Shampooing your hair

Why should you shampoo the hair?
Shampooing is an integral part of hair care. Dirt from the air, natural oils and scalp secretions, hair dressings, hair sprays, gels etc. cling to the hair shaft and make thorough cleansing absolutely essential.Shampoo cleanses the hair and gives it a pleasant, lingering fragrance. Clean hair is beautiful hair.
Use a shampoo and not a soap to clean hair
It is a must to use a shampoo and not soap. Soap has carbonate in it, which remains on the hair after it has been rinsed and over the long haul makes the hair coarse and brittle.
Choosing the right shampoo
The ideal shampoo is the one which removes dirt and oil from the hair without drying or damaging the hair, leaving it clean, bright and manageable. Today the market is flooded with various brands of shampoos. Choose your shampoo very carefully according to the condition & type of hair. Shampoos are ‘tailor made’ to suit different needs. For instance, dandruff prone scalps require medicated shampoos, greasy & oily scalps need shampoos with a formula to combat oiliness, dry hair needs a mild shampoo enriched with vitamin oil. Herbal shampoos solve the problem or falling hair & split ends to some extent.
Steps to a successful shampooing
1) A basic tip of shampooing hair is to comb it first. It removes the surface dirt and eliminates all the tangles in the hair and makes it more manageable after a shampoo.
2) While washing, it is best to make hair soaking-wet first and then taking a dollop size shampoo in your hands, working the shampoo from the ends up to the scalp.
3) The application of the shampoo should be such that it is spread evenly across the hair and scalp, massaging in well gently using fingertips for the scalp. Concentrate much on areas where dirt and debris collect.
4) A common way followed by most people while washing is lathering the hair at the top and then vigorously rubbing it. Stop that immediately if you are doing the same. It is very harmful to hair cuticles to be washed that way and makes the hair weak, finally resulting in split ends.
5) Rinse well removing even the slightest trace of the shampoo from the hair.
6) If the hair is still greasy then shampoo once again and then rinse thoroughly once again until your hair has that squeaky feel.
7) Finish with a cold water rinse to make the hair shine.
8) Keep in mind, if you wash your hair with too harsh a shampoo, or too often it will become dry and brittle.
Intervals at which the hair should be shampooed
Normal hair:
Dry hair: Weekly
Oily hair: As often as necessary, but at least twice a week.
Dandruff prone hair: Twice a week.
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  1. Dhanashree5:43 PM

    shampooing your hair improve your overall look
    After shampooing your hair do you notice a new look when you look in the mirror, compared to not shampooing your hair.shampooing your hair everyday is essential to maintain your sexy look!

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    A Shampoo Tip - Protect your hair from getting too dry or unmanageable by washing in warm to lukewarm water, and, if possible, rinsing with cool water.

  3. Jayanti3:58 PM

    Add a little water with cinnamon powder to get a paste and apply on the scalp and keep it for 15 minutes then bath.


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