September 21, 2006

Smooth silky skin with oils

Cosmetic value of a few oils were mentioned in the post Oils for a smooth silky soft skin. Here are a few more oils for a soft smooth skin. Read on…

It is a polyunsaturated vegetable oil used in nourishing creams. It effectively removes the unwanted marks, spots and scars on the skin. It can treat the dry and chapped skin during winter. Those who want to increase weight, can consume this oil liberally. Externally, as an ointment, it is readily absorbed by the skin and is a valuable medicinal oil too.

It is the richest source of vitamin E. It is an ideal base for all skin tonics, creams, face packs, lotions and thereby occupies an essential percentage in cosmetics. It softens the skin and porcelains the pores. Rose oil is good for soothing and gentle action with luxurious aroma.


A polyunsaturated oil used in all cosmetics, especially in sun tanning creams, as it absorbs ultraviolet rays. It is also known as gingelly oil. When applied externally, it makes a lubricant for skin disorders and leaves the skin after removing the dry film during prolonged use. When mixed with olive oil, it is very effective for the removal of dandruff. It is sometimes used as massage oil also.

It being rich in vitamin E, A and D, is widely used in preparations of creams. Sunflower oil is helpful in soothing the skin and lets free from eruptions of all kinds. It is both protective and remedial in its action.

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  1. Pallavi11:29 AM

    Oils effectively removes the unwanted marks, spots and scars on the skin. It can treat the dry and chapped skin during winter

  2. Nalini9:02 AM

    For smooth skin try adding some whipping cream, olive oil and fresh mashed strawberries to your bath water. The oil and the cream will make your skin smooth while the strawberries will freshen it up. You will only need about a half cup of cream and a tablespoon of olive oil


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