Keep your eyes in a good condition with these habits

Just as general health can be preserved by doing physical exercises, ocular health can be maintained by inculcating certain good habits. These could help you to maintain good eyesight.

Splashing water over the eyes:
Splash cold water over the closed eyes three or four times a day. Ice cold water from a refrigerator will also serve the purpose. Splash water over the eyes while washing the face in the morning, before taking meals in the noon, in the evening and at bedtime.

Fill your mouth with enough water, do not drink it. Now close your eyes and start splashing water over your closed eyes 8-10 times from a distance of 4-5 inches. Try not to wipe off the water on the face. Let it dry on its own.

Washing the feet with cold water:
Wash your feet with cold water twice a day and especially at night before going to bed. Start rubbing your feet over the wet tiles in the bathroom for 1-2 minutes and while rubbing, go on pouring cold water over them. This practice induces sound sleep and sound sleep assures good eyesight.

Massaging the soles of your feet with cow’s ghee or pure castor oil also is said to have a good effect on the eyes through the feet.

Wash the eyes with cold water or Triphala water or weak saline water at least twice a day, in the morning and at bed-time.

Fill the eye-wash cups with water up to their brims. Keep them straight, bend your head and dip the eyes in the water. Blink gently in the water. The eyes can be washed in a small bowl also. Wash the eyes for about 3 minutes.

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  1. Sonali4:10 PM

    As we get older it is of vital importance to have an eye care exam performed yearly because every time you visit your eye doctor they will evaluate any changes in your vision system and they can help you correct any difficulties that you may have with your sight. Early diagnosis of any potential problems will decrease the chance of severe damage to our sight

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    If you are having difficulties with your eyes, pain or visual disturbances or any other problem in the eyes, you should immediately make an appointment to see an eye doctor. However, if you are in good health and no known ailments, no vision problems, you can have an eye exam every two to four years provided your age is below forty. However, for people with diabetes, you need frequent eye examinations to maintain good eye health.

  3. Pratiksha3:27 PM

    The most common natural remedies for bad eyesight are carrot and blackberry. They are rich in substances that strengthen our eyes. Scientists, however, are losing their interest in these natural foods. Latest studies show that fruit and vegetables of green and yellow colors are more beneficial for retina than those of orange color. They contain zeaxanthin and lutein, which are pigments with stronger healing effect.

  4. Pavan6:48 PM

    Focus Alternately on a Faraway and a Nearby Object to Treat Eye Strain: For this exercise, you can sit with your head and spine straight. While breathing naturally, focus on a faraway object for about 30 seconds, without blinking. Then blink rapidly for several times. Again, hold your focus this time on a nearby object for 30 seconds without blinking. Then do some rapid blinking

  5. Tapasya9:12 AM

    Bilberries, and bilberry leaves are said to be good for night vision.

  6. Vasistha9:24 AM

    A shifting gaze gives the impression of low self-confidence and people are less likely to listen to the things you say. you get a much steadier look if you focus on the area between the eyes of the person you’re talking to. avoid a shifting gaze and you don’t have to look directly into people’s eyes if you don’t like to.

  7. Shrivani11:43 AM

    The Amla, taken with honey, is useful in preserving eye sight.


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