Home remedies for sleeplessness

woman sleepingThe day dawns beautifully for those who have had a night of good sleep. But the same day drags on for those who have spent a disturbing, sleepless night. Sleep is a biological necessity even as eating and drinking are.

Sufficient sleep renders a person normally sociable, lively and high-spirited. It’s a nature’s way of rejuvenating the person for the next day. Realize all this, and make sleep a physiological habit.

The consequences of long time sleep deprivation can be very grave. Lack of sleep takes its toll on the skin and hair. It causes acne-breakouts and makes one look aged and haggard beyond years. Experts opine that during sleep as our metabolic rate falls, blood goes to those areas which need the most repairing.

This also steps up the production of collagen and keratin, which aid the regeneration of skin cells and help resist premature ageing. So for a younger looking and a problem free skin you need to have a good quality of sleep every night.

Home Remedies To Fight Insomnia

Here are some tips which will ensure you a sound sleep. Along with these tips, some of these home-remedies will also help.
  • We all heard that drinking milk before going to bed ensures sound sleep. But if we mix a tsp of Tulsi (Basil) juice in this milk then this remedy is still more effective.

  • Drink coriander (dhaniya) (cilantro) juice mixed with a little sugar. Also include more of coriander and parsley in your diet. Eat raw cabbage salads.

  •  Drinking amla (gooseberry) juice or papaya juice before going to bed will also help.

  •  Soak poppy seeds (khas khas) in water and keep it overnight. Grind it to extract the thick milk. Similarly extract milk from a grated coconut. Mix equal quantities of both the milks and have it before going to bed. 

  • But those who are trying to lose weight should avoid this as this liquid is very high in calories.

  •  Mix 2 tsp of honey with 2 tsp of lemon or lime juice and have it before going to bed.

  •  Stuff half a teaspoon of cumin (jeera) powder in banana slices and have it every evening.

  •  Roast an onion and extract its juice and have it before going to bed.

  •  Before going to bed, massage cool herbal oils such as Brahmi(Asiatic pennywort) oil and hibiscus oil on you scalp. They induce sound sleep. However avoid their usage in winters.

  •  Also try massaging the soles of your feet with castor oil.

  •  Alternatively you can try massaging the soles of your feet with cucumber peels also.

  •  A soak in a tub of warm water before you hit the pillow also helps you to sleep well. Read Water Therapy for insomnia.

  •  Avoid coffee late in the evening.

  •  Avoid long naps during the day.

  •  You might also consider Shirodhara, a part of Ayurvedic cleansing procedure called Panchakarma from a suitable Ayurvedic spa. This is especially helpful in cases of chronic insomnia.

So will you be trying some of these remedies to tackle your sleep issues? Do you follow some other tips which have worked for your sleeplessness problem?  Do share your comments and valuable advice in the comments so that it might help others also with their insomnia.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I have a friend that has trouble sleeping. I will pass these on to her.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I’ve tried a lot of stuff for insomnia, and this is by far the best.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Those are all GREAT suggestions!

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Perhaps anxiety is the cause of insomnia
    The symptoms of insomnia include having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for a long period of time; interrupted sleep and waking up in the early morning hours and having trouble falling back to sleep.
    Anxiety and insomnia are closely related as one can trigger the other. When you don’t get the necessary rest required for you mind and both your brain does not think clear yet it tries and in this process you get anxiety and panic attacks. Anxiety and insomnia are often experienced together due to this reason.

    The same process happens in reverse when you are suffering from anxiety attacks you will experience problems in your sleeping pattern, which will cause insomnia. Therefore, treating one disorder will usually resolve the other in the process.

  5. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Pulling an all nighter is what started it for me, and its been three years since.

    I have always had a problem having a full nights sleep. Here is what you can do.

    Read a book. It sounds stupid, but after I read three pages, I am ready to sleep. Just be sure its a novel, not a magazine, newspaper, the internet, etc.

    Also, turn off your tv and computer at least an hour before bed. The lights will help you stay up.

    Turn off ALL lights before going to bed

    Try working out at least a couple of hours before bed. I suggest yoga or lifting (light) weights. No cardio, that will only speed up your adrenaline.

    Make sure what your eating doesn't have caffeine. I seriously came across somebody awhile ago who was in their 20's and they had no idea there was caffeine in chocolate.

  6. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Bath and Body works has real good Aromatherapy products and they have a sleep line. I use the vanilla chamomile pillow spray($10), or drinking a glass of cold milk helps too.
    If none of that works, try working out longer throughtout the day to wear you out more, and avoid laying around on your bed before you go to bed.

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I go through phases when I’ll wake up at like 3 and then can’t fall back asleep again. It really sucks. I have to try these home-remedies

  8. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I use Bath and Body Works Honey and Chamomile pillow spray before bed. I LOOOOVE IT!! It helps me relax and fall asleep faster.

  9. I’ve had some poor sleep recently. I fall asleep OK, but then wake up a few times in the night. I think I may try some of these tips and see if it helps. Thanks for the timely tip!

  10. Manorama9:24 AM

    Thanks for the tip. I’m having trouble sleeping lately so hopefully this will help

  11. Sindhu9:41 AM

    I use aromatherapy. works incredibly well for me.

  12. Ninad9:44 AM

    A hot bath, followed immediately by a still-damp dash into a preheated (with hot water bottles) bed normally puts me into a deep, bovine sleep

  13. Jatin9:47 AM

    This may sound crazy, but when I can't sleep I need to get up and do something productive. I can't stand laying there wide awake for hours. I just think of everything I need to do and won't have energy to do the next day since I haven't had much sleep. So, I might find a closet to clean out, dishes to put away, etc.

  14. Anonymous6:05 PM

    avoid alcohol at dinner and throughout the rest of the evening, One theory suggests that normal body temperatures play off the body's circadian rhythm.Keep yourself from rehashing a stressful day of worries by focusing your thoughts on something peaceful and nonthreatening,Insomnia can often be caused by stress," "You get into bed, and you're nervous and anxious, and the nervous system is aroused, and that impairs your ability to sleep.Reading the most boring book imaginable will help lull you to sleep. Remember English Lit?

  15. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Herbal made of aniseed is efficient in natural treatment of insomnia. Add one teaspoon of aniseed needs to be added in 300 ml water and boil it for 15 minutes in low heat. After it gets boiled for 15 minutes you can make tea out of this herbal decoction by following the simple process of making tea adding tea leaves in it.

  16. Subhas4:11 PM

    Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday to ‘regulate’ your sleeping hours. Your body will get used to this schedule faster than you think. It might take a week maximum. But then, you’ll be sleepy at the same time and you’ll be waking up without an alarm at the same time in the morning.

  17. Vaishnavi4:24 PM

    Lavender essential oil induces sleep and hence it is often recommended for insomnia.

  18. Jayasurya9:43 AM

    causes of insomnia Anxiety Depression A general feeling of ennui and boredom These need to be tackled head-on.

  19. Kashinath8:22 PM

    Curd is also useful in insomnia. The patient should take plenty of curd and massage it on the head. This will induce sleep.

  20. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Create a restful place to sleep Remove or block noise, light, and other distractions, and make sure your mattress is comfortable for you
    Cut coffee and other stimulants Eliminate or cut down on drinks and foods that have caffeine, ephedra, or pseudoephedrine; work with your doctor to find alternatives if you take medication with any of these ingredients
    Learn to relax Relaxation tapes and other self-help tools or a counselor experienced in treating insomnia can help you let go of tension
    Check out valerian To fall asleep quicker and enjoy deeper sleep quality, take 300 to 600 mg of a concentrated root extract 30 minutes before bedtime, with or without other relaxing herbs such as lemon balm and passion flower
    Try melatonin

  21. Uttara5:49 PM

    Don’t eat just before bed, as it is ideal to eat your final meal no less than three or four hours before attempting to doze off. This will allow your body to finish digesting in order to keep your body activity low when you go to bed. In addition to keeping your body in a position of relaxation it is just as important to consider your environment

  22. Vishakha5:59 PM

    Deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes may disrupt sleep. Calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, folic acid and melatonin deficiencies may impair sleep.

  23. Sarayu6:09 PM

    exercise regularly. go to bed only when you are feeling really tired and sleepy. If you can't sleep, get up and only go back to bed when you're really sleepy again. Establish a routine that gives you 7-8 hours sleep (though individual needs do vary) If you're a late sleeper, force yourself to get up earlier.
    Relax mentally and physically for an hour before bedtime. Have a warm bath, do some yoga or take a light walk before turning in

  24. Shivish6:33 PM

    avoid:---taking stimulants to keep you awake, or sedatives or alcohol to help you sleep.Sleeping during the day no matter how tired you are.Using your bed for working, watching TV, eating, telephoning - i.e. waking activities.Eating, drinking or smoking when you get up during the night. Drinking too much towards the end of the evening.

  25. Varijaksh5:49 PM

    Hop calms nerves, relieves tension, and helps in cases of insomnia cause by stress, headaches, indigestion. It does not affect the early waking hours of the morning.

  26. Tapasya9:37 AM

    A hot, milky beverage will usually lull you to sleep. Lavender in its dried form or essential oil form is commonly used in aromatherapy to help insomnia sufferers. A few whiffs of the herb send you to dreamland. It is harmless enough for use with children and babies in the same room. There are also sedative teas like chamomile tea, which relaxes your body to induce sleep.

  27. Gopinath4:09 PM

    Give to patient just one leaf of tulsi for chewing it and spread rest of the leaves evenly below his pillow and the corners of bed below the bed sheet. As the smell of tulsi leaves strikes his nostril, the person will feel sleepy and soon he will fall into sleep.

  28. Anushree4:19 PM

    Take raw onion with meals particularly with dinner.Consume plenty of curd. Also massage head with curd before washing. This is very helpful

  29. Anupallavi5:14 PM

    Psychological factors like stress, depression, anxiety, exhilaration or excitement may cause insomnia. Learn to relax and relieve stress before bedtime.Establish a routine with set sleeping and waking hours.Make your bedtime environment as soothing and comfortable as possible.Try to keep your mind clear before falling asleep. Do not use this time to solve your daily problems.Avoid daytime naps since they may affect your ability to sleep at night.Take a warm shower or bath just before bedtime.Try some herbal supplements for insomnia like passion flower, valerian & kava kava.

  30. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Millions of people worldwide suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation or other sleep disorders. They toss and turn in bed and are unable to sleep, many others wake up frequently during the night. Sleepwell is a fine blend of herbs that will help you have a good nights sleep and have you feeling fresh in the morning. Suitable for insomniacs and those suffering stress related sleep disorders.
    The Sleepwell formula is a safe alternative for a great nights sleep without prescription tranquillizers and no known side effects

  31. Shivani8:58 AM

    Put Vicks VapoRub on your feet It worked

  32. Nisha9:41 AM

    Go for a brisk walk before you go to bed. In UK there is a product called
    Nytol (night all) you should get this from your chemist, this is safe and helps you to sleep.

  33. Anonymous4:40 PM

    you need to change your sleep cycle. if you stay up really late on the weekends and sleep in, then your body's used to it. Go to bed earlier than you normally would and do it on the weekends too. Also i agree eat healthy and exercise. What you eat maybe effecting how you sleep and exercising will tire you body out.

  34. unknown10:38 AM

    If your trying to get back into the swing of sleeping for school you could try taking a melatonin about 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Melatonin will help your body get your sleep cycle back on track. Your brain will start producing the hormone earlier on naturally after a few nights of taking it. It should not be used for a long period of time but will definitely get you back on track. It also wont have any bad side effects like drowsiness. All it will do is alter your sleep cycle and also help you get more REM sleep which is when your body truly rests the most.

  35. Rachana10:43 AM

    If you have been sleeping late during the all summer long.Its hard to adapt the mind into a routine after all this time its hard and the feelings you get now are like headaches intense pressure allot of tauts The key is to obtain sufficient sleep so during the day you may function without somnolence.To obtain this goal try going to bed every night same hour and without a doubt get up at what time you wake up for example you sleep at 12pm and you wake up at 6am you have slept profoundly if you force the mind to sleep at 9 it will be active and you can be getting up at 2 or 4am try taking the hour you go sleep slowly take a warm bath relax and trust yourself that if you sleep late your going to wake up at 6am

  36. valraeain root....passionflower....skull cap....chamomile r herbs that relax ur body so u can fall asleep....depending on ur age u cann look up melotion its a hormaon that ur body makes to help u fall alsleep but as u age ur body begins to make less

  37. unknown10:22 AM

    Try some sleepy-time herbal tea with Valerian. That's a good ingredient to help you sleep. Also, do not eat anything 2 hours before bed. Otherwise you will be digesting stuff and your stomach will be churning.

    If you go to bed at 10:00 PM, do not have any Coke, coffee, chocolate, or regular tea after 7:00 PM. The caffeine will keep you awake, and yes, chocolate has a form of caffeine. The only thing you should be drinking after 7:00 PM is the herbal "night time" tea.

    If you still have trouble, you can take a Benadryl allergy pill. Diphenhydramine is the same ingredient in sleeping pills. Take one of those at 9:00 PM or 9:30. That's if all of the above fail, so don't rely on this as a regular thing. The herbal tea is better for you.

  38. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Insomnia Treatment
    Passion Flower-Here is a really good all natural insomnia treatment. Mix a few passion flower blooms with 1 cup of boiling water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Strain the mixture, sweeten it with honey if desired, and drink it right before going to bed.
    Alternatively, take 6000 mg of dried passion flower in capsule form.

  39. Ujwala4:18 PM

    Try drinking milk before you go to bed, it releases endorphins in your body that helps you relax and get to bed easier.

  40. Varijaksh6:17 PM

    Don't take pills. If you can't sleep, walk for 30 hour to 1 hour 2 hours prior to sleep time. Count back words from a 1000, and stop thinking so much. Concentrate on listening to your breath then you should fall a sleep

  41. Anonymous6:24 PM

    You most likely need a transition period between being awake and active to being asleep.
    Allow yourself about 30 minutes or more if necessary, to calm down and relax.
    I agree that concentrating on your breathing is good.
    Counting backwards could also help.
    Read a boring book for fifteen minutes.
    Melatonin is a good way to get to sleep, but should only be used short term until you are in the habit of falling asleep right away. (25 mg)
    White noise is also helpful for many people.
    I happen to sleep better with a little background noise.
    You can use a fan or get a white noise machine.
    Natural sleep supplements containing hops and / or skull cap are also good.
    Chamomile tea is relaxing and calming.
    Any pharmaceutical is, in my opinion a bad idea.
    It is a chemical, it can be habit forming and it does not produce a natural normal sleep, but one artificially induced.

  42. Sourav8:37 AM

    push ups and sit ups. star jumps.
    guaranteed to work!!!!!!!!
    serious bro just sweat the energy off.

  43. Gourish8:38 AM

    relax, read a book and a good bath. cut down on caffeine

  44. Aamod9:02 AM

    Exercise is also essential for a compact sleeping routine. You may not have the time to spend hours at the gym, but who can’t take a jog or a brisk walk for ten minutes a day?

  45. unknown5:24 PM

    I have trouble sleeping occasionally and found a few things that help. Passionflower alone is another excellent anxiety/sleep aid.
    Ridding oneself of the day's concerns is one of the best things you can do to bring sleep. Praying and meditating on goodness and beauty will banish anxiety/worry and bring calm.
    Listening to relaxing music helps too of course, and reading something pleasant can bring sleepiness.Finally, exercising in God's sunshine is one of the best remedies for many ills including insomnia.

  46. Aamir5:27 PM

    self pleasuring helps me, a good orgasm helps me to relax and I am dreaming in no time.

  47. Purandar8:59 AM

    A few drops of Basil mixed with water in an aroma therapy diffuser, or simply placed in a whistle kettle on the stove will give off tranquilizing vapors, and will also aid in promoting a good night's sleep.

  48. Suhani5:41 PM

    Once the night time bathroom habit begins it's a hard one to break. Try not to drink any liquids before going to bed. Drink earlier in the day. If you drink enough water during the day you shouldn't need it at night time. Also don't take water to the bedroom with you because if you're drinking through the night you will also need to go to the bathroom. Stop drinking fluids at least an hour before going to bed, empty the bladder immediately before retiring and this will go along way to reducing the interruption of your sleep

  49. Nakul8:30 AM

    I worked shift work for 14 yrs with sleep deprivation and finally found Melatonin worked.

  50. Shakuntala8:48 AM

    In the evening try to eat: bananas, dates, figs, milk, nut butter, turkey, whole grain crackers or yogurt. These are foods high in tryptophan, which can promote sleep.

  51. Cindy8:59 AM

    Soft candlelight is very soothing before going up to bed and burn some essential oils. Bath better than shower with a few drops of essential oil - e.g. lavender or a miniscule drop of tea tree oil in lots of water is very soothing

  52. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Sleep is like a barometer. Insomnia is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be corrected.You can help correct your sleep cycle back on track with food.The amino acid L-tryptophan is converted during digestion and used in the manufacture of serotonin. Serotonin is then transformed into the melatonin sleep hormone. By regulating melatonin levels, our bodies create the "sleep-wake cycle".

    Also, herbal sleep remedies promote sufficient production of serotonin and melatonin, crucial in maintaining healthy sleep.
    * Light bedtime snacks
    * Carbohydrates along with milk or other foods high in tryptophan
    * Decaffeinated herbal teas
    Cut Down on/Avoid:
    * Alcoholic beverages
    * Coffee, tea, cola and other sources of caffeine
    * Heavy late-night meals, especially foods that are fatty or spicy

  53. Jamuna9:46 AM

    The combination of one cup of plain yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of mixed nuts helps to greatly reduce your stress levels which in turn helps you to sleep better at night. This food should be eaten at least 3-5 hours before bedtime, or else it could have the opposite effect of actually keeping you awake at night.

  54. Balaram9:53 AM

    watermelon can be used as a natural sleep aid when consumed 2-4 hours before bedtime. Since it is high on the glycemic index, it is processed quickly in our bodies and aids in serotonin production. Since it lowers our overall stress levels, watermelon is effective at helping us get to sleep faster

  55. Shanta9:20 AM

    If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes of lying in bed, get up and do something relaxing for awhile until you do feel sleepy. Tossing and turning will only make it worse

  56. Gunavanti9:31 AM

    Avoid eating heartburn inducing foods in the evening. Acid reflux will not only keep you uncomfortable and awake, but it can worsen troubles for those suffering from snoring and sleep apnea.

  57. Suvidha6:33 PM

    Don't go on the computer before bed or during the time that you're trying to fall asleep. It always keeps me wide awake. If this becomes a regular problem, make sure to talk to your parents about it

  58. Castor oil cures sleeplessness and insomnia
    If you suffer from insomnia, rub a little Castor oil over your eyelids before going to bed. Castor oil applied this way will bring about a feeling of deep relaxation for a peaceful slumber without the use of drugs.

  59. Anonymous5:24 PM

    lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information, and may increase the risk of serious accidents and injury. In the long term, chronic sleep deprivation may lead to a host of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality.

  60. Vimala5:51 PM

    guided relaxation methods can help.

  61. Chitra5:52 PM

    A warm bath is a great way to help you to sleep

  62. Anonymous3:30 PM

    take nyquil or some sort of sleeping medicine

  63. What helped me a lot to fall asleep, especially when my mind was racing, was to lie in bed and listen to relaxation CDs, especially those that contain someone speaking with relaxing music in the background. The combination of voice and music is very soothing. Many of these CDs are available on eBay for very low prices.

  64. Sumanth10:40 AM

    Meditation and breathing techniques such as three- stage breathing (yoga) and chi kung breathing (tai chi chuan) can relax mind and body even if you cannot actually fall asleep

  65. Anonymous11:12 AM

    If you are an insomnia sufferer, follow these tips
    1. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea or any stimulants near bedtime.
    2. Absolutely no smoking
    3. No to extreme mental or physical stimulation just before bedtime.
    4. Sleep in a quiet, dark and relatively cool bedroom
    5. Take sleep-inducing medications only if prescribed by a physician

  66. Panchami11:12 AM

    Magnesium and yoga can help you with stress.

  67. Phalguni11:13 AM

    A warm bath is a great way to help you to sleep

  68. Nagesh8:49 AM

    take a hot bath for half an hour. Then, lay in bed for at least an hour. Helps relax

  69. Ramesh9:10 AM

    For Insomnia: eat a ripe banana one hour before sleeping.

  70. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Both herbal and homeopathic remedies are commonly used alternatives to sleeping tablets in reducing insomnia, and can be very effective in helping to assist an individual in the transition to peaceful slumber without strong sedatives or any concerning side effects.

    Certain herbs such as Hypericum perforatum, Scuttelaria laterifolia, Passiflora incarnata can be used to maintain healthy sleep patterns and promote optimal balance of sleep-related hormones involved in the sleep cycle.
    Homeopathic remedies such as Coffea C30 and Nux Vom. C30 are also used to reduce insomnia and maintain restful, satisfying, and healthy sleep. Other natural supplements that are widely used to address the underlying causes of chronic insomnia are calcium lactate, magnesium lactate and vitamin B6.

  71. Amrita8:44 AM

    The worst thing that an insomniac can do is to lie in bed tossing and turning. If you can't fall asleep after 15 to 20 minutes, get up and do a quiet activity, such as reading, watching TV, or listening to relaxing music. Then, go back to bed and try again.

  72. Arundati8:47 AM

    Sometimes, insomnia is caused by being awakened repeatedly by loud noises. Often, the sleeper is not aware of what awakened them. Try sleeping in a quieter room, or wear earplugs.

  73. Sainath8:57 AM

    Learning what causes insomnia is the first step in creating a battle plan to eliminate insomnia once and for all!

  74. unknown9:42 AM

    Eat some turkey with milk...then take an herbal nerve tonic with a glass of wine

  75. Pruthvi8:38 AM

    Try taking a real hot bubble bath right before bed.

  76. Anjali8:47 AM

    lack of sleep is very dangerous. One night might lead to a minor illness but prolonged sleep loss can lead to accidents or serious physical or mental illness. If your problems with sleep persist

  77. Anonymous9:40 AM

    get you some Equate sleeping pills at Walmart, worked for me.
    or you could do strenious exercises before bed time
    drink a warm glass of milk
    read a boring book, watch a boring movie
    turn out the lights and shut your eyes, no music or tv

  78. Ankit4:41 PM

    Don't nap. Try Benadryl at night. Listen to music. Read history tomes. Do deep breathing. Contract and relax muscles from toes up. If all fails, call doctor.

  79. Shreyas5:29 PM

    things I've found that help are:
    not using the computer or video games right before i go to bed
    don't have sleeps in the afternoon even if you're really tired by then
    get up at a sensible time, like 11am - even if you've only had 3 hours sleep cos then you'll defo sleep the next night
    don't have caffeine in the evening (no tea, coffee, coke or some other drinks like fanta have caffeine in)
    if you can bear the taste, get some camomile tea and drink that with a spoon of honey in before bedtime, or drink some milk. a turkey sandwich is supposed to help you sleep as well but i haven't tried that one :)
    read a book in bed or do a wordsearch or something (you can buy big books of them aimed at grannies and they're guaranteed to send me to sleep!!!)
    they don't work completely but they do work most of the time for me, it's not often now that i have sleepless nights.

  80. Try reading. Even if you don't fall asleep right away your body is resting.

  81. Anonymous9:05 AM

    1.Go to sleep when you fell tired
    2. Drink warm milk
    3. read a book
    4. when you are in bed don't concentrate of falling asleep just think of what you are going to do tomorrow

  82. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Don't watch tv or go on the computer before going to bed. They are stimulants and will make it further impossible to fall asleep. Turn off all lights and eliminate all noises. Make sure your in a comfortable position in bed and take off any uncomfortable clothes (if they are tight or long) try not to open your eyes, it will extend the amount of time you spend just laying there. Go to youtube and type in "Sleep Music" soothing sounds will make your eye lids heavier thus making it easier to sleep. Don't eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed. Don't exercise neither as this will get your blood pumping and make it harder to fall asleep. Also, when your closing your eyes try to focus on the color you see, Black. Or think of a peaceful place or environment. This will make it easier to fall asleep.

  83. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Sleepiness is caused by the chemical melatonin and its production is supposed to be matched with the level of daylight, when it's dark more is produced. Also if you keep yourself asleep for too long your body keeps producing melatonin to keep you asleep. When you do get up it hasn't been shut off so you can feel more drowsy after sleeping for 10 hours than if you slept for only 6.

  84. Anonymous8:51 AM

    In the first instance, use herbal teas to act as gentle relaxants; Lime Blossom (Tilia europaea), Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) and Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) are good choices. Give 5 ml (1 tsp) to under 3- year-olds, a 10 ml (2 tsp) for 3-to 8-year-olds and 15 ml (1 tbsp) to over 8 years, shortly before bed, with a little honey if needed.

  85. Meera8:52 AM

    A tissue with a drop of Lavender oil on it can be tucked under the pillow to have a steady calming effect too

  86. Maithili8:54 AM

    Avoid taking stimulants to keep you awake during the day, or sedatives or alcohol to help you sleep during the night. Also try to avoid sleeping during the day. Try to relax before going to bed and don’t go to bed when you’re stressed. Avoid arguments at bedtime or in bed. Also using your bed for working, watching TV, eating and similar will not help you sleep at night.

  87. Chaya9:59 AM

    Eat a slice of granary or wholemeal bread just before bedtime and drink a cup of camomile tea sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. Place a bag of dried lavender under your pillow to help you drift of to sleep naturally.
    Stash Premium Chamomile Herbal Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

  88. Prasanna8:47 AM

    insomnia ------ valerian tea, melatonin, epsom salts bath before bed, hot water bottle at feet.

  89. Nandu4:31 PM

    What works for me is making sure i don't watch tv or use the computer straight before i go to bed as this can stimulate the brain. Try not to drink water or go outside before you sleep either. if you smoke... try to refrain from that as well. I often use a oral spray called 'rescue remedy - sleep" and that is made up of a bunch of different herbs and that is really good. Its all natural and non-addictive so that's a plus. So try some of these tips and hopefully they work for you too!

  90. Certain nutrients are also helpful for insomnia and these include, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and the B vitamins.

    L-theanine which is an amino acid found in tea, is an excellent remedy for anxiety and stress and also helps you sleep. It is one of my personal favourites as a general remedy.

    Insomnia or lack of sleep, is the one condition that is often better treated by natural remedies and herbs.
    Drugs can cause side effects, leave you feeling drowsy the day after, and are often addictive.

  91. Nadeesh10:21 AM

    Along with external stimulants there are several internal stimulants that you should try to avoid.The following foods and beverages contain caffeine, sugars, and chemicals that may affect the way you relax, think, and feel. This does not mean that you have to eliminate these substances from your diet entirely. It only means that you should avoid them in the evenings after your last meal of the day.

  92. Chandrika9:32 AM

    Don't take pills those can be addictive. Don't watch tv or go on the computer before going to bed. They are stimulants and will make it further impossible to fall asleep. Turn off all lights and eliminate all noises. Make sure your in a comfortable position in bed and take off any uncomfortable clothes (if they are tight or long) try not to open your eyes, it will extend the amount of time you spend just laying there. Go to youtube and type in "Sleep Music" soothing sounds will make your eye lids heavier thus making it easier to sleep. Don't eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed. Don't exercise neither as this will get your blood pumping and make it harder to fall asleep. Also, when your closing your eyes try to focus on the color you see, Black. Or think of a peaceful place or environment. This will make it easier to fall asleep.

  93. Andrew9:33 AM

    Well try these:
    1.Go to sleep when you fell tired
    2. Drink warm milk
    3. read a book
    4. when you are in bed don't concentrate of falling asleep just think of what you are going to do tomorrow

  94. Deepa5:08 PM

    Avoid computer and TV. Do something that will make you sleepy like read but not an exciting book. drink some warm milk. don't stay in your bed if you are just thinking about how you can't sleep. if you have a lot of things you are thinking about get out a piece of paper and write about them and at the end write "I'm letting go of this now" and take a deep breath and let go of those thoughts if you can. then when you feel a little less awake go try to lay back down and sleep.

  95. Anonymous5:09 PM

    1. RETINAL STIMULATION - make it a point to go outside and stimulate your retinas (eyes) for about 15 minutes a day with sunlight. This "full on" light exposure can help restore your body's natural sleep/night cycle, also known as the "circadian rhythm." Looking straight into the sun is never a good idea, but being in an area where you receive the full brightness of the sun around you is what's recommended.
    2. COOL ROOM - Keep the temperature in your room cool and comfortable.
    3. WAKING ACTIVITIES – Don’t participate in waking activities while in bed, like watching TV, eating, talking on the telephone, texting your friends, or using your laptop. Remember, bed has traditionally been for sleep. Train yourself to limit your bed-related activities, and your body will begin to associate your bed with sleepiness. Reading in bed is different. Reading can help you focus your mind, especially if what you read is boring. Save the murder mysteries for daytime and pick up a boring book for sleep. Reading in bed is an age-old trick for quickly getting to sleep.
    5. DON’T EXERCISE (<3 HOURS) – Don’t exercise within three hours of trying to fall asleep – this raises the heartrate. Slow stretching on the other hand might be just what the doctor ordered to get your body slowed down and feeling good.
    6. DON’T EAT STIMULATING FOODS (<3 HOURS) – Don’t eat stimulating foods within three hours of trying to fall asleep – lying horizontally interrupts digestion and may cause heartburn. Also, eating high fat and carbohydrate foods might help make you groggy and help you fall asleep, but calorie-conscious people may need to weigh the benefits of such an approach to insomnia.
    7. AVOID STIMULANTS (<2-3 hours) – Avoid all stimulants such as caffeinated and nicotine in cigarettes. Caffeinated products include coffee, tea, sodas, and especially colas. Even some aspirin or other headache remedies often contain caffeine! "Energy drinks", Mountain Dew and a wide variety of other "energy bars" or supplements often contain a high amount of stimulating products. Check your vitamin and other supplements to make sure none of them are stimulating as well. (Look them up on an Internet search engine if you are unsure.) Check labels to see if products like aspirin are in any other product you take before bed. It is a surprise to many people to learn that even cigarettes can be stimulating when you are tired. Stay away from all these substances if you want a good night's sleep.
    8. AVOID LIQUIDS. (<2 HOURS) - many people are just simply drinking too many fluids before sleep. Parents with bedwetting children learn to curtail all liquids about 2 hours before sleep, thereby allowing the child's body to void excess liquids about 30-60 minutes before actual bed-time. Well, adults have the same pattern of voiding as children. If liquids are taken before sleep, those liquids create an urgency to urinate that can awaken the adult. While that adult usually has enough bladder control to get to the bathroom, they often do not have the ability to get back to sleep. Stop drinking before sleep, and see if you stop waking up to urinate.
    9. CALMING MUSIC/SELF-HYPNOSIS - Listen to calming music, white noise, self-hypnosis or a "brain recalibration" tape for sleep.

  96. Eat a lot of garlic.

  97. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Eat at least 3 cups of curds daily.
    Mix 2 tsp of honey to 1 glass of warm water. Drink just before sleeping. Give half the amount to babies it will help put them to sleep.
    Drink warm milk with honey.
    1 tsp juice of celery leaves with stalks and 1 tsp of honey.
    Have raw onion salad.
    2 tsp of fenugreek leaves juice with 1 tsp of honey at bed times daily

  98. Hislop10:12 AM

    Masturbation induces sleep

  99. Shekhar10:13 AM

    A hot cup of chamomile tea may help relax your nerves and induce sleep.

  100. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Valerian tea, lavender tea, passion flower tea, catnip tea are some of the herbal infusions you may want to try to beat insomnia.

  101. Aravind10:20 AM

    Reduce your intake of caffeine, exercise more and try taking a warm bath before you fall asleep. Bright lights from Televisions and Computer screens shortly before bedtime can also prevent you from sleeping. If you are kept up at night due to stress and being overwhelmed or something along those lines, try making a to-do list for the following day to organize your thoughts and prevent a worrisome, restless mind. Sweet dreams!

  102. Anonymous11:14 AM

    After several nights of staring at the clock, unable to fall asleep, you may have reached for an OTC sleeping pill to finally catch some Z's. You may have awakened drowsy or sluggish in body and mind. But not all sleeping pills are created equal. As more research is conducted into the way we sleep, more drugs are coming on to the market. One of those drugs is Lunesta, which has received a lot of buzz due to incidents of sleep driving and sleep eating. Those are believed to be dangerous impacts that you'll notice and need to address early on, but long term side effects are far less cut and dried.

    This prescription sleep drug is in the same family as other newer drugs you may have seen on TV, including Ambien and Sonata. This class of drugs was developed to bind better to sleep receptors in the brain. The result: fewer side effects of the kind associated with older prescription sleep drugs, according to Harvard Women's Health Watch. Traditional side effects include a rising tolerance to the drug in less than a few weeks, which leads the user to raise the dosage of the drug he is taking.

  103. Dr Hemant11:15 AM

    Melatonin (3 mg dose) is especially good when you're having trouble sleeping because your mind just won't stop working. It is a compound that your body naturally makes when it gets dark, but makes less as we get older.
    Another good sleep aid is 5HTP. Basically, it's triptophan...the same thing in turkey that makes you sleepy on Thanksgiving day.
    Both can be found in the vitamin section of any large pharmacy.

  104. Joseph11:17 AM

    That happens to me all the time. You messed up your sleeping pattern. Try to go bed at least 2 hours before you actually intend to fall asleep. You can try reading a boring book, taking melatonin (natural hormone in human body used to induce sleep faster), garlic has been known to help you sleep ( include it in foods or take it as a supplement) , or wake up really early - have really busy day-include a work out, take no naps - then shower, then go to bed. Or try deep sleep hypnosis recordings (ocean sound, rain, etc.) One of these should work. P.S. try not to watch t.v., play video games, or use the computer before bedtime. That doesn't help at all.

  105. you,ve really messed up your pattern,make sure you do stuff during the day that will tire you out. Then start by going to bed around 7.30 to 8pm with nothing on your mind if possible, hopefully you will eventually get back in your normal sleep routine, butn you gotta keep at it

  106. u need to force ur self to go to sleep early one night. try going to bed on a schedule so this doesnt happen.

  107. Even if you cant sleep lay in bed and act like you are asleep...eventually you will fall asleep if even for one or two hours

    If you don't sleep you will not do well in school and be yawning all day. On the up side you'll probably fall asleep early the next day and catch up on your sleep.

  108. Samita11:25 AM

    Take a walk outside. It is too late to get back to sleep, but a nice long walk may help

  109. Kapila11:26 AM

    Staying up all night won't kill you, but it will make you very disoriented the next day. You will think it's lunchtime at breakfast, dinnertime at lunch, etc. You will feel a little space shot. You won't have any trouble sleeping tomorrow night, though, as long as you don't take a long nap when you get home.

  110. Govinda5:08 PM

    you should have physical healthy activities like jogging,playing football etc daily in evening which will make you tired it will solve your 99% problem

  111. Combination of Meletonin and Valerian Root, and yes a little THC.

  112. music, moderate exercise earlier in the day, warm shower, turkey, sex, masturbation, boring movies, assignments...the list goes on

  113. Make sure you sleep in a cool room! Don't leave your cell phone on your nightstand. Leave it in the kitchen so that way you're not tempted to stay awake and check your phone. Do not take naps during the day. Dim the lights 30 min-hour before you go to bed. Hope that helped!

  114. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Make sure your room is as dark as possible. Only use your bed for sleeping (No TV). Eat a meal at least three hours before you go to bed so you are not awakened by hunger but it has time to digest. Try a white noise device if sound wakes you often. Try sleeping in different positions. Lower the temperature of the room a few degrees. Take a relaxing bath before bed. Also, many times people fail to fall asleep because their mattresses or pillows are worn out. Try replacing those.

  115. Sourav9:44 AM

    What are some excellent relaxation techniques so you fall asleep?

  116. Manav9:45 AM

    First thing I do is take 10 long, deep slow breaths and relax, enjoying the feel of the mattress and pillow. That usually works. If it doesn't I warm a cup of milk and slowly sip it. That does it for me.

  117. Shrinath9:23 AM

    Mash a ripe banana and then put roasted cumin seeds into it. Mix both properly. Take this after dinner. It will induce good sleep.

  118. Urvashi9:24 AM

    YOU can apply hot packs to the spine before going to bed.

  119. Prajna9:28 AM

    Controlled breathing is also effective in inducing sleep

  120. Janardhan5:42 PM

    Take the TV out of your bedroom! Television stimulates your brain activity making it harder to fall into a deep sleep.

  121. Varsha5:43 PM

    Keep the bedroom dark. The part of the brain that controls your sleep cycle is located close to the optic nerves and is light sensitive. Use heavy blind or drapes to keep the room dark.

  122. Aswini5:46 PM

    Valerian root is one of the more popular natural sleep aids

  123. Vilas9:15 AM

    Both Sheetali and Seetkari are effective in cooling the system down. You are able to sleep better, thus helping fight insomnia.

  124. Food Expert9:30 AM

    Foods That Help Prevent Insomnia
    Pumpkin Seeds,Cottage Cheese,Brown Rice,Sesame Seeds and Spinach which is loaded with chlorophyll (as well as magnesium), which can help you get to sleep.

  125. Vikram9:07 AM

    For insomnia: Take a mixture of coarse powder of nutmeg and fresh amla (gooseberry) juice

  126. Food Expert9:35 AM

    I drink something called sleepy time tea... We ran out that's y I'm awake but it helps me it's all natural amd herbal. You could also try a herbal sleeping pill. A over the counter med but that tales 2-3 weeks to start working. You could also medditate. Think of happy things. Rock yourself. Listen to waves or thunder or rain or birds on the computer. Drink warm milk. Don't eat any heavy meal or caffine or sugar 2hrs before you plan to go to sleep but I really think the sleepy time tea helps alot for me. It's expencive but worth a try

  127. Kalpana9:36 AM

    Try exercising before bed, taking a warm bath, walk around, do something to tire you out. Read some funny comics or books, watch funny or romantic movies with your boyfriend, something fun and tiring. Uh...yeah,haha. :))

  128. Try concentrating on your breathing taking deep breaths in and out maybe turn on a fan or something that helps you sleep also if it really does start to bother you go to a sleep doctor.

  129. Nitin5:46 PM

    lay on you bed close your eyes and take deep breathing slowly slowly.. repeat it for 5 to 10 minuets. Defenatilty you get the good sleep..
    Involve meditation and some physical activity (like exercise, cycling & skipping) in your daily routine.

  130. Mithila8:51 AM

    ) try going to bed 30 minutes earlier every night.
    2) breathe in and out slowly
    3)imagine yourself in a peaceful place (like the beach)
    4) count back and forth to 100
    5) tell yourself your relaxed

  131. Jennifer9:03 AM

    Clasp your hands tightly interlocking the fingers. Then with left hand fingers press on the back of the right hand and then with right hand fingers, press on the back of the left hand. repeat for about 1 to 2 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day.

  132. Soham9:05 AM

    Increasing the will-power : Our mind has a great effect on these glands.it is very important to give Acupressure treatment on all the endocrine glands and keep them under proper control.

  133. Sumant9:09 AM

    go to bed early, so as soon as I go to bed, its easier for me to sleep, but If I am on the computer, I never feel sleepy. So actually GO to bed, and you'll find yourself sleeping in no time =

  134. Manohar8:20 AM

    If you go on the computer/laptop , your mind gets active for the night , so avoid that.put relaxing sounds on .

  135. A deficiency in vitamin A, folic acid, biotin, potassium, vitamin B5, and especially a deficiency in magnesium causes insomnia.you might want to get your nutrient levels checked up for the nutrients that I listed. the nurse will take a blood test to see if you are low in any of them. then, take vitamins supplements for the nutrients that you are low in. Taking a vitamin B-complex supplement (Has all the <b-vitamins in it, including vitamin B9/folic acid, vitamin B7/biotin, vitamin B5, etc..) in the MORNINGS and a magnesium supplement right before you go to bed at NIGHT. If you drink coffee, don't drink it 2 - 3 hours from taking your vitamin supplements, because coffee doesn't let your body absorb nutrients.

  136. Ulhas8:40 AM

    Read! Play a puzzle like sudoku!

  137. Shreepriya3:53 PM

    To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.
    do light exercise
    or drink warm milk, Chamomile tea

  138. Narmada3:54 PM

    Get off your computer,T.V.

  139. Binoy4:07 PM

    Yoga is a Solution for Insomnia

  140. Expert4:08 PM

    You should exercise every day, but your exercise routine should end two hours before bedtime, at the latest. This allows your body, and mind, “cool down” time. If you can exercise earlier in the day, feel free to do so.

  141. Anonymous5:21 PM

    GLP ask
    Ambien and other sleep aids cause me to sleepwalk and I still don't feel like I have been asleep. Last night I tried Benedryl. I wake up this morning with evidence on the kitchen counter and other places that I was sleepwalking...I can go to sleep for about 15 minutes but can't stay asleep. Any suggestions?

  142. Yogini10:56 AM

    Yoga therapy is the best way to recover Insomnia. Firstly when going to sleep do not bother about anything. Always feel satisfied what you do and where you live and do not think any bad thing while sleeping . Ayurveda Treatment is a best and most effective and permanent treatment for Insomnia.You can see the changes yourselves.

  143. Meditation is a simple, but effective technique in curing insomnia. It is an age-old way of calming the mind, relaxing the body, and allowing it to unwind, thereby helping with a better night’s rest after a stressful day.

  144. Katrina10:20 AM

    Brahmi also has good effects on patients suffering from insomnia. It helps in relieving them with all their stress and makes them feel good and relaxed

  145. For insomnia or sleeplessness, much better options are chamomile tea, catnip tea, lavender tea or appreciation flower tea used just previous to bedtime.

  146. Anonymous10:11 AM

    try to avoid caffeinated drinks, power refreshments, nicotine and alcohol. Make an effort to exercise to exhaust yourself. The scariest thing is just keeping up attempting to rest, if you're not tired do something else like reading and with any luck you can rest your head enough to rest. In the event that insomnia is becoming a big difficulty then you should go speak to a doctor or psychiatrist.

  147. Anirudha10:20 AM

    make yourself a hot chocolate drink, that should help. NOT coffee or tea that will keep you awake.

  148. YOGA GURU10:54 AM

    make the room completley black and no noise at all. lay on your back and close your eyes and imagine stairing into a bright white light, if you get off task just keep thinking of the light, works for me.

  149. Anonymous9:41 AM

    The best thing to help someone calm down and relax that is also easy to find is Chamomile Tea. Make sure it is caffeine free and it make take 2 or more cups but it is relaxing and calming to the nerves.
    Lavender essential oil, and chamomile essential oil can also be used. Put them on a cotton ball and breathe deeply a number of times and it works your brain chemistry to calm you down. I sell an aromatherapy mood mist with both Lavender and Chamomile if you are interested in something like this.

  150. Chandraprabha8:58 AM

    do some light stretches for muscle aches
    •take some aspirin/Tylenol/Advil/etc if pain is keeping you awake
    •move to a different bed
    •turn off the TV
    •get up and do something until you’re tired enough to fall back asleep

  151. Carlin3:08 PM

    check your daily caffeine intake. I watch boring TV and it seems to work. I also sometimes get up a little earlier and it seems to help I'll be tired and ready for bed the next night.

  152. ! The scent of lavender is very soothing, chamomile tea helps a lot, and read!!! Also, no TV before bed or lights, it stimulates your brain and keeps you up longer. Try not to use any electronics and dim lights about 3 hours before bed

  153. Virat2:35 PM

    Medical research have shown that sleeping naked is good for those suffering from insomnia as it has a comforting effect on them

  154. Molly2:37 PM

    Try and take a bath to be germ free. Make sure that the temperature and humidity in the bedroom is adequate, in order to avoid catching a cold. Transform that bed into something fluffy so that the drape feels good on your bare skin.


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