Avoid rubbing your skin to delay ageing

There are a number of things that women, in particular do to their skin that makes it look older. Many of them wash their face too frequently and rub their skin vigorously, pulling and dragging it while cleansing – perhaps they want to get rid of the dirt that has clogged the pores of the skin or remove that last trace of make-up off their skin.
But a rough handling of the facial skin could actually hasten the ageing process, say the dermatologists. It could damage your complexion, eventually aggravating a crepey look of the skin. You should always blot- not rub – your facial skin dry.
A particular danger area for too harsh treatment is around the eyes and eyelids. The right way to clean this area is to take a damp cotton ball, put a gentle emollient cleanser on it and very gently swoosh it off and blot.

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