Beauty and emotions - kinship between them

Beauty isn’t skin-deep. This saying is true as far as our health and looks are concerned. Emotions rule our life and have a powerful effect on our health. There are two types of emotions viz. positive and negative. Positive emotions enhance the beauty of the face, whereas pessimistic ones lessen it. Some facts about positive emotions:

Love: To be psychologically healthy, love is very essential. The greater our capacity for love and close personal relationship, the healthier we are. We want someone who understands and cares, someone who will be around through thick and thin. Patients in hospitals stand a better chance or survival, if they are shown love and concern, while they fight their diseases. Researches have produced evidence, that the power of love does have remarkable healing potential. Babies are happiest when they are with their mother. Similarly, adults are happiest, when love is reciprocated, and miserable when rejected.

Fun and laughter: Laughter lightens our spirits, puts our problems in perspective, connects us to others, and improves health. Refer Laughter, the best medicine for the benefits of laughter. People who laugh, and enjoy happy relationship, with family and friends, are bound to be healthy and fit. A cheerful smile lights up the face and wins friends. Even a person with less than ordinary features looks good when he/she smiles.

Optimism: Optimism can help you to be happier, healthier, and be a more successful person. Pessimism leads to illness and failures. The optimist is in control of his life. If things go wrong, he looks for a new plan of action. Optimism prevents illness. On the other hand, pessimism expects ill-health, and other misfortunes. An optimist is carefree, and enjoys life. He puts failures behind him and looks into the bright side of things, and generally has a good health.

More heart diseases, hypertension is found in pessimists, than in optimists. Pessimists feeling of hopelessness undermine the immune system. They always feel that nothing can be done to improve situation and never seek help.

Hope: If your life has hope, purpose and meaning, you are likely to be happy and healthy. If your life lacks hope, think of your lost ambition and revive it. We need something to hope for to lead a healthy life. Find someone who believes in you, to catch hope from him/her. Hope carries you to go forward and generate its own energy. Hope thrives on a positive outlook. Hope is revived when we receive a compliment or a favor. Attach hope to something real, and attainable. Embrace positive thinking, and emotions, and you get hope.

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  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Thanks for your submission to the February edition of the Advice for Women from Women blog carnival.

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Creating and using positive affirmations has a lot more to it than simple repetition. The common misconception when using affirmations is that "the more I repeat this the more it will come true" — that's not quite the whole process. I deserve to be here. I am capable and willing to be the best person I can be. I have the resources and potential to overcome all obstacles. I feel deserving to be a part of I am a better person I will overcome the following obstacle.Instead look to locate the deeper negative belief that the affirmation is attempting to cover up. For instance for a person who is sick to keep affirming "I feel fine" without looking at the root causes of their sickness is more to do with covering up the problem than affirming a solution.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    The emotions and thoughts that we hold inside have a substantial effect on both health and life experience. Each thought and emotional ripple creates a large energetic-effect that resonates outwards. The effect of subverting or suppressing certain emotional responses results in an even greater negative energetic effect in the long-term.If we suppress a particular emotional response to an experience then we fail to be aware of the life-force in that area of our lives – thus cutting it off and forming a blockage.

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Human emotions cause a lot of problems. People search for justification for their anger, fears.
    It is no coincidence that a lot of the time we don't allow ourselves to be happier because of the emotions themselves rather than external circumstances.

  5. unknown2:56 PM

    I find if I add action to thought its more effective.Literally open up your front door and kick the negative out . Then Say you are not to return.

  6. Shama5:31 PM

    build up positive statements --I am healing myself positively. Positive energy is keeping me healthy. Healing myself and others is easy for me. I have the positive habit of deep breathing.
    Today I am feeling better than ever before. Tomorrow I am going to be perfectly all right.

  7. Mamata10:43 AM

    Depression is you being controlled by your emotions and your outside influences. The goal is to strengthen your mind so that nothing, either inside or outside can affect you.

  8. Snehal10:49 AM

    don't focus on the depressing thoughts. when one comes along replace it with a good thought.
    make lists about all the good things in your life, your positive points, things you love to do and are passionate about. make a list of all the people you love in your life, the best times of your life, things you want to achieve in the future and whenever you're sad look at them or make a new list!
    the power of positive thinking will surprise you : )

  9. Sourav8:59 AM

    focus your thoughts on what is true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable or admirable, on some virtue or on something praiseworthy.


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