Scarf-A fashion accessory

The scarf has been an integral accessory of a woman’s wardrobe for long. Whether worn around the neck or on the head, these colorful pieces of silk have always attracted our attention. Though the scarf came to India from the west, women in India have been wearing scarves in the form of dupattas for ages. Old silk saris and unused silk blouses can also be converted into scarves by cutting to the required length and width, edging it, and adding tassels to it.

Scarves are found in silk, terri-voile, georgette, marble chiffon, pure chiffon, cotton and net. Scarves may be plain or printed, batik or bandhni scarves are also popular. A scarf can make or mar an ensemble. A ‘night’ scarf can transform an outfit from formal to informal or from day-wear to evening-wear. Worn with élan, whether wrapped in one’s hair, tied at the neck, encircling the waist, or loosely tied to one’s wrists or even one’s handbag, a scarf is more than a fashion statement.

Scarves are great accessories to wear with Western or Indo-Western wear. Also, they can be categorized as formal and informal. Scarves in crepes, georgettes, chiffons and woolens can be worn as formals with some appliqué-work, embroidery or detailing. A nice warm color print or a basic black with crystals, beads or sequins are ideally worn, with formal wear and can look extremely chic. Hand-painted or embroidered scarves can be made to order to add a touch of class to your ensemble. A brightly printed scarf loosely knotted at the neck can liven up a dull dress in a jiffy. Informal ones are those in printed cotton or nylon glass fabric.

It is advisable to keep a couple of neutral shaded scarves to be mixed and matched as per one’s outfit, occasion and mood.

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  1. Shridevi5:07 PM

    For a square scarf, fold in half diagonally and wear inside the shirt with the top two buttons open - ascot style.For a long rectangular scarf, wear on the outside, under the collar of the jacket.

  2. Fold the scarf in half. THen put it evenly around your neck. slip the end with the tassles(or the open end) into the other end, and tuck it into your jacket. It will create a fun a funky look!:


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