Natural look for eyebrows is in


Some girls tweeze their eyebrows to death to give them a pencil-thin shape. It gives such a ridiculous, unnatural look to the face. Bushy, straggly eyebrows look much nicer in comparison. If nature has bestowed a near-perfect shape to your eyebrows, then flaunt the natural look proudly. Even fashion is on your side now. The current fashion trend is to go natural and not to sport perfectly tweezed eyebrows. Do trim a few stray hairs from here and there, but a pencil thin shape is a strict no-no. Too bushy eyebrows? Then go ahead and tweeze them to a decent shape but here again don’t go overboard and disfigure them.

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  1. Babita2:41 PM

    Anyway but if you have a prefect eye you can see that are a lot of things there hand made

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    A pair of Beautiful eyebrows is just great to have. The impression the eyebrows make about you cannot be overlooked. However, most women overlook their eyebrows. The worst is that they sometimes pluck it so much that it creates a negative impression about them. The eyebrows give a great look to the face when you take good care of them. Natural eyebrows Combing through your eyebrows with a brush

  3. Bhavya2:23 PM

    Thicker eyebrows make you look younger” is her stand. And a little tidbit for aspiring models: "People have the tendency to look straight into the camera, but a little profile always looks nicer."


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