Tulsi for inflammation and itching of the eyelids

rubbing eyesSometimes when one wakes up with a swollen eyelid or an inflamed eyelid, which could well be due to an ant bite, what does one do? If it starts itching then all one does is scratch… scratch… scratch – rubbing the eyes so vigorously and almost mishandling them in the process. Surely our delicate eyes deserve a better handling and quite a bit of pampering particularly at this time.

basil leavesHere’s a simple remedy and a quickie too. All you have to do is to rush to your garden to pick up a few leaves of Tulsi or Holy Basil. Tulsi is not just used as a beauty aid but also to cure various skin diseases too. It has a soothing effect over the eyes too. This healer par excellence most certainly deserves the kind of adulation and reverence that is showered upon it. Now to the recipe.


Tulsi (Basil) leaves
Powdered alum


Prepare a decoction of Tulsi leaves and dissolve some powdered alum in the decoction. When there is inflammation or itching of the eyelids, warm this decoction and use cotton dipped into it to foment the eyelids. During the fomentation, change the cotton wads twice in every 5 minutes. And voila, the swelling will subside, and you can open the eyes without any discomfort.
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  1. Jagesh3:49 PM

    For inflammation and itching in the eyes apply a decoction of Tulsi leaves and powdered alum, warm it and use cotton dipped in it to foment the eyelids.

  2. Archana10:09 AM

    Its awesome ,actually i love home remedies,i think its more effective than drugs and no side effects.Great to share
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