Aloe oil for split ends in the hair

When those over-publicized, fancy-packed hair-oils can’t do the trick and you end up losing your hair, it’s time to open grandma’s age-old recipe book for answers. These home-made, cheap and harmless potions are a perfect choice when you deal with something as important as your crowning glory. You simply can’t afford to make wrong choices.

Take the case of split ends in the hair, for instance. You just can’t ignore it and leave it to its fate. If left untreated, it leads to poor hair-growth and hair-loss. So make an effort to get rid of split ends with alacrity. Read all about it here. You could also try your hand at this easy-to-make aloe hair oil. Applying this regularly on your hair will help you tackle this problem of split ends effectively. Hair tends to split when the natural sebum oil fails to reach the ends of the strands. So a proper massage with this aloe oil will nourish your hair and prevent the ends from becoming brittle and splitting up.

Aloe leaves

Don’t let procrastination get the better of you. Making this aloe-oil is almost a child’s play. Aloe-vera, the natural healer is a fantastic herb; it is not just good your skin but for your hair as well. Even Cleopatra was believed to have rated it highly as a beauty therapy herb. So go to your garden pick up a few aloe leaves and prepare this wonderful hair-oil. Don’t have an aloe-plant at home? Then you are definitely missing out on a powerful natural healer. Go and get it at the earliest and let the spiky aloe plant adorn your garden. If you’d like to have some guidance on how to grow this multi-purpose and versatile herb, click here.

Aloe-hair oil for split ends in the hair


4 big leaves of aloe
250 grams of coconut oil


Aloe leaves are thick, succulent and have a transparent pulp. Slit open the leaf and scrape out the juicy pulp. Use a liquidizer and blend to make it into a smooth paste. Heat coconut oil in a wok and add the aloe pulp. Keep stirring until the oil floats on the top. Strain the oil and bottle it.scalp massage


Take two tablespoons of oil and massage it well into the scalp. Work your way from the ends of hair to your scalp, see to it that the ends are properly nourished with oil. Leave on for one hour at least.


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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Aloe Vera juice can be sprayed on the hair to moisturize the hair and prevent formation of split ends.

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Prepare a hair moisturizing mask to help prevent the split ends with mashed up avocado on damp hair and leaving it on your hair for 20 minutes.

    - Enhance the action of the avocado hair mask above by adding hot olive oil and mixing well to the mash. Apply it warm on hair and cover it with a towel.

  3. unknown12:15 PM

    In reality it is difficult to cure the split ends of hair. And split ends generally lead to hair fall.

  4. Sarita8:17 AM

    Take Aloe Vera leaves of about fifteen. Remove outer skin and take out the gel. Add this to a pan. Take about the same amount of coconut oil. Boil together. Boil till the gel becomes sand like particles. Cool . strain. Apply this oil to scalp and hair.

  5. unknown10:04 AM

    Don’t use hair dryers, curling irons, or hair straightening devices if you’re serious about getting rid of split ends


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