Distaste for food-Home Remedies

The food that you eat just tastes bland and insipid. None of the mouth-watering dishes which you used to relish earlier with gusto seem to excite your taste buds. This normally happens after you have recovered from some chronic illness or it could be due to some other reason. In such situations, when your tongue develops a distaste for food, why not try out these simple home-remedies.

* Chew a bit of fresh ginger (adrak) with 7-8 corns of pepper and a piece of sugar candy. This recipe could help increase the taste for food along with your digestion.

* Take a handful of tender green leaves of neem and roast it in ghee / clarified butter. Take this for 8-10 days. Especially good for poor appetite and when a sense of aversion for food overpowers you.

* Wash green mangoes and cook them in boiling water; squeeze out the juice from these mangoes and dilute the same with twice the quantity of cold water. Add sugar to taste. Also mix a small quantity of powdered black pepper in it. Flavor it with menthol or pudina / mint leaves. Take a glass of this decoction once for three days. This recipe increases taste for food and improves digestion.

* You could also try out this side-dish called as ‘tamarind chutney’, especially after a bout of fever when your sense of taste is at its worst. Grind tamarind (imli), jaggery, cilantro leaves (dhaniya), a tsp of coriander seeds, and 2-3 red chillies to a paste. Add salt to taste and your chutney is ready. It will simply taste heavenly at this point of time.

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  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    bumped into your blog over google, this post is one the of the coolest. Will definitely try these home-remedies.please keep them coming. thanks a ton for Sharing.

  2. unknown5:29 PM

    Powder form of cardamom seeds treated by ginger, caraway, and cloves needs to be mixed with natural honey. This mixture is to be taken orally in case of gross distaste for food and loss of appetite.

  3. unknown8:30 AM

    More than likely you are dealing with dry mouth due to or brought on by the medication. It's common and your mouth will return to normal when the medication is discontinued.The bad taste will disappear on it's own once you've completed the medication.

  4. Nirupama8:38 AM

    the sinus fluid is getting discharged into the mouth.Try sucking a clove or a piece of ginger............the mucous in your sinuses will cause the bad taste

  5. Triveni10:12 AM

    How can I overcome my distaste for certain foods?

  6. Eat it in small amounts mixed with other things, so that the (for example) tuna taste is not the most prevalent and then increase from there.

  7. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Baking soda 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water. Gargle away.
    After every meal and before bed. Reduces inflammation & promotes healing.

    Taste: That will also help to clean up the tongue.
    Some people swear that fresh pineapple restores taste.
    Put on a nicotine patch and cut out the fags. They reduce your oxygen supply which in turn slows down healing.
    Alcohol can play havoc with healing cells, knock that off for a while too.


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