Cultivate that inner beauty with better mental health

Physical charm and beauty are not permanent however much one tries to preserve them. But a better mental health not only helps one to maintain physical charm but also keeps one cheerful & optimistic, which enables one to live life to the fullest. Given below are a few hints to cultivate that inner beauty.

  • A tense worried person cannot gain inner beauty. To minimize one’s tension and worry one must learn to adjust with life and with the others. As far as possible, hassles in job, in society and in the family should be solved.
  • Everyone has to perform certain duties to one’s family, friends, relatives and society. If you shirk from your duty and responsibility you feel guilty & become tense. This spoils the mental peace affecting the inner harmony and rhythm.
  • A systematic, organized, disciplined lifestyle leaves a person happy and contented. Clean habits like daily bath, food at regular intervals, wearing clean clothes, regular physical exercise, regular sleep etc. bring rhythm in an otherwise disharmonious human life.
  • The type of food one takes affects the thoughts and mental attitude. A healthy balanced food containing all the essential vitamins, minerals, calcium etc. not only promotes physical well-being but also mental power.
  • Any kind of addiction is bad. Addiction to smoking, drinking, drugs etc. affect both the physical and mental health. Even moral lapses affect one’s mental peace.
  • Greed and excessive ambition create headache and worry. The simpler the life, the greater the mental peace and contentment. If one trains oneself to cut down the unnecessary luxuries one remains satisfied and happy.
  • A hardworking, busy person remains happier and healthier than a lazy one. But doing the same kind of work for hours together leaves one tired. The day’s work schedule should be so planned that one gets time to complete the job requirements, duty t one’s family, physical exercise and some enjoyable hobby.
  • Communion with nature is very important to cultivate inner beauty and happiness. The sight of clear blue sky, a flight of birds, animals at play, lush greenery, lofty mountains – numerous are the things in nature, which are mind-boggling sights. One feels fresh and cheerful if one learns to appreciate nature. An occasional picnic or travel rejuvenates the tired mind and body.

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  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    we talk at great length about taking care of your inner and outer beauty in times of stressful transition: death, divorce, job loss, etc. During such times, it’s easy to let your beauty go, to neglect your health, to succumb to anger and sadness, and to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Our advice was to be mindful of these truths and to take steps to preserve your physical health and appearance as well as your emotional equipoise, because when you can keep control over something while everything else around you is spinning out of control, you feel better. And you are better.

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Having supportive, positive people in your life is essential if you want to live a decent, happy life. Without them it can be isolating and horrible.


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