Lose weight by reading sensational novels

Can you lose weight by reading sensational novels? Apparently you can! Here's the deal!

In fact, reading this piece of news will make you sit up, that is, when you get to know that reading racy novels can be actually good for you.

 girl reading bookAccording to the DailyMail, scientists have claimed that reading a thrilling novel can actually increase your metabolic rate and burn calories helping you to lose weight.

Quoting from the article:

Scientists claim that simply reading a racy novel can help you fight the flab.

They have calculated that a few hours engrossed in a book can double your basal metabolic rate.

On average, we burn around one calorie per minute when sitting still, but reading encourages the production of adrenaline, causing BMR to rise to up to 1.75 calories per minute, say the researchers, commissioned by book store Borders.

Top of the fat-busting list is Jilly Cooper's novel, Polo. With more than 770 pages of sex and scandal it ensures that, if you read at a rate of 300 words a minute, you burn off more than 1,100 calories - the equivalent of a Big Mac meal - by the end. 

Now consider the following scenario!

You chance upon a very interesting, eye-catching and sensational novel. You just can’t resist the desire to flip through its pages. While casually going through it, you get so engrossed in it that you let several hours slip by.

And when you have completed reading it, you wake up from your self-induced reverie and horror of horrors you realize that you have wasted your precious time in reading sensational trash, when you had heaps of other important chores to attend to.

woman reading book lying on bed

Don’t feel too guilty over this occasional indulgence. Things do go awry sometimes. After all, life is all about getting joy from simple things and surely a treat like this which makes you forget the world for a while is worth it. And once in a while, it does good to pamper oneself.

At least for me, this situation was common place in my younger days as I used to occasionally dump my college books to read a racy, thrilling novel!

So don't hesitate to curl up with an exciting thriller once in a while even in the midst of backbreaking chores! You could even lose weight in the process!
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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I love this! It’s so true that we need to be kinder to ourselves, and this tip that you need not feel guilty after reading sensational trash is simply wonderful.

  2. Here is another tip - drink lots of water. Perhaps tea, if you like that drink. Thing is, snack hunger can often be curbed by drinking a glass of water. Sure, you may need to go to the bathroom more often than normal, but so what? You will consume less calories, hence you lost weight if you have some patience.

  3. Thanks for the great advice, curling up a good book is always super relaxing. Now that I can burn some calories while doing it, I might read more. If you're interested in losing weight there is really only one way to do so, exercise.


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