Nourishing routine for hands

If you are the kind of person who despises everything home-made and believes that only expensive creams and lotions, can work wonders for your hands, think again! Any good cream can do the trick. One of the excellent nourishing creams is the malai (milk-cream) and it is inexpensive and readily available too. Massage your hands with malai each night and wash off the next morning. If you do not like the greasy and sticky feeling of malai, then you may go in for the creams and lotions which will soften your hands.

Remember to nourish your hands several times during the day. Whenever you wash your hands, nourish them with a little cream or lotion. This will always keep them soft and supple.

Every night before going to bed, apply a little cream on your hands and massage them. You do not have to spend a long time over it, just apply cream on the front and the back of the hands and massage each finger quickly. Bend the fingers backwards with the other hand and pull each finger gently to keep the joints flexible.
Dry, hard, dirt-ingrained or neglected hands can have that “special wash” with sugar and olive oil (any vegetable oil will also do). Simply pour a little oil into the palm of one hand and add a teaspoon or so of sugar. Rub the mixture all over the hands, really rubbing it in, especially in the rougher areas. Rinse with warm water, dry and massage in a little cream.

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    After your shower/bath put some baby oil all over, then towel off....or I like Avon's Skin So Soft Fusions collection. Get the body wash, lotion and spray oil and use then after your shower...nice soft skin...they have three scents to choose from. My skin is real smooth and soft hours later.

    For your hands, I may suggest a cream you get from the pharmacy, it has urea in it which really helps itchy dry red skin. I have used it on my elbows when they get super dry and nothing helps and this does. You don't need a prescription. It may be behind the counter though.

  2. Sapna7:37 PM

    Massage your hands with a cream containing vitamin E after manicure. It gives your hand a smooth look.

  3. Nandini8:45 AM

    for beautiful hands:
    at night, apply a good amount of petroleum jelly all over your hands and then wear white cotton gloves. your hands will be so smooth and silky
    ( you can also do this to your feet)

  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    The most obvious way is yes lotion
    But here are some extra tricks:
    Invest in yourself and buy a good body butter I use this a few times a week
    The texture is thicker but the softness lasts longer

    Put lotion in a bag put it on your foot and secure in with maybe and old sock or even an elastic band so it won't slide and wear over night , you could also do this to your hands but I can't there something about having my hands without my fingers that freaks me out (because they would be trapped in the bag)

    Parafin wax I have my own little machine to warm it but you dip you hands/ feet in the wax wait until the wax is dry then you peel the wax off ( it's kinda slides of your hand because of the wax's soft slippery texture)

    And if you realllyyyyy want soft skin you have to lotion every single day!!!!
    It's an absolute must there is no such thing as permanent smooth skin with just one treatment
    Lotion every day
    The other tips are for short term results
    And also keep lotion with you at all times just a little travel size when you start to feel your skin get dry ( I keep some with me because my knees dry out all the time and I can't stand the white chalkiness)


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