January 21, 2019

5 Tips to Training in Mixed Martial Arts

Does your New Year resolution revolve around fitness and sports? Does it have something to do with martial arts? If so, take active measures to achieve it in 2019.
Not to demotivate you, but research shows around 45% - 80% of resolutions are given up within the first few weeks of the year. Now that we have entered 2019, it is time to keep our eyes on the prize to prevent ourselves from becoming a part of this anecdotal statistic.

January 18, 2019

Guide to Men's Grooming Regime

Grooming has a way of making someone look and feel better, particularly as regards boosting confidence in oneself. Unlike years ago when men would be met by scorn and stigma for trying to take care of their appearance, or simply taking too long in the bathroom, times have changed. Men also have a place in the beauty industry, which is why the prominence of grooming in men has steadily been growing.

But for men slowly getting acquainted into this new era of aesthetic appeal, how should he really attend to his grooming regime? Here are several ways to get you started.

January 15, 2019

The Old, The Bold, and the New: Jewelry Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018-19

Jewelry and accessory - aren't they the same thing? Not really. Jewelry, collectively speaking, consists of personal ornaments - rings, necklaces, earrings, etc; An accessory is a part of something else - something additional, like an attachment. A single piece of jewelry can stand on its own, and can make or break a look.

January 14, 2019

Makara Sankranti & Pongal Wishes

Dear Readers,
May the sun radiate peace, prosperity, and happiness in your life on Makar Sankranti and always. Happy Makar Sankranti! May your life be blessed wth health, wealth, love and happiness!

Pic Credits: 123greetings.com

January 10, 2019

5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera is a Beauty Miracle Worker

What’s not to love about aloe vera? This miracle plant is not just good as a beauty product, but does wonders to your overall health as well! So much so, that even the ever-beautiful Cleopatra was not blind to its charms. It is said that the Egyptian queen used to apply aloe pulp to her face and body, which could be the secret behind her youthful and supple skin.


January 8, 2019

Early risers more fertile than night owls?

Being a night owl is associated with a host of health risks. Recent studies have found that night owls or people who stay up late are more likely to die early compared to morning larks who rise early. But being a night owl has some advantages also. [Source] Night owls are found to be creative, smart and with better reasoning skills. They are also found to have more mental stamina than early birds.

Early risers have a distinct advantage in terms of health over the night owls.

January 7, 2019

Keeping The Skin Healthy Is Vital

Keeping our skin healthy year round is about keeping it moisturized and ensuring the pores' breathability. Water is what the skin is made of, therefore, it is essential for its health. Drinking water helps to moisturize and replenish the skin from the inside which, in turn, keeps the pores of the dermal skin moisturized. The natural way our skin breathes is through sweat. Sweating helps to detoxify the body by getting rid of toxins that can clog our pores. These toxins can create infections like blemishes and pimples.

woman with beautiful skin

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