Waxing at home

Waxing is a neat method of removing superfluous fuzz from the legs, arms and upper lips. Though the process takes longer and is more complicated than shaving, one session can keep you hair-free for four to six weeks. On the flip side, you have to wait till the hair is 1/4th inch long before the next session. Some others may experience ingrown hairs, red rashes, and minor bleeding.

Home-made wax

A cup of sugar
Sour lime


wax-1Melt the sugar, taking care that it does not stick. Keep stirring until you see it melting and start adding the juice of lime. When you see it foaming and becoming thicker, take it off the fire and let it cool. Apply only when warm, as hot wax can burn the skin badly.

Smooth the wax on the skin in the direction of the hair growth with a flat blunt knife. Let it set. Then take a strip of cloth, press it well on the wax-covered skin and strip it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.


Make sure that before waxing, your skin is absolutely dry. If necessary, dust it with talcum powder. After waxing sponge off with warm water to which an antiseptic is added to prevent any infection or rash. Also, rub on cold cream. The few straggly hairs that remain can easily be plucked off or removed by threading.

See also: Plucking hair / Shaving Hair
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  1. instead of sour lime ca i use lemon????please suggest me.what type of cloth should it be????????

  2. Yes,lemon is just fine. You should use a clean cotton strip.


  4. Yes it does hurt but the pain is something which is bearable. Sensitive skin types may experience some redness.

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Regrowth of hair after waxing of legs and arms?

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    ,Different part of the body hair grows at different rate(0.1 to 0.6mm/day).If you want get rid of this permanently then go for laser hair removal.

  7. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Waxing removes the hair follicle, so you won't have hair in the region for a few weeks while the follicle is growing back (like between 3-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows). I would suggest looking into having the hair waxed off by a professional, it costs a bit more, but since they know what they're doing, it's easier then you doing it yourself (especially in that "personal" area)

  8. Anonymous1:23 PM

    The cold temperature of ice causes the slight contraction of veins and capillaries, reducing the excess blood flow seen in response to things like waxing. The extra blood is what causes the red appearance of the skin. Applying ice after your waxing should help to reduce the redness.
    The ice should help numb the area a bit too, and that can be a good thing after a bikini wax ;)

  9. Anonymous5:11 PM

    can i use this on my abdomen and chest area???

  10. Anonymous10:11 AM

    whats your take on waxing or removing hair on the upper lip? I want to get rid of my tiny hairs but I'm afraid it'll grow back darker and then I'll look even more like a man..need help. Do you wax yours?

  11. Don't worry, waxing won't make hair-growth darker or thicker, even plucking doesn't. But do it only if you are comfortable with it, otherwise have it done from pros. You could also go in for threading. I don't have noticeable hair-growth on upper lips, so I don't wax or thread. For a few stray hairs here and there I just pluck it off using tweezers.

  12. Dhanya8:32 AM

    Waxing hurts but Shaving is cheaper and leaves ugly bumps but what i prefer is waxing because i think it makes people look better

  13. Kalpana9:09 AM

    Shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs. Another gloomy fact about razors is that they make hair thicker and can even trigger its further growth. In addition, fabulous after-shave smoothness does not last long…Waxing
    is way cheaper than lasering, lasts much longer than shaving, and can easily be performed at home

  14. Karuna9:12 AM

    don't forget, always wax in the direction of the hair

  15. Krupa9:52 AM

    Waxing Hair Removal is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one time.In this method wax is warmed to allow it to be spread easily over the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the wax, which cools and firms up grasping the hair.

  16. Keshav9:57 AM

    The disadvantage to waxing is that it can be painful for those with sensitive skin. And hair must grow back by ½ inch before waxing again (up to six weeks). The best antidote to the pain of waxing is to try to relax. According to many beauty practitioners, when a client is tense, the follicle closes and the wax doesn't reach the root of the hair. Immediately after waxing, apply gentle pressure to the area with your hands; icing the area also can help ease the pain. The more often you get a wax treatment, the more accustomed you'll grow to the experience

  17. Women often have unwanted facial hair that appears on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face. Before deciding on the proper removal method you should first determine that the cause of the hair growth is not down to hormones Waxing is an effective method to remove hair on the upper lip and fine hair on the sides of the face, but it's not recommended for the chin area where hair tends to be coarser

  18. Glad i read this before I wax!! thanks!

  19. Ranjana8:43 AM

    cool waxing strips are the best option to get rid of hair on your legs and arms. It is relatively inexpensive, fast and you do not have to repeat it every day. And very intimate - you do not have to ask anybody to help, you do not have to show your body hair to anybody as well.

  20. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I have a little hair where my big toe is. But other than that, no hair on the foot.
    Thanks for that suggestion hun. I usually stick to waxing but sometimes I might need to wear shorts or a dress and my hair will be at that awkward in-between phase where it’s too small to wax and then I end up shaving

  21. Swastika9:19 AM

    its true trust me from personal experience. waxing lasts wayyyyyyy longer and comes back lighter and finer each time so that after awhile hair will harbly grow back at all. shaving just cuts the hair follicle so it doesn't really go away but comes back thicker.!!!

  22. Sneha9:22 AM

    Veet is good. It varies from person to person depending on how fast your hair grows but it lasts about 3 weeks on my legs. I wouldn't recommend the wax that you heat up in the microwave. It is very messy and hot and painful and gets on everything.
    Oh and another waxing tip, if you find it too painful or end up with some wax left on your legs then baby oil gets it off water does not!

  23. Anonymous4:16 AM

    how much lemon do we have to add to the sugar?

  24. Shobhana8:42 AM

    plucking is much better for the hair on the chin. If you wax it even tiny, invisible hair which you may not be plucking will be removed, and then all that hair will grow back thicker, and equally fast. Stick to plucking, and try and pluck only visible, dark hair. It may be tempting to pluck very light, almost invisible hair, but avoid doing so.

  25. Anirudha9:32 AM

    I would definitely advise you to wax NOT shave (unless you don't mind itchiness,razor bumps,and hair growing back after like 2 days). Waxing lasts anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on hair growth. If you do wax,I advise you to get it professionally done-however most waxing salons will probably want your parents there. Good luck :) If nothing else,I suggest a hair removal cream.

  26. Mandavi9:32 AM

    Waxing: Lasts up 3->6weeks
    Hair grows back finer and thinner.
    it really hurts but people get used to it


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