Ear piercing –Benefits

woman with pierced earlobeHave you ever looked at the shape of the human ear closely? Doesn’t it look like an inverted baby? The earlobe is supposed to represent the brain of a baby. According to Acupunture Therapy, the meridians connecting the brain pass though this area. So when a child reaches the age of two or three, parents take it to a goldsmith to have its ears pierced. This is said to help in the quick development of the brain. Hence, the earlier the ears of the child are pierced, better the results will be. In certain Indian communities, even a boy’s ears are pierced. Ear piercing ceremony is called Karnavedana.

ear piercing benefits

There is also a long-held belief that puncturing the earlobe was beneficial to increasing the acuity of eyesight (see acupuncture) or of hearing (ref: Wikipedia). It has been found that if earrings, or jhumkis, are pierced properly at a tender age, ailments related to the throat, eyes and tongue can also be reduced. Piercing the point which is one inch above your earring could cure acute back pains. Though these theories may sound absurd and hard to believe, one must realize that these are tried and tested over the ages and more scientific research in this field is required.

However, strict hygiene and after care should be followed when you are having your ears pierced. Also read, Piercing techniques and this page for controversy regarding ear piercing instruments and other info.

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  1. Dayanand2:27 PM

    Never piercing your body by any untrained person. It may cause infection for you body. Safety is an important aspect of body piercing. You can choose sterilization for piercing.It is completely safe process. The area, piercer’s hands, tools and the needle must be sterile. The autoclave is approved sterilization that should be used for body piercing.


  3. Bindu9:25 AM

    Get your ears and nose pierced, put a cute diamond nose stud and nice ear danglers.you look like a good looking girl.

  4. Prashant5:53 PM

    Jewelry should be of correct size or it may cause swelling and pain.

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Always choose a reputable outlet
    Always follow the after care directions for cleaning your baby's earrings and ears
    Look out for signs of infection such as redness around the piercing, pus or a fever and seek medical advice if you are concerned

  6. I never knew the benefits ascribed from ear piercing. I once thought of it as plainly for vanity.

  7. Wearing a pair of earrings adds beauty and individuality to a person. This is one of the reasons why people choose to have parts of their bodies pierced. Knowing a thing or two about topics such as this one will help us understand why people opt for tattoos or piercings.

  8. Pradeep4:32 PM

    Keeps ears healthy,Prevents conditions like anxiety, OCD and nervousness,Can help keep one’s digestive system in order


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