Remove stains from nails and fingers with these simple aids from your kitchen

Massaging the hands with a good nourishing cream, removing superfluous hair for that smooth satiny look, manicure, nail care – all these should be an integral part of your beauty routine. Nails after all reveal your health and hence you need to carefully scrutinize them for any incongruity and pay ample attention towards their maintenance. A tendency towards nail-biting should be nipped in the bud. But in spite of all the pampering and attention, it’s quite possible for your nails and fingers to get stained. Here’s how you can try 
to remove some of the slight as well as stubborn stains from spoiling the beauty of your fingers and nails. 

* Lemon juice is an excellent stain remover. Soak your nails in slightly diluted lemon juice for a few minutes. It will strip your nails of stains quickly.

* Rub a potato on your nails to remove slight stains.

* Rub your fingers and nails with vinegar and cleanse them with water.

* To a teaspoon of table salt, add a couple of drops of olive oil. Mix well and apply this to your stained fingers or nails for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

* Soap hands and fingers and then rub in corn meal for three minutes. This removes stains quite effectively.

* You could also try scrubbing your nails with whitening toothpaste. It will help to get rid of stubborn stains to a certain extent.

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  1. Bhakti9:33 AM

    One of the easiest ways to bleach your nails back to a healthy-looking pink is with a lemon. Slice it in half and stick your finger in for a few minutes. The natural acids will whiten and soften the nail. Rinse and apply a lotion.
    Try toothpaste to give shine to nails. Apply toothpaste on nails and gentle rub it for sometime and rinse your hands.

  2. For stained nails and fingers, simply add a few drops of lemon juice to olive oil and soak your fingers in it.


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