Your clothes for summer

Is that sweltering heat bothering you too much? How about a slight change in your wardrobe? With the right choice of the type and color of clothes, you can actually beat the heat and feel cooler. Here are a few tips; though not a complete list in itself, it’s worth a glance.

Tuck away all your nylons, synthetics and heavy silks. Confine yourself to cool, crisp cottons only for day-wear, and maybe, light silks for evening wear. 

Cottons keep you looking and feeling cool and comfortable. They absorb sweat and moisture and permit proper airflow to the skin.

Strapped dresses, culottes, shorts and T-shirts will keep the heat off. So consider wearing them. Avoid wearing very tight-fitting clothes as they hamper circulation of air, making you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
As for colors – white is highly preferable. Avoid deep, dark colors like black, bright red or maroon during the day, when the sun’s blazing hot and humid. If you just can’t do without black, then reserve it for the evenings.

Light, pastel shades and delicately-cheerful colors are best for afternoons. Light colors reflect light and keep the wearer cool. Lemon shades, ice-blue, petal pink, vanilla-cream, earl grey etc. are the right hues for you.

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  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I feel cooler already after reading your post.

  2. Sneha5:20 PM

    Pick bright, fun, cool, tropical colors with flowery or other kinds of summer prints. Stock up on shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, and blouses. You can basically find this kind of stuff anywhere.


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