Skin care during daytime

A daily skin care is a must. The neglect or care that the skin receives over years plays a part in how quickly it ages, though there are other factors involved like- general health, diet, environment and hereditary characteristics. Having recognized your skin type and having chosen proper skin care products, you must allow yourself an extra few minutes in night (Refer Skin care at night) and morning to complete your skin care beauty routine. Also keep in mind these 5 golden rules of skin-care, mentioned in a previous post. It should become as automatic as brushing your teeth.
1. Cleaning: Thoroughly clean your skin while bathing with a mild soap that is non- drying. Ideally, your soap should be enriched with moisturizers to prevent giving you a tight, dry feeling after the bath. Every alternate day, use a face scrub (Try lemon face scrub) to gently exfoliate the dead skin.
2. Moisturizing: Use a good moisturizer and massage it all over the face with the fingertips. Preferably, massage the moisturizer on a wet face so that the skin retains as much moisture as possible. Moisturizer acts as a good base either for the make-up or as an essential skin protector for those who wear no make-up.
3. Use of a good skin protection cream: Our skin is subjected to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun for all the 12 months of the year that results in darkness and tanning of the skin. Of all the skin’s enemies, the sun is the worst. It drains the moisture from the skin, dehydrating it and helping it to age prematurely. Hence, after moisturizing, you must use a good ‘sunscreen’ cream high in SPF. Refer to the post on sunscreen for more…
Even if you do not go out in the sun quite often, yet a good sunscreen protection is a must as even the slightest exposure to the sunlight significantly darkens the skin. Evidence is the footwear marks on the feet or the wrist-watch marks on your wrist.
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  1. Niraja9:28 AM

    To keep your skin moisture throughout the day, before you apply cream spray rose water on your face.

  2. Vanashree4:15 PM

    Probably the easiest, cheapest, and best way to benefit your skin is to drink lots of water every day. Drink at least one gallon of water daily. Consume even more water if you drink other beverages such as coffee, soda, or alcohol. This is important because these beverages tend to dehydrate you. Regular exercise as well as a healthy diet is both key to promoting healthy skin. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and nourishing nuts can do wonders for a tired and troubled skin

  3. Dharitri5:43 PM

    Reapply sunscreen if you stay in the sun for a long time. It’s a good idea to carry one in your handbag.

  4. Use a primer underneath your foundation.
    And use a foundation that's right for your skin!
    Sometimes you even have to use a translucent matte powder during the day to keep your face from being shiny...I used to have your problem with the curled lashes... What I do now - I have a curler (from ELF) I use it once before 1 layer of mascara (max factor, something fake lashes.. or lancome hypnose), then after the mascara I wait 30-45 minutes before I gently curl them again and put on another layer of mascara..
    OR buy a heated curler!

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Natural skin care, and in particular facial rejuvenation natural recipes you mix up yourself at home, offer ingredients that hydrate, heal, renew, and protect. Natural skin care's simplest remedy is stay hydrated and stay beautiful.


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