevents the skin from dryness. It generally improves the vitality of the skin and is said to treat the skin of psoriasis sufferers effectively.

It has a powerful antiseptic and germicidal effect. It has been used in protective creams for all skin types. It soothes skin rashes and heals the skin. It is an important ingredient for sunscreen creams, soaps, shampoos, face powders and other herbal preparations. It has a natural haunting aroma.

It contains one of the most unsaturated of all vegetables of all the vegetable oils. The oil is pale yellow and almost odorless. Many ailments respond to the inclusion of this oil in the diet, including slimming. It acts as a protective and lubricating agent. It is very nutritious and provides added energy without surplus weight.

It is a widely used beauty aid for hair growth, darkening the hair and lubrication of skin. It nourishes and cools the skin. It is also used in manufacturing creams, baby oils, shampoos and other basic toiletries.

The oil extracted from cinnamon is used in beauty cosmetics to soothe damaged skin, for massaging purposes and for common tooth problems.

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  1. Pallavi11:29 AM

    Oils effectively removes the unwanted marks, spots and scars on the skin. It can treat the dry and chapped skin during winter

  2. Nalini9:02 AM

    For smooth skin try adding some whipping cream, olive oil and fresh mashed strawberries to your bath water. The oil and the cream will make your skin smooth while the strawberries will freshen it up. You will only need about a half cup of cream and a tablespoon of olive oil


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