Beauty tips for winter

Winter is around and this season is generally not a favourite of many; mainly because it is harsh on the skin. Follow these simple routines of do’s and don’ts and turn this harshness into a pleasant experience for yourself.

1. No matter what your skin type is, restoring moisture that’s gone astray in the drier, colder air is vital for the health of your skin.

Soon after a shower or bath, rub in body lotion on your neck, arms and legs and feet, paying particular attention to your elbows and knees & areas where skin can be prone to more chafing and dryness.

Use eye cream at night to combat dryness. Be consistent in applying your moisturizer/lotion without neglecting one single day. Once in a week, before taking a bath, do apply coconut oil (slightly warm) lavishly to your whole body and leave for 10-15 minutes. After your bath your skin will be petal soft & smooth.

2. Many women experience chapped lips during the winter months. Avoid licking your lips to prevent them from drying further.

To remove any unwanted dry skin off your lips, gently rub the lips with a towel wrung in warm water and gently scrub it off using a toothbrush. Then apply Vaseline to protect them. Never try to pull off the dry skin with your fingers.

Applying lipstick directly to chapped lips looks ugly. A very simple & quick makeup tip to whisk away scaly skin on the lips is this. Just press tape against them and peel it off before you apply your lipstick or gloss. Always use a moisturizing lipstick in winter.

3. Cracked heels are a common problem in winter. Before retiring to bed soak your feet for 10 minutes in a bucket of warm water to which salt & cooking soda is added. Then scrub dead skin off the heels using a pumice stone. Apply Vaseline or any suitable foot care cream to the affected parts.

4. To avoid dry hair massage your hair thoroughly with either coconut or olive oil, every time before shampooing. Deep condition your hair once a week during winter.

For oilier hair and scalp, deep condition the ends only. Wash hair with lukewarm water only. Never wash hair with very cold or very hot water, they can damage your scalp.

5. To avoid dryness on the face cleanse it daily. Use a deep cleanser, before applying makeup. To keep the face soft & supple apply a moisturizer or winter care lotion on the face. Use cream based eye shadows or rouge.

Powder based makeup goes well with oily skin. Remove makeup with the help of cleansing milk. After that just clean it with a damp soft towel.

If the skin has been cracked, apply a paste of maida and milk. After 10 minutes wash the face with water and pat dry with a soft towel. Perfumes & sprays should be used minimally in this season as they can cause dryness.

6. Don’t forget your sunscreen in the winter. Many of us neglect wearing an effective sunscreen during the winter months. Be sure to keep using a sunscreen with effective UVA/UVB protection (SPF 15 or higher) on exposed skin during winter days.

7. Wear sunglasses during the day, to protect your eyes while driving, walking or whatever activity you choose to do in the winter. Sunglasses help prevent squinting and increase visibility. Remember, squinting habits can lead to fine lines around the eyes as well.

8. Drink a lot of water and keep a healthy diet. Eating healthy can be even tougher during the blah months of winter. So making a conscious effort to do so is crucial in maintaining healthy skin as well as a healthy body.

Try to drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water each day. Water is the best hydrator for your insides and keeps you well flushed and toxins eliminate quicker from the body, thus keeping skin healthier as well.

No amount of moisturizer on the skin's surface will eliminate dehydration, so nurture your skin from the inside out by drinking lots of water and keeping a healthy diet.

If these few principles are kept in mind during winter, then this harsh season will only pour its benevolence on you.

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    My top tip for winter would be Moisturize! Keep your hair well conditioned and regularly trimmed. Use a deep moisturizer on your skin or since you're fair you could try one with a hint of self-tan. Brush a little bronzer across your cheekbones and forehead. And finish your nails with a rich burgundy color, that looks really good in fall/winter.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I would suggest you make sure you are properly hydrated. Dehydration causes chapped lips, so drink lots of water. The one chapstick that I really like that works is the Walgreens brand chap-aid. The sugar thing may work, it would probably be better to use some sort of oil instead of water. I use canola oil and sugar as a face scrub once in awhile.

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Get physical! Exercise releases your happy endorphins so wrap up and enjoy a brisk walk this lunchtime! Give yourself an energy lift and boost your circulation with a sip of yummy blackcurrant and red berry flavored Thalgo Cellophane. Pretend! Organize a summer party in your living room. Slap on some fake tan and slurp up some sangria! Have a clear out. Pop on your fave 80’s CD and dance around as you declutter to leave you feeling on top of the world!

    6. Embrace! As the dark nights draw in, it’s the perfect excuse to cuddle up with lover boy. thisworks Spice Candle Trio will help set the mood!

    7. Try a makeover. Experimenting with new make up looks will leave you feeling like a new woman.

  4. Kalpana5:19 PM

    My top tip for winter would be Moisturize! Keep your hair well conditioned and regularly trimmed. Use a deep moisturizer on your skin or since you're fair you could try one with a hint of self-tan. Brush a little bronzer across your cheekbones and forehead. And finish your nails with a rich burgundy color, that looks really good in fall/winter

  5. Nikita5:20 PM

    The hot tips for cold weather conditions are excellent.Thank you for this site

  6. Prabha8:59 AM

    After a shower, apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to your hair. Avoid the roots, just moisturize the ends. Wear in hair all day

  7. Sannuta8:37 AM

    Do NOT lick or wet your lips.I recommend to not lick your lips because licking your lips will make it extremely dry. I recommend wearing a coat of "Bert's Bee's Beeswax lip balm" then applying vaseline over it. It cools and heals and softens.

  8. Anonymous9:43 AM

    An easy and quick way is to take a wet face towel and gently rub it over your lips to remove any dead skin, the cause of your chapped skin. Don't rub vigorously though, you'll feel a lot of pain. Thereafter apply some lip balm. And if you want, try a lip exfoliator. Take some honey, sugar, and Vaseline, and mix a small amount together until it reaches a grainy pasty texture. Rub it over your lips, let it sit, then rub it off.

  9. Anonymous8:16 AM

    some simple steps to prepare for winter and keep your skin moisturized all season long.
    Get a Humidifier,Keep Using SPF,Protect Your Skin Outside as Well,Cool Showers are Better,Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize,Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Well,Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet.

  10. Soothe chapped lips by smoothing on some olive oil.

  11. Anjali9:22 AM

    wash your face with hot water no more than twice a week. Hot water enlarges pores, which may hurt you skin. What’s more, hot water dries the skin out, washing away oil that works as a natural moisturizer. Try to wash your face with cool or room temperature water (you can also add some lemon juice to water).

  12. Arundati5:20 PM

    make a little scrub of honey and sugar. rub it on your lips. that wipe it off with a microfiber washcloth. put chapstick on after. WORKS LIKE A CHARM!

  13. Neela3:25 PM

    Our lips are always vulnerable to cracking and chapping, irrespective of the seasonal climatic changes, due to their prominent position on the face and the lack of sufficient oil glands. The problem worsens in winter, though. So you can apply olive oil over them and as this oil edible, it’s perfectly safe to use. Regular application lubricates and heals your lips.

  14. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Carmex! It's AH-MAZE-ING. That's coming from a girl that lives in Minnesota. Cold friggin winters=chapped lips. So yeah go with Carmex if you want it to go away. it might take a day or two but they will feel better.

  15. You could put vaseline on lips every morning and night. It helped me ALOT!!!

  16. Ankita9:37 AM

    It's the weather. The same is happening to me. Just keep deep moisturising. You know with the indoor heat and cold harsh air outside it really takes a toll on our skin. Also drink plenty of water so you are hydrated from within.
    Btw try a yogurt mask it clears acne, smooths skin and hydrates skin so you will get that natural glow. Buy plain natural organic yogurt put it on after you wash your face and leave it on for about 20 min. Wash it off and voila beautiful smooth soft skin! your gonna love this mask...try it!

  17. Shubhada9:05 AM

    olive oil Can be applied to chapped lips to to relieve the dryness

  18. Gourav8:46 AM

    Olive oil also helps relieve chapped lips.


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