Normal Hair care

Normal hair is glossy, healthy and sleek with a clear shine. It is neither greasy nor dry. This type of hair looks good in any style. You are really lucky if you have this type of hair. The flip side is that this type of hair can have dry ends. Normal hair also needs good care to maintain the natural beauty. If you have this kind of hair, maintain it by following these simple steps:

*Massage your hair twice a week with warm coconut oil.
*Give your hair hot-towel treatment twice a month. Then shampoo it. For this refer article on dry hair.
*Use a mild shampoo enriched with vitamins for normal hair. Always buy a shampoo with conditioner.
* While conditioning, massage the conditioner into the ends to give them extra protection
*Let the hair dry the natural way.

Home Remedies for normal hair1) Take a small amount of curd and 2 spoonfuls of besan. Mix it well. Apply on the scalp and hair. Shampoo after some time. This will maintain the shine of your hair.
2) Beat an egg. Apply it on the scalp and hair. Shampoo after some time.
3) Use henna once in a month to this type of hair.

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    Your recipes for hair care are great! i also read about wonderful masks in this article on summer hair care!

  4. Vanita3:34 PM

    People with normal hair should use a shampoo which mainly contains silk amino acids. This amino acid essentially softens and also repairs your damaged hair structure. Lecithin is also greatly helpful to restore your hair texture. You can also use gels and creams to add an extra shine to your hair.

  5. Suraj3:56 PM

    proper diet plays in important role in maintaining your hair’s beauty.your diet should include beans, Soya and other lentils that are amazing sources or proteins the main component of which our hair are made of. Also these proteins provide you with much needed zinc, iron and rare biotin, the deficiency of which can result in split ends and hair breakages. So daily 2-3 servings of these super foods for healthy hair should be included in your day to day diet.

  6. Akshat9:14 AM

    Rinse your hair with vinegar while in the shower and then wash it out and use your shampoo after. It will strip your hair of grease and other residue. You should do this about once every two weeks.

  7. Sonam9:52 AM

    Accessorise your hair with hair bands, jewels, combs, braids or beads.


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