Contact lenses-helpful tips for care and maintenance

You may be wearing soft contact lenses to correct your vision problems or colored cosmetic lenses to enhance the look of your eyes. However a thorough contact lens care regimen is essential to ensure maximum comfort, visual clarity and maintain eye health while you are wearing your lenses. Good contact lens care helps prolong the life of your lenses.


Some helpful tips for contact lenses users

* Follow the wearing schedule and care regimen prescribed for you by your eye practitioner. Failure to do so can result in serious eye complications.

* Always store your lenses at room temperature.

* Thoroughly wash, rinse and dry your hands before inserting or removing your lenses.

* Clean and disinfect one lens at a time to avoid mixing up left and right lenses, especially be more careful when the power of each eye is different. Do this over a clean surface.

* Handle your lenses with your finger tips, avoiding any contact with the finger nails.

* Do not grow long nails especially on your index finger and thumb. Your delicate eyes may get injured while inserting the lens. Also there is a chance of scratching the lens surface rendering it totally unusable.

* Never use water to clean or rinse the lenses, always use the prescribed disinfecting solution meant for contact lenses only. Avoid using solution which is meant to clean the lenses of spectacles or cameras.

* Thoroughly rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds.

* While cleaning the lenses with the solution, rub the lens in a gentle back and forth movement (linear) rather than a circular motion.

* After removing the lenses and rinsing them and cleaning them store them in the lens case and fill with fresh disinfecting solution, each time after every wear.

 woman wearing contact lenses* Clean the lens case thoroughly every week with a mild soap solution and water. Ensure that there is no trace of any soap solution left after cleaning the case. Then pour a few drops of the disinfecting solution into the case and rinse it.

* If lenses are not worn on a daily basis, they should be stored in the lens case completely filled with the disinfecting solution. Fill fresh solution every 5 days, after discarding the previous solution.

* If lenses have not been worn for long periods of time, it is advisable to clean and disinfect them prior to wearing.

* Use the disinfecting solution before the expiration date marked on the bottle label and the carton. Do not touch the bottle tip to any surface since this may contaminate the solution. Keep the cap closed when not in use to avoid contamination and evaporation.

* If you experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, redness of he eye, immediately remove your lenses and promptly contact your eye care practitioner. So it is always advisable to carry your lens case and disinfecting solution wherever you go.

* Do not wear contact lenses when you are suffering from any eye ailment like conjunctivitis etc.

* Also do not sleep at night wearing your contact lenses.

* Do not use lenses while you are in the swimming pool.

* Do not rub your eyes or around your eyes vigorously when you are wearing contact lenses. There is a chance of their getting dislocated and sometimes even falling off.

* Colored cosmetic lens wearers especially want to try out different colored lenses. Since it is expensive to buy many lenses of different types and colors, they may want to exchange their lenses with their friends.

Always resist this temptation to swap contact lenses with others; this is a sure way of inviting serious eye infections.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I put contacts in every day. Try to find someone with contacts and watch how they put them in. But here are my tips: Make sure you wash your hands. Make sure the contact is wet with solution and has some solution in the concaved circle part. Put the contact on your middle finger of your right hand if you want to put in it your right eye and your left hand for your left eye. Hold your top eyelid open with your index finger. Hold your bottom eyelid open with your ring finger. Look straight forward and try to look at the contact as you just poke it onto your eye. Blink until the contact gets settled over your eye.

  2. Chandrashekar5:43 PM

    Contact lenses are recommended to anyone that wears glasses or not, but don’t have other problems which may cause adverse eye reactions.You must be careful when you use or clean your contacts!

  3. Santosh9:30 AM

    Contacts are safe if you use them correctly. It's hard to recommend a particular type to someone who has not worn them because what works for me might not be good for you. I like Acuve Advanced. The only problems I have with contacts is that when I've worn them for over 8 hours they start to get dry and irritate my eyes. My mother-in-law slept in hers and they got stuck, you can't sleep in contacts. If you get them make sure you follow your doctor's instructions, clean them, never reuse solution, and don't sleep in them.

  4. Daksha4:14 PM

    1) take out your lens every night
    2) make sure to clean the contact case nightly too.

  5. Parvati4:15 PM

    Soak them in contact lense solution overnight in your contact case. I use Express No-Rub contact solution. Make sure you take them out every night though. And Do Not use a cloth on them.


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