The ache of acne (pimples)

Acne is often the bane of a pretty face. It is painful more emotionally than physically, for the scar that it leaves behind can last for a lifetime, adding to one’s miserable look & feeling. No doubt many expensive skin care clinics have mushroomed in ever nook & corner, offering to clear all the scars & blemishes on the face, but they are very expensive & charge exorbitant price for each sitting; not everyone can afford them.

acne scars before and after treatment photos

So why not try out this simple skin care regimen to minimize the damage caused by acne & as far as possible prevent its eruption.

1) Wash your face at least twice a day, once in the morning & once at bedtime with warm water and a pure mild soap or cleanser.

2) Use a clean towel for wiping your face, let others not use it.

3) If your skin is oily, avoid using face cream. Also go easy on make-up.

4) If your skin does break out, do not touch or squeeze the pimples. Pimples if squeezed, may leave permanent marks.

5) There are a number of effective pimple creams available in the market today. Glycolic acid creams have become very popular. Consult a dermatologist (skin-specialist) to know which one is best suited for you.

6) Keep a bowl of water in the fridge & splash this cold water on your face 3-4 times a day. Cold water will tighten the pores left by pimples.

7) Drink a glass of warm water to which lemon juice & a pinch of salt is added, the very first thing in the morning.

8) Make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks.

9) Neem leaves and mint (pudina) leaves are excellent for pimples. Crush washed neem leaves or mint leaves to form a paste and apply on affected parts. Leave it for an hour.

10) Applying raw papaya paste to the face helps remove the scars left by pimples.

11) Apply a mixture of sandal wood (chandan) & turmeric (haldi) paste to the face. It dries pimples.

12) Grind nutmeg (jaiphal) with unboiled milk and apply on affected area. This works as a magic. Pimples should disappear without leaving a mark.

13) Drinking of wheat grass juice may remove acne.

14) Grind drumstick pods and leaves and mix mixed with fresh lime-juice, and apply on pimples. This is also good for blackheads and dark spots.

15) Mix groundnut oil with an equal amount of fresh lime juice and apply on face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash. It may be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples.

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  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Multani mitti with pure chandan powder apply at night and leave this pack for 15 mints and have lots of water.better result do this process for 3 month at least.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    apply cinnamon powder for 10 mints, after dries apply white toothpaste.leave again for 5 mints...wash with water.

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I will tell you the thing that i follow regularly and it really helped me, everyday you should apply a herbal face pack before sleeping, you can get it in any medical store. the company name is Ayur and it has differnet face packs like rose, neem, tulsi.... they are herbal so no side effects. wash your face at night and take little bit of face pack and mix it in rose water and apply daily, let it dry for 10 to 15 mins and wash off with cold water. then you apply astringent with the help of cotton and an oil free night cream and sleep, in a week you will notice the difference

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    first you need to use the correct products for your skin
    so depending on what type of acne you have...cause theres 4 different kinds
    you may need stronger products if its pretty bad acne. your doctor can get retin-a, accutane and other products for acne for you
    i would say talk to your doctor about different treatments
    or try different products from the store that sells skin care stuff...products with benzoyl peroxide in it will kill bacteria which is one thing that causes acne... talk to the sales people at the store and they will help you

  5. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Skin Cap spray has a high anti-bacterial action and relieves itching, scaly, inflamed skin and scalp rapidly. What is it used for? Skin Cap is indicated to treat the following illness: Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Seborrhea, Dandruff, Ringworm, Tine, Athletes Foot, Dry Chapped Skin.
    Skin Cap can be used on practically the whole body

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    For pimples

    * Apply a mixture of turmeric and neem on the face .
    * A mixture of crushed mint leaves and oats will reduce pimples. Leave this for 20 minutes and wash it with warm water.
    * Mix thick curd, turmeric and two drops of oil. Apply on the face.
    * Crush garlic and take the juice and apply it on the face daily to reduce pimples
    * Make a paste with sandal wood and turmeric and apply it on the face

  7. Anonymous6:22 PM

    get yourself a brand new antiperspirant roll on stick, at night before going to sleep wash the affected area well with facewash and water or soap and water, whatever suits u, towel dry and then put the roll on all over, go to sleep, in the morning wash your face thoroughly, before going out of the house or starting of your day you should again use the roll on stick, you should do that for three days and by then the acne will disappear.

  8. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Tomato and Avocado is the best to reduce pimples or acne very fast. Matter of fact, it helps pimples or acne disappears permanently. You can eat least two tomato or half avocado a day. Or, you can thin slice a tomato and rub on your pimples before you go to bed everyday. When you feel the skin is tight then wash off.

    Also, you can buy ripe avocado and take half or quarter tea spoon, smash it and rub on your face/ on pimples. Keep for 10-15 minutes, then wash off your face. Do not use any moisturizer after using tomato or avocado that are not suitable or not adjustable with tomato or avocado. Keep your skin dry and avoid too much moisture on your face or skin that creates pimples.

    For women, during period, avoid eating too much tomato, but avocado is quite all right

  9. Anonymous9:44 PM

    ..vitamin C!..i used to have one too..frequent washing of the face would do of course..better use soaps with less harmful ingredients for the skin..i recommend you to use ivory or any same stuff like it..and drinking lots of water is the best..or try stuffs like green tea..just imagine on how most japanese people especially their pretty ladies skin flawless

  10. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Eat healthy. Don't use a lot of makeup. I have found The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil products work great for controlling pimples.

  11. Anonymous11:09 AM

    use CLINGARD its an anti acne gel.
    apply only on the pimples.
    apply only at night.
    itz a medical product so does not has any side effects!
    it was given to me by my dermatologist!

  12. Anonymous12:54 PM

    some things that will help that are natural are silver, can be used both internally and externally ( it is a suspension of silver in distilled water, available at health food stores). Silver is a natural antibiotic and helps kill germs too. Another item that helps heal the skin already affected is sulphur, which is available in soap, also adult care Clearasil. The soap is available at health food stores too. As far as diet, you need to keep your hormone levels healthy, which means eating nutritious and healthy foods. Stay away from fried foods, sugary foods, white bread. Concentrate on whole grains, fiber-rich foods or fiber supplements, fruit, veggies. Some foods trigger breakouts and each person is different - too much chocolate does it for me - so moderation is key. And stay hydrated - think water, teas, etc. but stay away from soda and especially diet soda. Hope this helps.

  13. Anonymous11:09 AM

    cleanser is a must if u have pimples. cleanser is nothing but a face wash or a soap use to cleanse ur face.firslty cleanse ur face with a suitable cleanser. use clean and clear face wash or nutrogena face wash for acne skin.

    nextly u have to tone ur skin. u can use nivea toner. or if u want natural toner then use rose water.

    after using toner u will have to use moisturizer. firstly see if ur skin really needs moisturizer. if ur skin is too oily then choose a oil free moisturizer. i usually dont use a moisturizer cos i have oily skin. use for some two days and see if it is suiting u.

    u should not steam ur skin every day. it will make ur skin very dry and u will get more pimples along with dry skin! u shouldn't use scrub daily either. it will make ur skin very dry. u should use scrub only one a week.

    also use a pimple cream on ur pimples. and use mederma on ur marks.

  14. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Acne or pimples are caused by hormonal changes, wrong food habits and improper skin care. Acne remedies given below are based on herbs and natural ingredients that treat your acne like magic and help improve the skin disorders.

    Grind nutmeg with unboiled milk and apply on affected area. This works as a magic. Pimples should disappear without leaving a mark.

    Make a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

    Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder.

    Make orange peel paste by grinding it in some water. Apply on and around pimples.

    Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications.

  15. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Acute cases of acne may be accompanied by severe inflammation that turns red or purple. In such cases, do not try home remedies, but consult a dermatologist immediately. Do not mix treatments. If you are given a prescription medicine for your acne, do not combine it with any other over-the-counter cream without prior consultation with your dermatologist as it might lead to unwanted side-effects like rashes or itching.

  16. Hi evryone..I hav dis pimple formore than a month..i have tried evry home remedies and also a pimple pure pen of Garnier.Wat should i do now

  17. Aditi3:53 PM

    For acme problems one must keep his or her face always clean and wash it with cold water

  18. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I have terrible acne for YEARS. the only thing that works is roaccutane. Its a powerful drug that closes all sweat glands. You take for 3 months and ALL acne disappears permanently (for 2 years +). Its a dangerous drug and needs a specialist prescription, but if you are in hell, then it helps.

  19. Kajol9:05 AM

    Get a facial at a recommended location. Repeat your facial every 2 weeks at the beginning and then when it gets better do it every month. It worked for me

  20. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) applied topically, is beneficial for reducing Acne, Skin hyper-pigmentation (acne scars), increasing skin moisture and reducing fine wrinkles. Try "Niapads" (it contains Niacinamide) for controlling your acne. It’s Simple for Pimple(C). One step process provides exfoliation, pore cleansing, prevention of Acne and Skin Lightening (acne scars).

  21. The first step to treatment will be to determine which category you fit into. This will help you to know where to start. As a general rule there are three steps to treating this condition. First, you need to unclog the pores. You can do this with a skin care regiment designed for you personally. Washing with a mild cleanser and exfoliating can make a huge difference.

  22. Chetana5:31 PM

    All you need to know about oily skin and acne: Source,Treatment, Product Ingredients / Side Effects: Skincare is important for any skin type and problems. There are various products for oily skin and acne on the market, but we must check their ingredients first to see if they meet the dermatologist’s recommendations.

  23. Nirupama2:15 PM

    Garlic is also used for the treatment of acne. Rub garlic juice several times on pimple, it might hurt but the pimples will vanish without leaving a scar. Consuming raw garlic is also a permanent cure. Apply the juice of crushed leaves of marigold over the spots.Put a cotton wool in mint juice extract and then put it out & apply on the acne

  24. the Best pimple treatment-use some lemon extractapply it on Ur skin and lightly scrub it with fine grains of sugar..this removes black heads and dead skin cells after THAT, apply some honey to it and let dry, if u don't have honeytry using egg whites as substitute, this restores the the enzyme lost during the use of artificial products

  25. Nirmala3:17 PM

    Easy Homemade Acne TreatmentsSince cleanliness is of paramount importance here, and oiliness in involved, lemon should be used for washing the face daily. The lemon not only cleans the oil off, it also adds the much needed Vitamin C directly to the skin. The best way to do this is to rub lemon before you retire for bed and wash it off early in the morning.Another excellent yet simple homemade acne treatment is with the help of the garlic. Take a garlic pod cut it, and apply the juice on the acne. They will disappear in no time. Side by side you could use the benefits of the mint plant. A little mint juice will enhance this homemade acne treatment by eliminating all type of acne related scarring.Apply raw papaya on the face after making a paste. This will not only fight all type of infection, it will provide both prevention and/cure from acne

  26. Spoorthy6:15 PM

    Wash your face twice a day (no more) with warm water and a mild soap made for people with acne. Gently massage your face with circular motions. Don't scrub. Over washing and scrubbing can cause skin to become irritated. After cleansing, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends applying an over-the-counter (no prescription needed) lotion containing benzoyl peroxide. This will decrease oil and bacteria.

  27. Ahalya6:21 PM

    If you get acne on your body, try not to wear tight clothes, which don't allow skin to breathe and may cause irritation. You also might want to stay away from scarves, headbands, and caps, which can collect dirt and oil, too

  28. Phalguni8:58 AM

    If skin is affected by acne, always use mild soap or medicated soap such as Dove. It has PH balanced, so it removes excess oil from the skin and make skin soft and reduce acne.

  29. Preetam5:30 PM

    Common home remedies for acne scars are: Eating a balanced and health diet devoid of excessive starch, sugar and fatty foods. Hot fomentation to open pores and rinsing the skin with cold water after squeezing waste is an effective remedy. Sun and air baths for the body are beneficial to the skin. Healing packs of grated cucumber, orange peels, lemon peels are effective remedies when applied on affected areas. A teaspoon of coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is also considered an effective remedy to treat acne scars naturally. Intake of garlic as well as rubbing garlic on affected areas can prove beneficial in treating acne scars.

  30. Veerendra8:18 AM

    Two vitamins, namely, niacin and vitamin A have been used successfully to treat acne. Vitamin therapy should comprise the intake of 100 mg niacin, three times daily, and 50,000 international units of vitamin A, three times daily. Vitamin E, 400 mg, should be taken once daily. Continue this therapy for a month.

  31. Akshata9:27 AM

    Use non oily makeup and follow an appropriate skin cleansing regime. Avoid use of products containing isopropyl isostearate, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl myristate, socetyl stearate & sodium chloride which may aggravate pimples.

  32. Shreeya2:28 PM

    In order to get ride of pimples, you must keep your face clean all times. Made of edible algae , containing vitamins Carotene, chlorophyll, amine acids, proteins, SOD enzyme, alga polysaccharides et. al., Chlorella Gel Cleanser can clean corneous cells, sebum, sweat, dust, get ride of pimples quickly, and natural care skin simultaneously

  33. Anonymous6:30 PM

    The key factors influencing a teenager's development of acne are his or her "hormones and heredity,"

  34. Nalini4:37 PM

    Make a paste with fenugreek seeds and water and apply in on face before going to bed. Retain the paste on skin overnight and wash off in the morning with cold running water. On regular use, this simple natural remedy will help out to cure the problem of pimple

  35. Indira4:44 PM

    You can grate a cucumber and add some fuller’s earth in it. The paste should be smeared in whole body before bath. Allow the mask to get dry and then take cold shower and wash off the coat properly. The natural effect of cucumber will keep the temperature cool and fuller’s earth will keep the pores unclogged and will prevent formation of body acne or boils.

  36. Madhavi9:05 AM

    I have acne and its really getting me down. i want something that is fast and easy to used and can possibly work overnight. please tell me what you suggest. Ive tried everything from tablets to toothpaste and sudocrem and nothing seems to work. please help.

  37. Vanamala9:08 AM

    hi thank u so much.
    Actually I didn’t know that we should not scrub our face with hard towels,I thought while scrubbing from hard towels it will remove d dust from our skin nd I never see labels or components on any cleanser thank u 4 that now i’ll look after it thank u so much u have really solved my problems I was very much tensed about my pimples

  38. Anonymous7:11 PM

    one thing that has really worked for me is avocado. very easy, just take little bit of avocado and rub it on the face at night after washing your face and wash off the next morning. dont apply any moisturizer or any make up.

  39. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Wash face with the Luke-warm water; also dry with clean towel, and gently apply Acnovin Cream, rubbing evenly till it penetrates the skin or as directed by physician. Apply 2-3 times in a day.

  40. Nagesh3:25 PM

    You can use a half of lime... yes lime, cut in half and rub it on the area that is infected before u sleep then wash it of the next morning
    Toothpaste, u can use any brand with fluoride and jus plop it on the spot don't rub it in. then after in a few mins if ur going to take a shower rinse it out You can use bking soda, put some in a bowl, and pour some water. not too much and then rub it on ur face, when is starts 2 get dry and dusty rinse it out.

  41. Anonymous8:50 AM

    quick fix for a pimple : dab a suitable concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin color before putting on foundation.

  42. unknown5:25 PM

    one really good home remedy to cure your pimples and remove dark spots and whiten face would be to mix corn flour and water, leave it on till it dries. do this a couple of times a week, its an oldy but still a goldy.

  43. Prematara4:40 PM

    Application of fresh mint juice over face every night cures pimples and prevents dryness of the skin.Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water. Apply on face and keep for 1/2 an hour. 15-20 days of this application helps cure pimples and also removes blemishes and scars.

  44. Maithili5:39 PM

    For back acne clean the area with soap and rinse. Then use white vinegar and a scrub brush to scrub it in and let it dry on your skin. Has helped me greatly

  45. Anonymous3:46 PM

    According to dermatologist Bethanee J. Schlosser, M.D., Ph.D., FAAD, assistant professor of dermatology and director of the Women’s Skin Health Program at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, "Women over the age of 20 may experience worsening of their acne or a change in the nature of their acne. This can include increased lesions on the lower one-third of the face (including the jaw line and upper neck), pre-menstrual flares, and resistance to oral antibiotics and other traditional acne therapies, For these women, hormonal therapy in the form of combination oral contraceptives and/or anti-androgen medications, such as spironolactone, flutamide and dutasteride that work by reducing the activity of the male hormone testosterone, may provide significant benefit."

  46. Mahabaleswar9:25 AM

    Raw garlic is a very effective acne blemish treatment.

  47. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Chemical peels are one method to get rid of old acne scars that uses chemicals that are applied onto the skins surface. This causes the top layer of skin to blister and peel off in after a couple of days leaving a new layer of skin underneath. Chemical peels are most effective for shallow depressed scars and it usually takes several sessions to get the desired results. Chemical peels can also get rid of any current acne problems.

  48. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Since appearance issues rank as one of the top three stressors among teenagers, and stress itself is a well-documented factor for worsening acne symptoms, teenagers are faced with a hard-to-break cycle of stress and appearance where the concern regarding acne can actually worsen the condition of the skin.

  49. Anonymous5:26 PM

    pimples form from clogged pores(from dirt and oil) putting salt on your face dries out your pores-it doesn't clean them. SO. drying them out does prevent oil build up, but on the other hand i think you're opening up a door to possibilities of messing up your skin i.e scarring and messing up your PH balance. Olay moisture balancing foaming face wash with vitamin E works really well to keep the PH balanced and Biore Blemish Fighting Ice cleanser works very well in cleaning out your pores because it uses Salicylic acid which works as an anti-inflammatory to help prevent new pimples from forming. but if you seem to have a serious case of acne the only treatment or advice you should really be getting is from a licensed dermatologist. other than the obvious, hormones also have a great affect in causing acne. if you seem to be going though hormonal changes then there's not much you can do, except maybe slow it down a bit by staying away from sweets and such because your body DOES react hormonally to spikes in glucose(sugar) levels. so stay away from sugars and drink lots of water, get some exercise and wash your face 2-3 times a day and you should see a difference.

  50. Omani8:51 AM

    If you have dark spots or scars on your face from a breakout or suffered from any unwanted darkening of the skin. Try ZENMED Scar Treatment Kit, after using 8 to 10 times acne scars appear lighter and less visible. Another quality skin care product from Zenmed. Try it once and see the difference.

  51. Kajol5:45 PM

    Have had the same problem. Been there done that. lol. I guess you have to keep searching for the products that suit your skin. Go to a pharmacist and get them to check your face and they will give you something suitable. I found Olay to be really useful and it helped. I was fortunate not to have oily skin but as i mentioned earlier go to a pharmacist and get them to look at your face. At the olay official site there is this quiz that you can take and it asks questions about your face and what you usually do to it etc... then it suggests what products to get from olay and what time you can use them for example: in the morning use foaming wash them in the afternoon use facial mask then at night moisturise. It is very helpful but can be a little pricey but i mean we only have one face so take care of it!!! By the way drinking water is a good thing and green tea is good for your health but i doubt it does anything for your pimples.

  52. unknown9:38 AM

    Do you have acne? All you need to do is wash your pillowcase.That’s right, your pillowcase. The amount of oil that accumulates there night after night is hard to overstate, which is disgusting all by itself. But without a good, full run in the laundry, there’s no way to get rid of it. You can’t just wipe oil away. Water alone has no effect. So it’s critical to get the pillowcase in a sudsy spin cycle, which will cut right through the oil and leave your face happy in the morning.

  53. Vaishnavi6:03 PM

    Acne is frequently caused by gluten intolerance so as long as you're ingesting gluten, it won't matter how you treat the acne, it just won't go away while you have gluten in your diet. Gluten is found in wheat, oats barley and rye. It is now being linked to over 200 medical conditions apart from acne so it seems like a good idea to stear well clear of it

  54. Yogita6:10 PM

    Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results.

  55. I heard that if you squeeze lemon on it, than it will go away.

  56. The milky juice of unripe papaya applied locally removes pimples.

  57. Gurumati8:51 AM

    Avoid wearing makeup: Clogged pores are your enemy, so you might want to keep away from the foundation and blusher

  58. Beauty expert8:54 AM

    Keep your hair off your face: Your hair contains oils and you don’t want that oil getting on your face and causing more acne.

  59. Matangi10:02 AM

    Dont pop em or scratch em, theyll scar for life. Use a solution like oxy daily and just give it time

  60. Anonymous9:12 AM

    If you’re undergoing treatment for your acne, you should know that it won’t improve overnight and by examining it continuously, you just magnify any flaws — real or imagined. Finding those flaws can cause stress to both you and your face.

  61. Skincare expert9:16 AM

    Do not touch your face. Your hands are the dirtiest parts of your body, and you don't want that junk on your face, especially if you have acne. That being said, in my experience anyway, people tend to be their own worst critics about their appearance. You probably are more bothered by your acne than anyone else.

  62. Sulochana9:38 AM

    This was really a helpful post and also very interesting. I have a friend who has acne scars problems so i give her the link and she also find the post very interesting. Thanks

  63. Amrita11:15 AM

    Cucumber is one of the easiest and refreshing treatments used for the treatment of acne and to refreshes up the skin. It makes our skin feel looking young. Blend the cucumber into a paste and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it off.

  64. Make a paste of nutmeg with unboiled milk and apply on affected area. This works as a wonderful ointment. Pimples disappear without leaving a mark.

  65. Manjushree11:24 AM

    For acme problems one must keep his or her face always clean and wash it with cold water

  66. Nagaveni11:26 AM

    These seem to be some very comprehensive and useful home remedies to fight with acne. I am sure women fighting with acne would find it beneficial. :-)

  67. Shubhangi10:34 AM

    Apply hot compresses to acne when you see it start to develop. It will often minimize redness and possibly even stop it from developing further

  68. Vilas6:11 PM

    So thankful to have found your articles. I have suffered from cystic acne and now painful outbreaks of acne all over my neck that come and go. It's embarassing to be 43 and still suffering from sinus problems, acne and cellulite that started in my teen years. No matter how much I exercise and eat healthy it seems to get worse over the years and not better

  69. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Thanks a lot .. I’m going to try these to see how they work!
    Some pimples really have no respect.. They always appear when I have really something important to go out to! Grrrrrr!! Loll.
    I actually re comment to squeeze some lemmon and with a cotton dip on your pimple

  70. Pravesh8:36 AM

    I ADORE the Neutrogena grapefruit acne wash! It’s terrific!

  71. unknown8:58 AM

    Kept your hair Clean.
    When you have dirty hair you will get a lot of acne around the ears and forehead.(true, I just never wear bangs, bumps will come!

  72. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Try not to look at your face.
    When you look at your face it couldn't have gotten worse and then you would feel down because you've worked so hard at trying to get it acne free.( true, I guess, but Im constanly in the mirror

  73. Apply fresh mint juice every night on effected areas

  74. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Many acne causes come from hormonal change or imbalance. Hormone changes due to stress, menstruation, pregnancy, starting or stopping birth control pills. Acne and toxin-blocked-pore aggravate the skin and causes inflammation and redness.

  75. Kavya2:49 PM

    Improper skin care products can cause irritation to your skin. These include any products that can block oil pores. Besides, avoid applying herbal medication that has not been proven or approved. It might give you toxic reactions.

  76. unknown10:07 AM

    Acne is a stubborn problem, the more you look at it the more you get disappointed and get worried, and this feeds fear and this does not help your situation. In ayurveda acne is a disorder of Pitta or heat moving under the skin and breaking out in pimples and it's cause could be specially for you as you described , be premenstrual hormonal changes. It could also be emotional stress or bacterial infection and or exposure to chemicals or sunlight. So it should be avoided. Use a Pitta reducing diet where you should be avoiding spicy, fermented , fried and citrus fruits. You could drink Aloe vera juice 1 cup a day. Keep your colon clean which do by taking triphala at night. apply melon at bedtime and wash in the morning would cool your skin. Also you can use a hebal product -- kaya kalp vati. Pranayama.. do a modified version of anulom vilom.. by just do a left nostril breathing for 15 minutes twice daily. If you do have a bacterial infection you would need to take the antibiotic for some time and can start doing these other things to help you long term.

  77. Deepa9:03 AM

    Homeopathy treatment is the best for the pimples.

  78. Sinchana9:12 AM

    Avoid heavy make up: Heavy make-up clogs the pores and oily make-ups add more oil, which only adds to the problem if oily skin already exists. Cosmetics, especially certain moisturizers, foundations and pomades contain lanolin, petrolatum, vegetable oils, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol and oleic acid.

  79. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Wear oil-free makeup whenever possible. These types have less
    of a tendency to cause the pore buildup that results in
    blemishes. Remove your makeup nightly and cleanse with an
    acne-fighting medicine to remove dirt, oil and makeup from deep
    within the skin

  80. Tanuja3:54 PM

    Many skin problems, such as acne, contact dermatitis, irritations and allergies may disappear once petroleum or synthetic ingredients are removed from your skin care regime. Using natural skin care products can contribute to healthy skin and a healthy body in the long run.

  81. Anonymous8:51 AM

    here are some things that actually work:

    1) smash up some aspirin, and make a paste with lemon juice. leave on for at least an hour.
    2) shaving cream. yeah, it's weird, but it dries up your zits, and not the rest of your face. I've been doing this for 3 days, and my (very bad) acne is almost gone!
    3) wash every day. it's the best advice I can give you. wash twice a day, no more, no less. you can use just a normal soap, or something from neutrogena, that's my favorite.

    ok, and since you say this acne is new, it can be because of a few things:
    1) your period. hormones rise when you have your period, so you break out more.
    2) stress. when people stress, even adults, they break out. see if there's a stressor in your life, and try to deal with it.
    3) improper hygiene. make sure you take a shower, and try to use hair products that don't irritate your skin. head and shoulders is good for back acne, i suggest it. also, try to keep you hair off your face/back/chest, wherever you get acne.

  82. Harini8:57 AM

    to be honest to get rid off a mild acne the best way is to steam your face over a bowl once a day
    it worked for me and now my skin is perfect
    put rosemary and salt into the bowl and salt on your face also add some lemon drops onto the most affected areas and put a towel over your head do this for 15min after use a clean towel and just dab your face don't rub because this will only spread the acne
    if you want you can put some honey on your face this will stop your skin from drying up
    the steam will open up your pores and the salt will clear out your acne

    be sure to wash your face with cold water when your finished to close the pores

  83. Satyavati4:25 PM

    For acme problems one must keep his or her face always clean and wash it with cold water .

  84. Kanya4:49 PM

    Mashed papaya applied on the face clears marks on your skin and the skin will look bright. Avoid taking tea or coffee, instead replace it with green tea or buttermilk

  85. Priya5:28 PM

    You can apply mixture of cold raw milk,moong dal powder and chandan powder.If your skin is oily then you can apply papaya pulp on your face this will reduce black marks and pimples

  86. Anonymous5:31 PM

    why don't you apply slices to cucumber on the dark spots, it works at times. another thing you can do before going to bed you can apply sandalwood paste to the dark spots and go to sleep.

  87. Sheela5:48 PM

    fruits are also great natural substances to counter the occurrence of acne. Fruits such as mango, papaya, apple, grapefruit and even raisins can be used by applying them directly and making masks by mashing them. You can even make your toner using parts of cucumber juice, apple cider vinegar and tea tree and distilling them in mineral water.

  88. Namita9:02 AM

    Best and fastest treatment for any disease in todays era is by Allopathy. The Most effective and best treatment for acne in allpathy is- At night apply ointment adapelene on affected area at night only. And apply gel clindamycin on affected area at day time. Both of these medicines are safe without any side effect. I have treated thousands of cases of acne till date. Drink lots of water. Avoid using oily cream on face.

  89. Shweta9:03 AM

    wash and moisturize your face everyday. and don't cover ur face up with lots of makeup and stuff like that

  90. Ekata9:04 AM

    The remedies for removing pimples and its scars:
    1. Wash your face frequently and keep it clean always.
    2. Don't eat oily foods.
    3. Drink lots of water.
    4. Apply a mixture of neem leaves and turmeric powder, leave it for half an hour and wash it.
    5. Don't break or rub the pimples because if the liquid from it spreads on other part of your face then you will get pimples there too.

  91. Janhavi9:06 AM

    If you have mild to moderate Adult Acne, home treatment should begin with OTC antibacterial drugs— …

  92. very nice post, indeed.

  93. Maithili10:28 AM

    Thanks soo much for the tips.

  94. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Wash your face one time a day. Don't over-wash , because that will cause only more production of oil on your skin. Or use very gentle cleansers for normal skin that don't dehydrate the skin and wash twice a day. Consult your dermatologist, he can help you get rid of the problem better than you can do it yourself. Good luck!

  95. unknown10:25 AM

    Touching, squeezing popping, scratching, ect. does not necessarily make pimples worse. If your hands are unclean, you are pushing bacteria into the already irritated pore. If you have clean, germ-free hands it is okay to touch it to put medicine on it, I use Rapid Results from Clean-and-Clear, or you can try to pop it. If you want to pop it, only do so if you can clearly see the white part of it, otherwise it may not be ready. Do so after you have showered, because you pores are more open and it should be easier. I would also suggest buying a little pimple "popper." You can find it at Wal-Mart in the section that has nail clippers. It's a little metal tool, about the length of your finger, that has a loop on each end, one for white heads, one for black heads. The benefit is that you fingers won't slip and you are pushing oil into the surrounding pores.

    *Remember: Before any contact with your acne, clean your hands and your skin!

  96. Mayuri8:56 AM

    Acne or pimples are caused by hormonal changes, wrong food habits and improper skin care.

  97. unknown8:58 AM

    To get rid of acne, you need to: control hormonal activity and oil production, exfoliate the skin and pores, kill the bacteria that causes the infection, and eliminate factors that make acne worse

  98. unknown10:12 AM

    Honey is antibacterial and because of it's smooth consistency it is not irritating to the skin therefore it is excellent for acne. You need to use raw honey and smear it over your face paying special attention to the acne prone areas. Leave the honey on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with warm water, pat your face dry and your skin will feel smooth and oil free. Raw honey is safe to use on your skin every day, it cleans, moisturizes and kills bacteria all at once.

  99. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Cleanse your face morning and night-use a washcloth--it only takes a few mins. Warn water is fine but to open pores slash with cold after. There is no use using any products on it unless it is clean to begin with. Use a gentle cleaner like cleaners like Cetaphil or Neutogrena extra gentle, affordable cleaners that have heard raves everywhere.. Than moisturize. With an SPF of 30 or higher and don't forget your neck and chest. Find one like Oil of Olay's daytime cream with sunscreen, smell fresh and sinks right it. Feel for that whatever you use.
    Once a week use a gentle exfoliator to peel away dead skin flakes. Look for a super-fine gentle scrub. The ones with thick chunks almonds or seeds don't quite cut it--and could end up cutting you
    Once a month give yourself a home facial with a quickie steam (even in tub will do) and mask.

  100. Unknown10:28 AM

    Stress: can also cause the production of hormones, such as cortisol, which can aggravate acne. Stress brings upon different hormone levels. With hormone changes the body prompts the skins oil glands to enlarge, secreting more oil. Which causes white heads, black heads and pimples.

  101. Sarita5:33 PM

    I have VERY oily skin and have acne problem since I was a teenager. I've been using Neutrogena's facial bar for acne-prone skin and it has worked really well for me so far. It gets my skin very dry sometimes but it's nothing I can't control with an oil-free moisturizer.

  102. unknown4:05 PM

    When you wake up in the morning rinse your face with warm water it opens your pours, then use a gentle facial cleanser,and exfoliate with a beaded gel or cream.. .then rinse your face with cool water because it will tighten your pours. Then you should moisturize your face(I would suggest clean and clear morning glow)....after that you can put on make-up..don't cake it on and use a light night before bed remove all of your make-up with make-up removing cloths and then rinse you face with warm water and cool water again..Moisturizer again...remember to get 8-10 hours of sleep a night and drink plenty of water...if you smoke or drink it can make your skin rough and aged looking. Eating Healthy and exercise can improve your skins look too...also don't touch your face with your hand because they are loaded with bacteria unless you wash them first!!!

  103. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Mix baking soda with water and form a paste and than lightly scrub your face with it. It works pretty good for me.

  104. @Unknown (comment 102): You have said that one should wash the face with lukewarrm water and that's alright but splashing cold water later on is a strict no-no because it leads to clogging and larger pores. Read this post.

  105. Anonymous10:24 AM

    1.Stop eating all oily/fried/cooked in oil Stuff
    2. Say a big NO to pizzas, burgers and replace them with vege sandwiches.
    3. Dont wash your face more than twice a day.
    4. Do not use any moisturizer or any Day or night cream unless its anti bacterial. otherwise it will spread the bacteria allover the face when you will rub it in skin.
    5. Dont not look at yourself in mirror more than once.
    6. And again... No Cheese, mayonise, frech fries, junk food etc etc. everything that contains Fats.
    6. Only fruits and juices in breakfast.
    7. No Tea, No Coffee, No chocolate!

  106. Try takes out the redness and it also kills the bacteria

  107. Zinc is another popular home remedy for pimple. A couple of research studies have found that zinc is somewhat effective.

  108. unknown9:01 AM

    Acne does tend to get worse just before a period. It's because there is a surge in hormone levels at this time. But boys don't get away lightly either. Being hot and sweaty (particularly after sports like football) makes acne worse. And for everyone, stress - particularly at exam times - is a cue for a mega breakout. This is normal - and of course, even more reason for feeling stressed. Go chill. They'll get better - promise.

  109. Anonymous8:56 AM

    aloe vera gel is supposed to be excellent help. also try not to eat alot of greasy foods because that grease will have to find a way out (through your pores) wash your face regularly too, to keep any bacteria from your skin. these are natural ways to help get rid of acne which have no side effects like scarring. and MOST IMPORTANT dont let acne tear you down. your beautiful the way God made you. remember that

  110. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I use to have trouble with that all the time, and then found out it was because of a hormone imbalance in my body, and I was eating too much starchy foods & sugar. You might want to eat more veggies & fish, and start taking Omega-3 fatty acids (look for ones with "tested for heavy metals" or "filtered free of environmental pollutants". Also, a B-complex is good & vit. E helps heal skin problems. You can rub the oil directly on the spots.

  111. Anonymous10:12 AM

    You should never pop pimples: refrain from this behavior constantly, due to the fact this can throw numerous injury on your pores and skin as well as make the particular issue rather more serious with some bacterial infections. In this case your aim needs to obtain the particular clear skin, hence do not fit your self prepared wherever you may be enticed to get rid of all those horrible appearing acne straightaway. Apply astringents if necessary, yet do not over use these on the greasy pores and skin.

  112. Anonymous11:59 AM

    i was reading all the comments for a long time abt treatment of pimples, as i too hav is interesting to know all these tips.but too much of tips hav made me blank out..nothing is remembered nw.....anyway lot of thanks for all comments posted by readers.i'l try som of it out and comment later.
    zalma kerala.

  113. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Avoid touching your face. Stop putting your hands by your face! I am often guilty of this resting my hand on the side of my head while reading. Also rubbing or bracing your chin is another common problem when thinking. Avoid rubbing, touching, or itching your skin with your hands. Your hands contain a lot of bacteria that can cause acne flare-ups. It is probably one of the most difficult things to avoid since much of the hand to face contact throughout the day we are unconscious of. Make it a habit to avoid hand contact and be conscious of it during the day to avoid bacteria.

  114. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Exercise. It leads to a healthy body, which mean healthy skin.
    NEVER ever pop them. If you pop them, you will only get MORE. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, they help shed off dead skin faster and reduce acne and scars. Do more mask, and cleanse 2 times a day. If you want, you should do a facial. You can also wear concealer and foundation for the time being, but remember to always take off what you put on. Never sleep with it, and do not over wear it. Also, make sure you get enough rest. (8-10 hours) Never over sleep too.

    Most importantly, drink a lot of water. Like 6-8 glasses a day. Do not eat junk food. But if this doesn't work, it might have something to do with your hormones and stuff. It takes a while. You should notice a change in a month. But if you want to keep it this way, you must stick with the routine. It's a also a good diet too.

    When you exercise, and sweat, immediately shower after wards. Find the right moisturizer for your skin type. Are you T Tone oily, or who face, forehead, whatever. Go to your local pharmacy

  115. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Use a gel, cream, or soap containing benzoyl peroxide twice a day. Benzoyl peroxide is a "bactericide" that's particularly effective against Propionibacterium acnes. The drawback is that it often irritates your skin, resulting in dryness and redness, so you should supplement this treatment with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. If your skin still gets irritated, use a product with a lower concentration.
    Wash your face one time a day. Don't over-wash , because that will cause only more production of oil on your skin. Or use very gentle cleansers for normal skin that don't dehydrate the skin and wash twice a day. Consult your dermatologist, he can help you get rid of the problem better than you can do it yourself.

  116. Anonymous9:06 AM

    a. drink a lot of water through out the day, and only water, no soda, gatorade, lemondae, ect.
    b. excersise daily
    3. eat a healthy diet
    4. wash my face every morning and night with hot water and a towel(all products i have tried makes my skin worse)
    5. once or twicce a week, boil hot water, put it in a bowl, and put a towel over my head and let the steam open my pores, clean them and splash it with cold water, to close them and remove dirt.

  117. unknown9:28 AM

    i actually just use organic unpasteurized honey! :)
    open your pores first by placing a hot damp cloth over your face for a couple minutes, then spread the honey on. it works because the natural sugars kill bacteria. it also softens your skin. leave it on for about 10-15 minutes then just rinse off with warm water.

  118. Anonymous11:13 AM

    there is medicine called SAFI also works wonders , it is same mix with water and drink but it is very bitter ..........
    and avoid oily foods and eat healthy and drink 15 to 25 glasses of water evryday

  119. Anonymous9:45 AM

    You should use accutane, it is the best

  120. unknown9:04 AM

    drink water and eat well - Water is by far the best thing for your skin. Going through your system, fluids and food release toxins that are transmitted into your blood stream and are sent all over your body. One of these places is the oil glands on your face. When the toxins enter you glands, your oil balance is effected and large amounts of harmful, oily toxins are released through your skin. Because of increasingly bad eating habits, larger quantities of oils get clogged in your pores. This creates puffy, red, itchy, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc... Water cleans out these toxins to the oil glands are clean and release clean oils.

  121. Nirmala9:45 AM

    If you eat a lot of junk, processed and animal foods, you can get acne from that diet.

  122. Hemant9:51 AM

    Bacteria getting on your skin and down into your pores is usually the main cause. You can't completely cure this because bacteria naturally occurs on the skin, and comes from the environment. Washing your face twice a day, and getting good rest at night will usually help your body fight off acne better. A

    ALSO, using lotions that are not oil-free can clog your pores, causing acne. Try using oil free lotions specifically for your face.

  123. Saroj9:53 AM

    i recommend to get rid of acne crack an egg and some honey then mix it real well then put it on your face for half an hour then wash it of then the next day your acne should be gone your face should be smooth!

  124. Sampada8:58 AM

    you wash hair and that dirt runs down your face and back and the same thing with the conditioner. Acne is so common almost everyone has it or gets it. Creams and daily washing works, but do not believe the food myths or everyone in america would break out all over

  125. Saraswati9:17 AM

    try using clearasil cream

  126. Anonymous9:57 AM


  127. unknown4:48 PM

    Use an organic facial scrub. Then what I do is either I get a cotton wool and dip it in rubbing alcohol, then put it in the freezer for 10 mins. Then apply it to the pimple. This reduces the redness, and it eases the size of the pimple. That's one thing I do.
    The other option I do is after I use a facial scrub, I grab ice from the freezer and apply it to the pimple for 10 - 15 mins. Then apply rubbing alcohol to the pimple.

  128. Ananya4:59 PM

    Change your pillow cases every other night.

  129. unknown5:21 PM

    Here are a few tips that will help you know how to treat acne at home.
    1. If you have red angry looking acne, don't touch it. If you squeeze now, all you'll do is force the contents deeper into the skin that will make matters worst. And all you'll end up with is redder, angrier acne than you had before. Don't do it.
    2. If you have a yellow custard top? Go for it. These beauties CAN be squeezed but there's an art to it. Here's how. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid trouble and infection. Put a tissue over your finger. Why? Because you want the contents of the spot on the tissue, not splattered all over the mirror. Using the side of your thumb and the end of your finger, very gently start to squeeze. Don't whatever you do, use your nails as this will damage your skin. Stop when you're applying a lot of pressure and nothing is happening and you see clear fluid, rather than yellow grotty stuff and the spot begins to bleed. When you've finished dab it with antiseptic. Once the custard bit is out, the spot will heal more quickly than an unsqueezed yellow top would, providing that you now leave it well alone. Now wash your hands again.
    3. Whiteheads and blackheads. If acne is left untreated they may cause this problem. Here the rule is if they're black, squeeze but if they're small, white raised lumps leave them alone. All that stuff about clean hands, tissues and stopping if nothing is happening or you see blood, apply here too.

  130. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Effective Acne Treatment & Acne Scar Treatment

    The following ways are some of the effective ways to treat acne:

    * Washing your faces more frequently with oil-free solutions to remove excess oil, make-up and and impurities.
    * To keep bacteria at bay, don’t touch your face with your fingers or lean your face on objects that collect sebum and skin residue like the telephone receiver.
    * If you wear glasses or sunglasses, make sure you clean them frequently to keep oil from clogging the pores around your eyes and nose.
    * Keep pillowcases, sheets, and blankets clean by washing them often. This gets rid of the dirt, dead skin, and oil that build up on them at night.
    * If you get acne on your body, try not to wear tight clothes, which doesn’t allow skin to breathe and may cause irritation. You also might want to stay away from scarves, headbands, and caps, which can collect dirt and oil
    * Keep hair clean and out of your face to prevent additional dirt and oil from clogging your pores.

  131. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Acne is the most common skin problem that people face. The teenagers are mostly affected by this problem, but some cases can also be observed in adults. Aside from physical manifestations of acne, persons who suffer from acne have tendencies to have low self esteem and confidence with their appearance.- Cause of AcneWhen hair follicles are clogged, acne occurs. This causes infection that can lead to lesions, bumps and worse, scars.- Types of Acne
    Some common acne types are listed below.
    - Acne Cosmetica
    As the name suggests, these are acne caused by make-ups. This type of acne has minimal possibility to cause scarring- Acne Conglobata
    This type of acne affects the males. The affected areas include the back, chest and buttocks. Because of extensive connection between the bumps, serious scarring is likely to occur- Comedonal AcneThis type of acne manifests itself through the presence of whiteheads and blackheads only- Acne Treatment
    Here are some things that you can do about your acne.
    Wash face gently with mild cleansers
    Yes, good hygiene must be observed to prevent acne. But scrubbing the face too hard using harsh cleansers will just cause the skin to be oilier. Thus, it will just be more prone to acne.
    Do not squeeze pimples!
    This is quite irresistibly tempting. But I guess you would resist looking in the mirror if you see the scars that will develop because of squeezing pimples.

  132. Your skin needs to be kept lubricated to remain healthy, so it produces a number of oils. These prevent the skin from getting too dry & flaky, & stops the skin getting infected or damaged. However, these oils can build up & end up clogging your pores, creating spots.
    Your facewash will help to keep the oils produced in your skin from clogging your pores. However, by doing so, it will leave your skin stripped bare to the elements - therefore open to infection, damage & drying-out.
    Best thing to do would be to use a facial moisturizer to replace these oils, without clogging pores, to keep the skin nourished. With regular use, it could also help to reduce the production of the oils in your skin, therefore making you less likely to break out in spots.

  133. Piyush9:12 AM

    Acne can be from anything and everything lol. But keeping hydrated is really important, also if there has been more stress lately, skin can tend to breakout, even with the coming of a period, because of hormones can make skin go haywire. I would try to keep up with drinking plenty of water, washing the face with a mild cleanser and so on. Sometimes skin just wants to be skin

  134. Anonymous9:20 AM

    1)Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water.
    2)Apply undiluted lemon juice, two to three times a day, on the affected areas.
    3)Use green tea as a face scrub to loose blackheads.
    4)try don't to eat to much junk food like chips chocolate ect.because you can get more by that.
    5)Try to stay away from fatty foods. Eating correctly is very important in terms of keeping acne away.

  135. Disha9:36 AM

    I use a mixture of rubbed sage, aloe, hydrogen peroxide, and face lotion.i keep it on my face for 5-10 minutes. it gets rid of acne really fast.

  136. Neena9:21 AM

    Put a small dab of honey on your pimple and cover it with a band-aid. This should bring it to a head overnight.
    Also try mixing together oatmeal and honey and wear it as a mask.

  137. aspirin masks are really effective for a lot of people. Take 3-4 uncoated aspirin in your hand, add a few drops of water which should disolve them to a grainy texture, and then add a bit of honey. Leave it of your face for 20 min and wash off

  138. Vinita4:08 PM

    Pure Cocca butter is a huge help.

  139. Laxman4:34 PM

    I had the exact same problem!
    What I did was buy a bottle of 'Bio Oil' and applied it religiously everyday for 3 weeks.
    And they disappeared.
    Be aware, though, that results may vary. Like they say on TV.

  140. Sharada4:36 PM

    You can try using clay masks as they help remove dirt from deep inside and clear your skin of impurities.

  141. well your best just leaving a pimple until it has a head
    the head has puss in and thats wha causes the spot
    while the spot is getting bigger but an ice cube on it and it take the spelling down.
    With blackheads everone gets them you just have to wait intil they go if you pick them you get a big cut ( its happend to me and its painful :( )

  142. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Make sure you cleanse before you go to bed and exfoliate from time to time. Exfoliation helps to remove the dirt and sebum which causes acne. Use hot water as it kills spot causing bacteria.

    Invest in some sodocream, I found this really worked for me. Just dab some on before you go to bed and the redness should clear up for morning, but sodocream soothes the skin more than treating it.

    If the spot is really bad put some tooth paste on it before you go to bed, this will dry the spot out. However be aware that it will also dry the skin around out to so remember to use a good moisturiser afterwards.

    Where are your spots?

    If they are on your forehead you have a problem with digestion, eat more fruit and veg.

    If they are on the T zone (chin nose bottom of forehead) these are caused by a hormone imbalance, it might just be your time of the month so just ride it out.
    Elsewhere, like the neck and cheeks are caused by dirt and seburn as there are lots of pores around these areas, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate!
    Also I would say drink 2l of water to help flush toxins out of your system..

  143. Veena4:58 PM

    If it's on your face, try to clean it 3 times a day with soap and apply Sea Breeze Astringent. It will go away a couple of days.
    Try not to eat oily fried foods and chili pepper.
    Get enough sleep will prevent pimples

  144. unknown9:17 AM

    Nutmeg Paste
    Combine a dash of nutmeg powder and milk to form a paste. Apply to face before bed and leave overnight. Wash off overnight. This will reduce the appearance of scars, but does not work to clear acne.

  145. unknown9:28 AM

    Use a microfiber wash cloth, but since your skin is dry you may want to moisturize before and after. But the washcloth takes all germs out of your skin and anything that may be clogging your pours, and its a natural way. I`ve been using it for a few months and my acne problem is getting waaaay better.

  146. unknown9:29 AM

    In fact, it is very simple to avoid your acne problem by building some habits. Yes, it really sound easy than doing it everyday. There aren't many people follow these simple steps to avoid acne, so if you seriously want to get rid of it naturally, please follow the tips given below:

    You must use only a chemical free skin cleansing solution, and this is what you must clean your skin with every day.

    Do everything that you can to avoid either your hands touching or your hair falling onto any acne affected areas of our skin.

    Do not scratch or pick at your acne!

    Change your bedding, especially the pillow covers, every day.

    Avoid using make-up while suffering from acne.

    Drink lots of water

    Cut out the wrong fats

    Eat raw vegetable and good fats

    Try to eat three healthy meals a day and avoid snacking, as this is inevitably when you will turn to fatty or sugary foods.

  147. unknown9:45 AM

    For facial cleansing.
    - Clean your face twice a day, and follow this routine:
    1. Splash cold water onto your face when you begin, this will help blood flow into your face
    2. Use an anti-bacterial soap with warm water and a wash cloth to get rid of oil and make up, and the warm water will open up your pores so you can clean deeper.
    3. Use an exfoliant and scrub your face, concentrating on problem areas, and leave it on for about 45 second to a minute.
    4. Wash it off with warm water, and pat your face dry.
    5. Use a toner all over your face to help dry out pimples.
    6. And last but not least MOISTURIZE!! I know most people avoid moisturizing oily skin because they think it will cause more break outs, but it's actually keep your face in a dry state that causes more break outs, because your body is trying to produce extra oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.

    -Make sure to use products with salicylic acid in their ingredients, this is a powerful, natural skin clearing agent, and is used in most skin products.

    - Try natural homemade skin clearing agents, lemon juice helps clear up acne, rubbing a raw tomato with help smooth and tighten the skin, and a brown sugar and honey scrub can help get rid of dead skin cells. You can find tons of recipes online for homemade facial masks and scrubs.

  148. Anonymous8:53 AM

    1. avoid chocolate. Its really bad for your skin.That doesnt mean never eat it. Just limit your chocolate intake.

    2. Excercise. When you sweat, it opens up your pores and this works wonders. Not only will your skin feel better, you will yourself start feeling better. Just make sure you wash your face after your work out. Also, drink a lot of water before, while you're working out and after

    3. Sit in a sauna at a gym or whatever. Again this opens up the pores

    4. Drink plenty of water. Since you have a lot of acne you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day...

    5. If you have a bad stomach, your acne will flare up. Eat healthy and make sure you avoid upsetting your stomach too much.

  149. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I tried everything on the market and even ordered Proactive, and Murad. My face got destroyed. It got so bad by using that kind of products and putting trust into those companies that I wouldn't even walk out my door anymore. I lost my mind just about. I finally went to a dermatologist that was accepting patients, everyone I was searching for wasn't exepting new ones , so I got an appointment and it's been 4 months now and my face is finally showing improvement.!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE from my personal experience with each product on and off the market don't trust not 1 of them, go to a Dermatologist even if you have to wait on a waiting list, it's well worth it.

  150. Gayatri9:13 AM

    eat, sleep, take a bath

  151. Mandavi8:56 AM

    Aloe Vera is great for new scars and I would suggest using that on any new ones or scars that are not that old. Vitamin E has worked great for me over the years as I have a ridiculous amount of scars on my hands from accidents, it takes some time but it has helped mine fade after a good month and a half of regular use.

  152. If the scars that you have are just discolorations, you can try some chemical peels. If you have pitting scars, the only way to smooth out the skin is with a laser. I don't know of any other way.

  153. Sarita9:22 AM

    How to fade my acne scars?

  154. unknown9:23 AM

    Wow, first I'd like to say congratulations on finally conquering a very large problem that so many of us face today. I have the exact same problem, I have conquered a lot of my acne now and I have still a few scars to get rid of. Remember, you don't want to do anything that is going to irritate your skin enough to bring back your acne, so I would always try to be gentle, because it can always come back. Now, here are 3 steps you should do, to gradually fade some of your scars, though eventually, they will pretty much be gone within the course of a few months, around 4 months if they are light scars.

    1. You want to exfoliate, about once or twice a week. This will help the top layer of your skin along with the layers of scars to come off bit by bit, lightening the scars. I personally use St. Ives- Naturally Clear, Apricot scrub. It works pretty good. Though you can also make your own, which I've also tried and it has worked pretty well for me, I combine: Nutmeg, Salt and Honey- enough to form a sticky paste that sticks to your face for a while. You can use it for a mask for like 10 minutes and then when you wash it off, scrub gently. Though be very careful if you have sensitive skin. Keep out of your eyes as well.

    2. You want to keep your skin clean to prevent more blemishes in the future, and you want to have it lightly moisturized with a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer.
    3. Lasly, you also want to eat healthy to promote overall body health, including skin health and regeneration of the skin.
    Hope I helped! Good Luck :)

  155. Sharada9:49 AM

    Find a doctors office that will prescribe you acne meds. That is the best solution, as I used to have it myself.

  156. Anonymous9:00 AM

    You can try those ridiculous creams, but I'd talk to a dermatologist about dermabrasion or laser scar removal if it's bad enough.

  157. Maitri9:02 AM

    "Darker scars can be thoroughly removed with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice on the scars and leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Continue this procedure for some time to see the difference. However, avoid going to the sun after application, as it could make the skin photosensitive."

  158. Suvarna9:53 AM

    HANDS, HAIR, STUFF: Keep dirt & bacteria at bay to prevent more breakouts: Don't touch face with hands, keep hair clean, don't let dirty oily hair touch face, clean phone often or don't let phone touch face, don't lean face on objects, clean glasses often, wash pillowcase/sheets/blankets often.

  159. Anoop8:27 AM

    Acne isn't caused by dirt. In fact people with oily skin have cleaner skin than average because they wash it more often. But it's a fact that washing too much can make acne worse because it makes the skin dry and sore. So, wash no more than twice a day, using mild soap and water. If you have patches of dry skin, don't worry about putting moisturizer on. It won't make your acne worse. If you're still concerned, use an oil free moisturizer.

  160. Samarth8:28 AM

    If you have red angry looking acne, don't touch it. If you squeeze now, all you'll do is force the contents deeper into the skin that will make matters worst. And all you'll end up with is redder, angrier acne than you had before. Don't do it.

  161. Bhakti8:31 AM

    Do skin toner and moisturizer cure acne?

  162. Smita8:32 AM

    One thing that you need to know is acne is not caused by dirt, so no amount of cleaning and toning is going to get rid of them. So for treating acne you must consult your doctor and eat lots of healthy food and drink lots of water. That is the natural way to keep you face spot free.

  163. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Acne scars usually develop as a result of severe acne. There are various types of acne scarring such as deep pits, box car scars and rolling scars. Deep pits are the most common and a classic symptom of acne scarring. Box car scars are angular scars that develop on the cheeks and temple. They resemble chickenpox scars and may be superficial or deep. Rolling scars give the skin a wave-like appearance.
    Natural treatments such as herbal remedies are less invasive and gentle to use on the skin. Herbs such as Galium aperine (Cleavers) and Trifolium pratense (red clover) have a wide range of therapeutic benefits that act as a cleansing tonic, blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser. Homeopathic ingredients such as Natrium muriaticum, Kalium muriaticum and Kalium sulphate help to maintain skin health and support the regenerative processes of the skin.

  164. Navneet10:08 AM

    Well I use proactive and other cream they work best!
    Wash and scrub your selv really clean everyday and it should stop
    4 awhile

  165. Bhakti10:00 AM

    Well I did. I took just a high dose supplement of vitamin B complex and it didn't do anything at all for my acne but it did give me more energy. But then I started using Proactive, clyndamycin, and took B complex, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Omega 3's and my acne completely cleared up. I discovered that you need all the vitamins because they work better only when taken with other stuff. For example, when you take vitamin B complex, you're supposed to also take Vitamin C because it helps your body absorb it better, and you are also supposed to take it with something that has protein, like soy, peanut butter, meat, fish, or eggs. Talk to a nutritionist, or even sometimes the GNC people know their stuff. They can tell you what needs to be taken with what to be the most effective.

    Oh and I take Zinc too. Zinc is also good at clearing acne apparently.

  166. Sheela4:01 PM

    try not to eat too much processed and greasy food helps if breakouts are severe try senokot to cleanse the system. (Only do this for a couple of days)
    The best products I've found are olay gentle cleanser wash for face, then a light non greasy moisturiser followed by Dream matte mousse foundation from maybelline. (best for oily skin )
    If your skin is inflamed dab a wet paracetomol on the area this helps relieve pain and redness.

  167. Anonymous8:09 AM

    You will need PURE honey as it will dehydrate your skin and clear your blemishes and about half of a banana; the banana will moisturize your skin. Mix both together in a small bowl and put it on your face for 10 minutes, make sure you get it everywhere on your face especially the areas where you have the blemishes/acne.
    After 10 minutes, rinse it off with a gentle cleanser (I recommend cetaphil or st. ives apricot cleanser because it washes away the dirt and oil on your face and cleans your face); also while you are rinsing your face, use Luke warm water and then cold water to open and close your open to prevent acne.
    After that, take some clean and clear persa gel 10 (works awesome!) and put that on before going to bed, next morning, rinse off and I swear your skin will feel sooo smooth and soft, also it will feel much more fresher and it will look radiant and clear your acne!
    Also don't touch your skin because your hands contain natural oils on it which causes acne and oily skin, so avoid touching it!
    And wash your face twice a day, morning and night
    Also after you exercise, wash your face because the excess sweat can often make you breakout

  168. The best ways to get rid of acne are: eat healthy, drink lots of water and NO soda, wear sunscreen, and be practically religious with your facial cleansers. I use proactiv, but I used to use this neutrogena stuff which worked pretty well for me. AcneFree is good too. But just because you are using facial cleansers doesnt mean your acne will get better; you need to be commited. Seriously cut soda and junk food out of your diet and drink several bottles of water a day - you'll feel so much healthier too!

  169. Chandran9:32 AM

    scars are a natural part of the healing process after injury. They are actually growths of collagen (protein) that form beneath the skin as a result of acne, wound, cut, burn, injury or surgery to the skin. Collagen consists of fibers that strengthen the layer of skin beneath the surface. When the skin is injured, the collagen that is produced becomes thicker.

    Natural treatments such as herbal remedies are less invasive and gentle to use on the skin. Herbs such as Galium aperine (Cleavers) and Trifolium pratense (red clover) have a wide range of therapeutic benefits that act as a cleansing tonic, blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser. Homeopathic ingredients such as Natrium muriaticum, Kalium muriaticum and Kalium sulphate help to maintain skin health and support the regenerative processes of the skin.

  170. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Acne medication could worsen what ever allergies you have, so instead of trying out one product after another, you're actually spreading it around. Example: ProActiv contains a known carcinogen, at a percentage known to promote skin cancer.
    Smoking has been shown to make acne worse since it diminishes the delivery of oxygen to the skin and robs it of nutrients, thereby inhibiting cars from healing. Not enough reason to quit? Smoke depletes moisture, making skin lose its luster and look wrinkly.
    The beauty industry is a billion dollar business, they know acne is everyone's problem, but instead of saying soap is drying for you, they have to invent an acne product that can worsen the skin as MANY TEENAGERS have experienced during hormonal change, but as you get older those are completely a waste of time & money!
    The FDA has called for more safety studies on benzoyl peroxide because of concern about what happens when skin treated with it is exposed to the sun. Until research can establish or disprove a possible skin cancer link to the use of benzoyl peroxide products, the agency plans to require an extra warning and directions on the labeling: "When using this product, avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use sunscreen." and "If going outside, use a sunscreen. Allow [product name] to dry, then follow directions in the sunscreen labeling. If irritation or sensitivity develops, discontinue use of both products and consult a doctor."
    The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath wash like Suave Bath & Body Gel, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday.

    The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don't use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life.

  171. Rekha9:04 AM

    Thank you so much I used baking soda on my fave and it took away the pimples on my face it was so cool

  172. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Lime and aloe vera. You get a lime and you squeeze the juices on your face combined with the juices aloe vera and you put all of that on your face and leave it overnight. i swear by my life it frikkin works ive been doing it for 2 weeks now and my face is completely clear with the exceptions of light acne scars with i have also seen diminishing. Both these plants are healing agents and the acid from the lime kills all the bacteria inside your skin. The aloe also speeds up the healing process and makes the pimple less red. Dont use toothpaste as it overdries your skin. Also remember to wash out your face and clean up your diet and drink plenty of water. Personally the best soaps for acne are Apricot scrub blemish fighting and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit scrub which are no more than 5 or 6 bucks
    P.S when you put on the lime juice its going to sting a bit for like 2 minutes, dont worry this only means its killing all the bacteria inside your pores

  173. Prachi9:52 AM

    Women need to avoid oil-based makeup as it will only increase acne flare-ups. Make sure to wash all makeup off thoroughly every night.

  174. Surabhi9:53 AM

    Take fish oil supplements on a regular basis. This will keep the production of excessively oily skin in check.

  175. Kamala9:58 AM

    It is also important that you get your “beauty rest.” While you may have thought that this was only a joke, it is not. You really do need at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order for your body to be able to fight off any bacteria that may be developing under your skin. Sleep is also able to combat any stress that is placed upon your body is well. This is important because stress can also lead to acne.

  176. Suneeta9:59 AM

    Make sure that you wash your hair whenever it is oily and only use a light application of hair styling products. This is because they can leave a greasy residue on your skin.

  177. Smriti10:06 AM

    use snake oil cream

  178. Niana9:42 AM

    Don't rub alcohol on your face! That's why there's such things as astringents and toners. Use products with Benzoyl Peroxide listed as the active ingredient. It'll help treat acne and dry it out faster.

  179. stop eating sweets like chocolate and clean your face

  180. Ramadev10:51 AM

    AEROBIC EXERCISE increases circulation & delivery of nutrients to skin cells, encourages good blood supply, helps remove toxins, controls acne breakouts! To see results, do 20 to 30 min of exercise, EVERYDAY or every other day! Drink Water! Immediately take a shower to remove sweat & dirt!

  181. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Research has shown that there is a connection between certain kinds of food & acne!what to eat and not to eat to help reduce/prevent acne! Always eat healthy food - fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fiber, beans, wholegrain, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A & C. Limit intake of dairy, milk, fat, oil, butter, greasy/fried foods, sugar, candy, sodium, salt, dessert, caffeine, coffee, pop, alcohol. Always avoid cigarettes, tobacco, illegal drugs! Its hard to get all vitamins minerals skin needs, so take supplement everyday! Overdosing on vitamins minerals from food or supplements is dangerous! Drinking about 64 oz of pure water everyday improves skin quality, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients to skin! You can also include 100% Fruit Juice as part of your daily total. Acne can be caused or aggravated by constipation, make sure bow movements are regular! Getting enough sleep helps skin repair itself!

  182. Yashodhara9:20 AM

    Buy a decent size Aloe Vera plant and cut a piece off and slice it open and rub the inside gel all over your face and let it dry naturally (should only take a few minutes). If you do this a few times a day, morning, nighttime, etc, there's a good chance your skin will clear up within a couple weeks. Once it's clear you only have to apply it once a day.
    FYI it needs to be a live plant, if you just buy a jar of aloe gel at the store it will not work.

  183. You could try African black soap or Lemon Myrtle soap.I have normal-to-dry skin and no pimples and i tried these soaps and find them not for me.Thats why i think its worth trying for you cause pimply skin can often be oily too so these soaps might be more suitable for you.Especially the African Black Soap really strips the oil from the skin.
    I think Indians use clay masks.Salicylic Acid is another option.All this is cheap.
    Ask Dermatologist first in case you get any reactions.

  184. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Touching, squeezing popping, scratching, ect. does not necessarily make pimples worse. If your hands are unclean, you are pushing bacteria into the already irritated pore. If you have clean, germ-free hands it is okay to touch it to put medicine on it, I use Rapid Results from Clean-and-Clear, or you can try to pop it. If you want to pop it, only do so if you can clearly see the white part of it, otherwise it may not be ready. Do so after you have showered, because you pores are more open and it should be easier. I would also suggest buying a little pimple "popper." You can find it at Wal-Mart in the section that has nail clippers. It's a little metal tool, about the length of your finger, that has a loop on each end, one for white heads, one for black heads. The benefit is that you fingers won't slip and you are pushing oil into the surrounding pores.

  185. Madhura8:06 AM

    Use Neosporin on stubborn whiteheads, pimples, and/or scars overnight to help clear and heal skin.

  186. Niraja8:51 AM

    Just use the clarasonic face brush. I used to have tons but now I only have like five really small ones.

  187. Mukti8:47 AM

    * Apply orange peel paste on and around the pimples.
    * Apply garlic on and around the pimples to remove it without a mark.
    * Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E are the best nutrients to cure the acne. So take a balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins.
    * Mix lime juice and rose water in equal proportion. Apply it on affected areas and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

    Even after the treatment, acne leaves scars. Excellent home remedies to remove acne scars are listed here. Follow these tips to get rid of the acne scars.

    * Rub ice cubes on face for 10 minutes to tighten the pores.
    * Cucumber juice can also be used to tighten the pores. Apply it and allow it to dry for 10 minutes.=

  188. Urmila3:16 PM

    Fenugreek leaves paste when applied on acne affected area every night and washed away the following morning with warm water prevents fresh breakouts of acne.

  189. Vasanti3:20 PM

    This topic has some useful information to me ! Thanks so much for providing some great information.

  190. Anonymous12:32 PM

    This is a very safe, natural, minimal cost treatment that has worked wonders for me and many others on Answers in getting rid of acne and all kinds of scars. It also rid my face of a mass of freckles.
    Use any natural oil - almond, grape seed, olive are good. They are non comedogenic - so do not clog, cause pimples, acne and they lessen skin’s oil production. In 2 days`will normalize enlarged pores. Nose responds more slowly but this will rid it of all pimples and reduce pores.
    First, tighten skin by opening mouth 3/4" and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Vigorously massage daily. If build up to 15 to 30 minutes (can be in 2 or more sessions) you will get rapid results.
    Do forward and back not circular massage.There is a knack, but to give you an idea – massage from chin point with front of entire hand (both hands together) up to cheek bones and back. In other areas you will do smaller sweeps using tips and front of fingers
    Depending on how vigorous/how frequently you do, see clear diminishing in roughly 1 to 2 weeks then progress quickens. It WILL rid skin of acne and all scars. Has worked for many on answers - see testimonials in some of my answers. It's a permanent cure. You can have a totally clear, healthy skin.
    Try it – you will be happy that you did!

  191. use turmeric (haldi) on acne or acne scars.its really good.helps heal acne and the scars. keep using it everyday.dont stop if you want excellent and quick results.also it makes your skin beautifully soft.and the best cure is allah.jst pray to him than you dont have to worry about anything in the world. trust me.take the advice and live longer and happily.allah

  192. Vinuta1:47 PM

    my weekly beauty routine involves turmeric, sandlewood paste, milk and honey - it prevents acne and keeps the skin glowing - being olive skinned means i tan very quickly and turmeric maintains my complexion - its a wonder product !!

  193. Salina11:17 AM

    The normal balance of hormones also play a key role in preventing acne attacks. For this, there are standard treatments which also include vitamins and vitamin supplements that can restore the right level of hormones in your body. Many women suffering from breakouts usually coincides the occurrence with their regular menstrual cycle.

  194. Maitri10:26 AM

    there are various ways to lighten your scars and aloe vera is one of the most effective and best ones. If you have access to fresh aloe vera gel, then you should make it a point to apply this on a daily basis

  195. Sumitra10:05 AM

    Sandalwood power has antimicrobial properties and hence, it is the best cure for acne and blemishes. Sandalwood powder for acne is very popularly used. A sandalwood powder face pack, used regularly will help you get rid of acne. Let us know how to make a sandalwood powder and rose water face pack. You will need 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder. Add rose water to it to form a paste. Clean you face and apply a thick layer of this pack over your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Now, wash off with cold water and apply a toner. This paste used regularly will diminish the acne. This mask is best for combination skin.

  196. Sumati10:09 AM

    Green tea is one of the best home remedy for acne, and it does leave your skin dry like many of the prescription and over-the-counter creams and ointments. To use the green tea for your acne - boil the tea bag, let cool, and apply to the face.

  197. Gouri4:23 PM

    nice tips… also take a clean ice cube and rub it over the pimple. it will stop it from growing any further.
    And please dont try toothpaste on them as it is the worst thing you can do to urself.
    Also mix a little turmeric powder with rose water and apply it on your pimples only for 15 mins or so and wash it off with cold water. Turmeric powder is good as it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

  198. Anonymous12:02 PM

    1.change your pillow case every night. [bacteria builds up on it and you dont want you face lying in it all night when you go to bed] your vitamins! [they are very important to give you your healthy glow to skin, and vitamins help clear skin. and keep it that way]

    3. change your diet. [eat more veggies, fruit. they really help give your skin a healthy look and it keeps it nice and clear]

    4. dont touch face [when you constantly touch your face, you get bacteria from your fingers on it. and when bacteria get on your face, it can clog your pores and cause a zit/blackhead.]

    5.Keep hair clean and out of face. [hair gets oily and causes breakouts when touching the skin] also make sure you have hair products that arent irritating your skin at all.

    6.Mineral makeup [use mineral makeup only. It wont clog pores and some of them even give you vitamins. Some good brands are, true minerals, bare minerals. I love them both!]

    7. wash twice a day [only wash face twice a day because washing face too often allows more bacteria to go on your face. so wash in the morning and before bed, and preferably after any excercise, but maybe with just a cleansing cloth]

    8. use a facial. [use an acne fighting facial once a week to help clean out pores and prevent]

    9. steam [put your face under a steamer for 10 mins every week or 3 days or so. it allows moisture to go through your skin and opens up pores]

    10. ice [rub ice cubes over your face after washing to close your pores for the day/night]

  199. Cortizone cream !

  200. Anonymous9:35 AM

    1) Keep your fingers off your face
    2) Don't work in fast food restaurants
    3) Clean your face before going to bed
    4) Avoid food additives, especially hormones in meat and dairy
    My daughter has proven this as a fact.
    5) Use a good skin-care program . I was raised on Mary Kay Cosmetics Skin Care Program.
    6)For treating breakouts quickly,TRY THIS: treat pimples with witch hazel, and cover with 3-in-1 antiseptic ointment, and a band-aid at night.
    Daughter also has proven this works too.
    7) Drink lots of water to flush out your system.
    8) After starting good skin-care program, you will notice some breakouts in the beginning. This is only due to the purging process when you first start purifying your pores. Everything comes up to the surface.. It will improve if you stick to it.
    9)Reduce stress in your life.
    10) Identify and avoid any other allergens


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