Home remedies for excessive thirst

Excessive thirst – this doesn’t sound like a malady at all. After all everyone feels thirsty. It’s so very normal. And with the change of seasons, there is always an appreciable change in everyone’s appetite and thirst habits. Summer times, especially, are thirst times. But an excessive and incessant craving for water could well point out to something grave. Hence ‘excessive thirst’ as such should not be brushed off lightly. Especially when you have an inkling that something is intrinsically wrong with you - call it your ‘instinct’ or your ‘sixth sense’. Sometimes excessive thirst could well be an indication of a far more serious ailment like diabetes. Seek appropriate medical help if you harbor such suspicions. If you do not suffer from any such afflictions and all your tests are normal, then try some of these home-remedies to quench your insatiable thirst.

* Have two to four grams of fresh gooseberry (amla) with honey along with water 2-3 times a day.

* Boil water till it is reduced to one fourth of its volume and have it.

*Mix the juice of half a lemon with one cup of warm water. Add one or two pinches of salt and sip the juice.

*Immerse a sour apple in water overnight. Next morning, crush the apple and extract the juice; drink this juice to quench your thirst. Do this continuously for about a week.

* The juice of sour grapes is also found to be effective in such cases.

* Roast a teaspoonful of black pepper and powder it. Add this powder to four cups of boiling water; decant and cool. Use this water whenever you are thirsty.

* Tomato juice sweetened with sugar or glucose is also an excellent drink to quench thirst.

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  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Diabetes is a leading cause for excessive thirst,does your urination have a slight foul odor, does your urination out number your trips to the bathroom? Also some medications and high temperatures out side can effect your thirst. If I were you I would make an appointment to your Dr. and get tested for diabetes, it is a simple test and one that can save your life.

  2. Ujwala5:00 PM

    Sugar or Brown Sugar dissolved in water with Lime Juice added to it makes a nice cooling drink which satisfies thirst. Ten grams of
    seeds of Khurfa ground in water and. sweetened with Brown Sugar also relieve intense thirst.

  3. Shanti5:03 PM

    You need to consume 2-4 grams of Indian Gooseberry along with natural honey 3-4 times a day with boiled water. This is an easy and effective natural cure for excessive thirst

  4. Smriti5:13 PM

    The juice of sour grapes dilutes with water and added with one tablespoon of natural honey help to quench the thirst. It is a good and effective natural cure remedy for the problem of excessive thirst. You need to roast 2tablespoon of black pepper and then have to grind them into powder. You need to add the powder into boiled water [4-5 cups] and have to keep it aside.

  5. The thirst would not necessarily be caused by kidney stones so much as kidney disfunction, which is much more serious, esp if you are pregnant. When were you tested for diabetes, and when did the thirst start? If you are pregnant and having truly excessive thirst, you need to get to the bottom of it right away.

  6. Bhavya9:47 AM

    get to your doctors as soon as possible it sounds like you have the first signs of diabetes
    a mate of mine had the same symptoms and collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital

  7. Ayushman9:48 AM

    you may be dehydrated but you should get a blood sugar test it may be an insulin problem...see your gp this week

  8. Tanuja9:50 AM

    Caffeine dehydrates you.
    Caffeine makes you thirsty ( so you drink more ) - (So you go to the bathroom more)
    I now only drink liquids that are Caffeine Free.
    Now normal bathroom visits.

  9. Parvati8:41 AM

    Ambuti / Indian sorel (Oxalis corniculata) – raw leaves –quenches thirst improves taste, cooling and good for eyes.

  10. Dr Aravind9:02 AM

    CHIWAR ( Phalsa ) Grewia asiatica :
    The fruit is thirst quenching, febrifuge, antacid and cordial. The leaves used for virshe have similar properties.


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