February 11, 2020

Dressing, MakeUp, Accessories Organizer Review

I had purchased this Dressing Accessories Organizer way back in May 2016 as I was in dire need of organizing my things which used to lay scattered on my dressing table.

After browsing Amazon for several such organizers, I zeroed in on this particular one as I liked its bright red color and also the cute cartoon patchwork at the top.

dressing table organizer empty
Glitter Collection (TM) Dressing Kit, Wall Hanging, Multipurpose Dressing Kit, Make up Organizer, Daily use kit

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I had earlier thought of buying this black one or its more sturdy and more expensive counterpart the green one as these were double sided and could hold more accessories. But then, I wanted to hang it on a wall near my dressing table and not in a closet; so I settled for the above red one.

Useful & Long lasting

As mentioned earlier, I've been using the single sided red dressing, makeup and accessories organizer since last three and a half years and I'm not at all disappointed.

A free hanger is provided with it. You can either hang it inside your cupboard or on a wall.

I have found it to be quite sturdy and firm, though a bit costly for INR 299 when I had purchased it.

It looks almost exactly as shown in the picture on the Amazon site. At least for me, the product delivered was quite similar.


Easy accessibility

Instead of placing all my skin care and makeup products and other accessories haphazardly all over the the dressing table or in boxes / trays, I found this organizer a better place to store them.

You can access all your things in one place and everything is visible at a glance. There are many pouches to store variety of things and that's what I liked about it.. Three zippers are are also provided to store things that may not be used much. And the zips are quite sturdy and still going strong even after three years.

I store all my hair accessories, safety pins, my face creams, sunscreen, bindis, shampoo sachets, nail paints, lipsticks, lip balms, kajal, artificial jewelry etc all in one place and still there's lots of space to hold more things. The 8 transparent plastic pockets to hold accessories are also of very good quality and haven't worn out as yet.

Want to declutter your dressing table? Buy this aesome organizer which has lots of pouches, zippers and pockets to hold all your beauty and fashion accessories, earrings, face creams, sunscreens, clips, hair bands etc. #accessoryorganizer #beautyorganizer #beautyandgroomingtips
Glitter Collection (TM) Dressing Kit, Wall Hanging, Multipurpose Dressing Kit, Make up Organizer, Daily use kit


I didn't have the heart to wash it the traditional way or in the washing machine as I feared it would lose its stiffness or firmness and spoil the fabric. Once in 2-3 months, I add dettol liquid to a small bucket of water and after wringing a wash cloth in it, I wipe the whole thing meticulously and then hang it to dry outside.

And it becomes clean and firm as before. I've been following this cleaning routine all these years and the organizer is still going strong.



Well, I can't think of too many cons. It could have been of a better material for the same price. The price appears to be a bit steep to me considering its quality.


Final Note

All in all, the clutter on my dressing table has reduced considerably and everything looks neat and clean. I'm quite pleased with this organizer. By the way, It's not necessary to store your beauty and makeup accessories; you can even use it to store your stationary and other stuff too!

So what do you think of this dressing table organizer? Have you used such organizers? Did you find them useful? Do share in the comments.

dressing table organizer review

December 31, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

Dear Readers,
May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you all a year fully loaded with happiness.

Happy New Year 2020 postcard

December 30, 2019

Best of 2019

2019 is coming to an end and thankfully so. To be frank, 2019 was an extremely horrible year in my life and I’m glad it’s coming to end! As expected, I didn’t write many posts this year or rather neglected blogging to a great extent.

I’m not too sure if 2020 will be a better year and hence won’t make any resolutions on the blogging front.

But then, in some corner of my mind there is hope that things will workout for me. I can only hope; only time will tell what’s in store for me and my blog!

December 19, 2019

Let the Winter Winds Blow: Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

There are so many things to love about winter: the beauty of a fresh snowfall, the delectable treats we only indulge in during the holidays, the cozy warmth created by a fire in the fireplace, cuddly soft sweaters, slippers, and throw blankets.

But let’s face it: the frigid temperatures and harsh winds of winter can wreak havoc with one’s skin — and with so many photos being snapped at holiday parties and family get-togethers, this is one time of year when you really want to look your best.

November 27, 2019

Know your beauty & style quotient from your zodiac sign

Whether or not we believe in zodiac signs,  sun signs, moon signs, horoscopes and the like, it's a fact
that at one point of time in his or her life, even a firm disbeliever of astrology must have skimmed through the daily horoscope that appears in the newspaper.

The debate, that astrology is pseudo science or true science shall continue forever. However, we have to admit that the curiosity and the yearning to know more about our quirks and traits and to predict the future is what makes horoscope reading and astrology intriguing and fascinating.

November 1, 2019

10 Time-Saving Hair and Makeup Hacks for The Busy Girl

Every girl wants to look the finest before venturing out of her home. Be it going to the school, college, office or attending a get-together, they need to look the best. But then, looking good requires a great deal of time and effort, which is not an easy feat to accomplish for busy girls! So, what are the alternatives for them?

How can they deck up and look like a million bucks without having to try too much and spend hours in front of the mirror?

September 30, 2019

Tea drinking and brain health - Are they related?

Tea has been around for centuries and tea drinking has such a rich and vibrant history. Have you noticed how year after year new studies conducted keep on discovering yet another health benefit of drinking tea?

Not only is tea good for you, it tastes great too! And unlike what most fair skin obsessed Indian and Southeast Asian parents believe and often dissuade their kids from this healthy beverage, drinking tea doesn't cause skin darkening.

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