July 21, 2018

Honey - effective remedy for coughs

Instead of reaching out for that cough syrup when your child is suffering from an incessant, nagging cough that worsens at night, you might try good old honey as a home-remedy.

honey highly effective for coughs

July 16, 2018

Improper Sleep Duration Makes You Fat

If you have a tendency to put on weight, better keep a watch on your sleeping hours. A Canadian study has found that too much or too little sleep could lead to unhealthy weight gain.

sleep duration and weight gain

July 13, 2018

Nose hairs dangling out? Trim them with nose hair trimmers

You all must be familiar with this particular  situation! You see an impeccably dressed and otherwise well-groomed person – could even be one of your close friends or a relative. But when you see few nose hairs protruding out of his/her nostrils, you instantly experience a slight shudder and disgust at the person’s indiscretion, while he or she may not even be aware of it. Outwardly it might appear to be a frivolous matter, but surely it’s not something that should be brushed aside as hairs peeking out of the nostrils are extremely distracting and look ostensibly unsightly.

Hairs peeking out of nostrils are extremely distracting and look ostensibly unsightly. Never pluck them but trim them with proper tools. #nosehair #nostrilhair #grooming #nose #nosehairtrimmers #trimnosehair

July 12, 2018

Beauty Product Efficacy Ratings: Where Do They Come From?

In the world of beauty, there are countless products. Many are natural beauty aids from leaves, flowers, mud and more that have proven to be effective after hundreds of years of use. But what about all those new man-made beauty products?

Beauty products that are created by a manufacturing company use natural ingredients, but there are also many other items in the ingredient list that don’t come from Mother Nature. How do you know if those products actually work or are just a waste of money?

July 4, 2018

Summer Jackets: Your Lightweight Layer on Cool Nights

The warmer months of the year aren’t just about crop tops and cut off jean shorts, summer jackets are an important staple too. While hot weather clothes and bathing suits tend to get all the attention, lightweight layers are a must have for the season. Depending on the climate, a spring jacket or summer outerwear piece can be anything from a breezy sheer kimono to a comfy denim jacket. Lightweight layers also come in handy when moving from out in the sun to an air conditioned interior, or when going day to night with dropping temperatures. We’ve compiled a list of some great styles for the season. Read on for our picks for lightweight layering outerwear options.

July 2, 2018

Health Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is perhaps one of the oldest candies in the world. There is some evidence of pre-historic people chewing clumps of tree resin or tree sap. Ancient Greeks, Mayans, early American colonialists - were all into some kind of gum chewing. In today's time, most of us chew gum just for the heck of it or simply to sweeten our breath. However, chewing gum does much more than to just freshen breath. Health benefits of the humble chewing gum are multifarious. Below I've listed some uses of chewing gum .

surprising health benefits of chewing gum

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