Home remedies for burns

minor burnsIn the morning rush hour, it’s quite common for you to inadvertently touch a hot dish which you have just removed from your microwave oven, or sustain minor burns and scalds while handling gas-stoves. That is enough to get you in a frenzy, and you comb every nook and corner of your house and almost turn your house topsy-turvy in your frantic search for the elusive first-aid box. However, in this process, you more or less forget about the throbbing burn which badly needs your attention.

Don’t waste your time, thus; cut short your futile search and look around your kitchen and later on in your garden. Here’s how you can use common ingredients of the kitchen like turmeric, honey, ice-cubes etc. to treat burns. Serious cases of burning and scalding require immediate medical attention and certain cases might need hospitalization also. The remedies mentioned here below are only for minor burns.

* Gently pour ice cold water immediately on the affected area or you might even try compresses of ice cubes. Do this for more than 5-7 minutes or until the pain stops. If any blister has formed, do not prick it.

* Here again, aloe the wonder herb can come to your rescue. Just spread a thin pulp of Aloe-vera gel over the affected part. Do it twice or thrice in a day if necessary.

* And also you might try using the wonder condiment of the kitchen ‘turmeric’ (haldi), well known all over the world for its numerous medicinal uses. Just apply a paste of turmeric and honey on the affected parts.

* You could also anoint pure til (Sesame) oil over the wound.

* Smearing pure honey over the wound also provides relief.

* Grind leaves of pomegranate (anar) into a fine paste and apply over the burns. This treatment produces a cooling effect also.

* Crush a potato and grind it into a fine paste. Apply this paste over the wound to ward off burning sensation.

* Pure coconut oil is also a very useful remedy to count on. Just apply it on your throbbing wound.

* If you do have banana plants in and around your house, you might even apply the juice obtained from the stem of the plantain tree on your burns.

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Ice, ice and more ice. Water with ice in it to lower the temperature of the burn. Don't put any salve on it. That's an old saying that doesn't work

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    aloe vera pulp and or goldenseal is a natural antibiotic that helps to prevent infection if you have goldenseal tea , bayberry, black or green tea and blackberry leaves, sumac and sweet gum, white oak bark all contain tannic acid which has been used in clinics for surface burns that have begun to heal, these herbs can be used as teas and as wet compresses. Horsetail and slippery elm also help skin to heal. applying ice water immediately then vinegar soaked compresses or a strong black tea and or ginger juice, egg whites or raw potatos for scalds, baking soda or cider vinegar in warm water for acid or chemical burns.

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    the best thing thats worked for me is press an ice cube on the area asap and for as long as you can take it...

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I would suggest honey...its a controversial choice because scientists are still undecided about its burn soothing properties but I've treid it and it works pretty well. You can also try Petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I know what you're not supposed to use though...ice and butter...these make it worse. Oh and run it under cold water for around 5 minutes as soon you get burnt.

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Did you know that Colgate toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns?

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    This is probably the most documented and widely used home remedy for burns. Just add some baking soda to water to make a saturated solution and put the burnt part in that water. There will be an immediate relief from pain and itching. Furthermore, in almost every case it prevents any blister formation. T

  7. Anonymous11:06 AM

    A fresh paste of turmeric in water can be applied to prevent any blister formations.

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Powdered pomegranate peelings are used on burns and to treat infection on external cuts and wounds.

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    . Immediately following the burn, it is important to run the burn under cold water.

    . If the burn is a first degree burn, associated with minor redness, or a second degree burn that blisters, the skin should be fine. If the burn has blackened the skin or torn it open, seek medical attention immediately. The skin has been dangerously damaged.

    . Don't use ice or ice cold water. Water that is too cold can further damage the skin that has been burned. Mildly cold water is the best choice. Apply aloe vera to the burn after a few days. This will help you relieve the pain

  10. Kiran6:20 PM

    Immediately after a burn cut a tomato in half and rub it on the burn area.

  11. Sujata6:28 PM

    Cut up a raw potato wet it and hold it on the burn it will draw the heat out

  12. Archana6:35 PM

    don't put food on a wound. the best thing to do is run the burn under cold water until it no longer burns. if it still burns then skin is still being damaged.

  13. Reshma5:41 PM

    After a burn, the very first thing that you should do is to reduce the temperature of the burnt area. Put lots of chilled water or dip that body part into chilled water for 15 to 30 minutes.Apply honey to the wound once you have washed the wound properly. It will prevent infection and will heal the wound.Papaya contains enzymes that help to remove dead cells from the wound.

  14. Dr Kanakreddi11:02 AM

    If the skin is not broken, run cool water over the burn for several minutes.Cover the burn with a sterile bandage or clean cloth.Take aspirin or acetaminophen to relieve any swelling or pain.

  15. Padmini3:47 PM

    Treat burns by smearing the affected part with coconut oil boiled with Tulsi juice. This will reduce pain and hasten the healing.

  16. Shailaja9:17 AM

    In case of minor burn injury washing the injured place with cold running water helps to prevent further damage of internal tissues as well as prevents from forming blisters.

  17. Anonymous6:19 PM

    cold water until the skin and wound has chilled way down and then some aloe or antibacterial salve and wrap to avoid bumping it.
    If you have a blister, do not pop it now but open it gently, tomorrow, on the side so the fluid drains. Do not peel the skin layer off the blister but allow it to collapse. Again, apply ointment and bandage lightly.
    Its gonna hurt for a while no matter what

  18. Sannuta8:34 AM

    I used vitamin E oil to help a second degree burn to heal.

  19. Sundar4:18 PM

    Take some advil or aspirin to reduce inflammation. I cover the area with a little Noxema too in a cool bath.

  20. Yusuf4:30 PM

    I used to work as a cook so I've burnt my self quite a bit. I've found if you use some cool paste type stuff it will help. Don't use ice that makes it worse. Mustard, mayonaise, those help. Neosporin if you have that. Just anything with a thick pastey to it will help. You can also try vinigar that will sting at first but it will make it feel better.

  21. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Regardless of the cause, the first step in managing a person with a burn is to stop the burning process at the source, and cool the burn wound (but not the patient. It is essential to avoid the "lethal triad" of hypothermia, acidosis and coagulopathy).[18] For instance, with dry powder burns, the powder should be brushed off first. With other burns the affected area should be rinsed thoroughly with a large amount of clean water. Cold water should not be applied to a person with extensive burns for a prolonged period (greater than 20 minutes), however, as it may result in hypothermia. Do not directly apply ice to a burn wound as it may compound the injury. Iced water, creams, or greasy substances such as butter, should not be applied either.[

  22. Varsha9:16 AM

    Do not put on a bandage. Bandages will cut off air so it will take longer to heal.
    Take an analgesic (pain reliever). Any of the common over-the-counter pain relievers will work.Look out for signs of infection. Infection is uncommon with burns of this type, but is possible if blisters pop and are exposed to dirt.

  23. Suresh8:36 AM

    The basic steps that should be taken when anybody gets burnt include reducing the temperature of the burnt area by putting ice-cold water over it. After that you can apply honey on it, which helps to heel the wound faster.
    Aloe vera is also good for the burnt skin. Apply it on the burnt area and when it begins to heal open a vitamin E capsule and put it over the affected area so as to prevent the scar from developing.

  24. Vilas8:36 AM

    Pulp of banana applied immediately to the area will cool the area and also allows no blister to form on the skin. To get quick relief from the pain of burn, cut a slice of potato and place it on the burnt area. This would give you enough relief from the burning sensation.

  25. Sindhu12:27 PM

    In the case of severe burns, burns over large areas of the body, or if the conditions persist after 7 days, or get worse, discontinue use and consult a health care professional.

  26. Phalguni9:53 AM

    A poultice made of the leaves of methi can be applied with benefits in external and internal swellings, sprains and burns.

  27. Vidita3:11 PM

    Apply neat Lavender essential oil directly on the burn injury. It helps immediately.

  28. Gargi3:12 PM

    soak a flannel in whole milk and apply to the burn.

  29. Sumedha3:16 PM

    Diluted vinegar is an outstanding first aid burn treatment.

  30. Yamini3:20 PM

    Do not put butter, grease, or powder on a burn. All of these so-called home remedies actually can make the injury worse.

  31. Philiph9:33 AM

    To Soothe Minor Burns: immediately run minor burn under cold water, the gently pat dry. Spread a layer of white, minty toothpaste over the burn and the pain should fade quickly.

  32. Kailas10:52 AM

    vinegar applied to the skin will greatly reduce the burning.

  33. Burns : Beat an egg white and add a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply to burned area until dry and re-apply a few times. It works wonders, takes the burn away and leaves no mark of it.

  34. Pranitha3:22 PM

    Chamomile used externally is good for burns, wounds and swellings

  35. Diana2:29 PM

    In case you accidently burn your skin you can turn to turmeric for quick relief owing to its antiseptic properties. Prepare a mixture of turmeric and aloe vera gel. Apply it on the burn and notice how it heals the wound in no time.


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