Ponchos were originally raincoats, a single piece of garment with an opening for the head and occasionally for the arms. The new-age variation of the garment has been in vogue for some time now.
These fashionable ponchos use the same shape but are made of very different material- wool or any other stringy material. As ponchos are loose and comfortable they are perfect accessories for all occasions. Ponchos also come with hoods.

Today’s ponchos are elegant and practical at the same time. It is great to cover yourself in cold, air-conditioned offices and movie theatres. Chiffon ponchos, though expensive, are good for the ‘day look’. It is the ideal attire for brunches or running errands, it’s casual yet not clumsy. A slightly tighter cotton poncho that emphasizes on your figure is good for evenings. They are stylish and yet keep you warm. And when you combine it with a camisole, you give an impression of revealing more than you actually are.

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  1. In NYC people wear ponchos all the time wether in style or not. Match it up with other things that are in and the next thing you know someone else will be doing the same thing you did

  2. Nagaveni9:58 AM

    I love the PONCHOS.


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