Powder for perfect makeup

At one time, applying only face powder constituted the total make-up and one depended entirely on it to look good. The heavy and pure white powder of yesteryear was the favorite beauty aid to augment one’s appearance. But, today we have fine powder in varied shades to match individual skin textures.

Translucent face powder is most popular and easiest to use since it has very little of a color and allows natural skin tone to glow through it. Applied over a foundation or on its own, it helps to take a shine off the face. It is good for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil, does not clog pores and blends well into the skin. Found in 3 tones, light, dark and medium – you can select the one that suits you.

Some dos and don’ts
Never powder under the eyes as it shows up wrinkles and lines once it settles down there and more so by the way it is applied.
* Powder generously down the centre of your face and puff excess to other areas including neck and ears. Let it settle for 5 minutes, and then dust off the excess gently. Do not rub it into the skin.
* If you have got a clear skin, you need not apply powder all over your face but for an even-textured look, place some on forehead, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks and sides of the face and blend it well. See that the layer of powder does not show joints and dividing lines.
* If you have spots, dab extra powder on them, for it will not only conceal them but also help to dry them. Powder applied on spots before you go to bed does the trick faster.
* Use compact powder. It is convenient to carry without fear of spilling. Besides you can touch up your face whenever you require freshening up. Choose a shade a bit lighter than your skin tone.
* The flat puff provided with the compact does not do the job too well sometimes. Use cotton wool instead It is easier to use, can be changed easily and good from the hygienic point of view also.
* Sometimes sweat from your face might have inadvertently made your compact to develop a greasy film, thus hardening the powder and making it difficult to get it on the puff or cotton wool. In that case, you can scrape the surface with a knife to loosen the powder.

So while doing make-up, don’t dispense with powder altogether considering it as old fashioned. It is very much in vogue. Just dab on powder wisely, taking heed of the suggestions above and let your face glow with a vibrant freshness, bringing out your special features.

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  1. Lavanya5:48 PM

    Try the mineral foundation pressed powder or the invisible blotting pressed powder by bee luscious cosmetics it works wonders for your skin

  2. Vidya5:57 PM

    Cover your front with a medium sized towel (from shoulder to shoulder), blow on the brush prior to applying to your face and blend,blend,blend. I have also used a sponge to apply loose powder using the same method.

  3. Pushpa9:29 AM

    All girls know how important the powder is for that final touch of your makeup.

  4. Padmaja9:18 AM

    powder is pretty gorgeous...

  5. unknown8:59 AM

    Get a face powder as a gift with your next Fusion Beauty purchase.

  6. Divya9:13 AM

    Keep powder foundation on hand: it applies much faster than liquid and tends to have a glowy, awake-looking finish.


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