Skin care at night

A regular skin care regimen can actually slow down the ageing process. Choose appropriate skin care products and allow yourself an extra few minutes in night and morning to pamper your skin. A night skin care routine is as essential as a day care routine.
1. Cleansing: Pour a little cleansing milk or lotion in the palm of one hand, rub the hands together and massage into the face. Clean off the lotion and dirt with cotton wool with gentle upward movements. Repeat the process but this time spend a little longer time on the massage. Now simply splash your face with cool water.
2. Toning: Toning closes the pores and stimulates circulation. Use a mild skin toner and pat it on greasier areas of your skin with cotton wool.
3. Feeding: Take a little moisturizer or a little night cream on your palm and then massage into the face with the movements shown in the picture above. In the course of massage, lightly circle the eyes with fingertips, very, very gently, 20 times. Be sure there is enough cream to keep your finger slipping on the skin.

If you use an eye or wrinkle cream at night, circle it around the eyes. Leave cream on for up to 20 minutes, but always wipe off any surplus before going to bed.
Your entire beauty routine for the night can be accomplished in about 5 minutes. Once it becomes a habit, it encompasses not only cleansing, toning and feeding your skin but stimulating the circulation, removing dead cells and generally giving your skin a longer lease of youthful glow.
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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Great tips. All are common sense but we don't really seem to take heed to all of them.

  2. I have an interesting tid-bit to add here. If you have fair/sensitive skin be careful what products you try. I tried an over-the-counter product that wound up giving me ring worm (a rash) on my face!

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    One or more serving of fruit a day
    At least 2-3 servings of seafood a day
    8 glasses of water a day (at least)
    1-3 servings of calcium
    3-5 servings of fruit a day
    1-2 servings of carbs (or grain)
    When it comes to your skin it is what you take in that can result in the quality and care you take towards yourself internally. By having a healthy diet and also time to exercise (at least 1 hour a day) you will suddenly see results in how your skin will change.


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