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coriander2Coriander seed or dhaniya is a common ingredient in most cuisines of India. Both seeds and leaves are used in cooking – this herb also has a large amount of medicinal properties in it. It is also used in Chinese medicine. Its pleasing aromatic oil is a common ingredient in creams, lotions and perfumes.
It is mainly useful in curing muscle aches, digestive problems and any nerve related ailment.

* Coriander is helpful in easing gastrointestinal symptoms, intestinal gassiness and eases flatulence also. Coriander seeds can stimulate a flagging appetite also. For, stomach upset, appetite loss, or flatulence:
Prepare a tea by simmering 1 to 2 teaspoons of crushed or bruised coriander seeds per 8 ounces of water. Drink up to three times a day between meals. Or add 1 teaspoon (15 ml) of coriander liquid extract to water and drink three times a day between meals.
* In cases of giddiness and loss of memory, de-husked seeds of coriander should be boiled with 4 parts milk and 8 parts water. This should be reduced to half and taken internally twice a day.
* To quench excessive thirst boil water and add 2 tsp coriander seeds. Cool and have this drink. This is also useful in diarrhea, intestinal colic, piles and intestinal worms.
* In cough and urinary infection a decoction of these seeds may prove beneficial.
* Chew the seeds to rid yourself of bad or foul breath.
* For fevers, accompanied by chills and in fevers where the patient feels extremely parched, a cold infusion of the seeds along with sugar may be given.
* For headaches and swellings, the leaves of coriander may be applied externally.
* The juice of coriander leaves is found effective in case of mouth ulcers and throat irritations. Hold the juice in the mouth for a while before swallowing.
* Use decoction of the seeds to wash the eye when you are suffering from conjunctivitis.
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  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Thanks for giving us such valuable information about Coriander. I heard the name of it but unknown about the benefits of it.

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    CORIANDER-another common ingredient of Indian -contains high levels of antioxidants that help to lower high blood pressure and prevent the formation of cancer causing free radicals.

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    To induce sleep: apply some paste of the coriander leaves to the forehead, your juice the leaves and take with some sugar candy. For menstrual bleeding: Mix fresh juice of the coriander leaves with some rice water and drink. Night discharges can be brought under control by taking a teaspoon of coriander seed powder with an equal amount of sugar candy twice a day (morning and evening) for seven days. This remedy is also effective against vitamin deficiency. Ground coriander seeds combined with equal amounts of sugar is also good for belching, nose bleeds and palpitations. Black pepper ground with coriander seeds, along with a little salt to taste, will help with digestion and other stomach problems.

  4. Anonymous5:58 PM

    The leaves of coriander are stimulant and tonic. they strengthen the stomach and promote its action, relieve flatulence, increase secretion and discharge of urine and reduce fever.

  5. Jagadamba6:00 PM

    coriander juice (mixed with either turmeric powder or mint juice) is used by some as a treatment for acne, applied to the face like toner.

  6. Trayambak9:02 AM

    Cuts and scrapes: scatter powdered coriander over affected area to prevent infections.
    Headache: drink coriander in infusions.
    Eruptions: apply coriander leaves directly over the affected area.
    Skin inflammation: spread coriander juice over affected area.

  7. Arjun9:05 AM

    Treats digestive disorder, Relieves flatulence
    Generates urine, Reduces fever.
    For digestive disorder: Add two teaspoons of coriander juice to fresh buttermilk and take it before meal.

  8. Bhakti11:37 AM

    Coriander is rich in protective photochemical and it is a very good source of iron, magnesium and manganese.


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