Make up with contact lenses – Is it permissible

Make up is perfectly acceptable with contact lenses. After all one good reason for wearing contact lenses is to bring out the beauty of the eyes which were hidden behind spectacles. But there are a few rules to follow: 

* Always apply make up after you insert the lenses in your eye
* Do not use kajal or surma, for particles may get behind the lens and irritate them. Use a kohl pencil instead, but even then use it carefully; graphite particles from the pencil can be irritating to the eyes.
* If you are using a liquid eyeliner take care it doesn’t get into the eyes, the slightest stain on a lens would render it totally unusable and you will have to discarding it. You can use peel-off type of eyeliner, if you wish.
* Eye shadow should be of the moist or oily type. Powder type could irritate the eyes, as mentioned above.
* It is preferable not to use mascara; it could smudge your lenses. But if you should use it, say, for a special occasion then remember to use it with utmost caution and care. Preferably use those artificial peel off eyelashes.
* Be careful while powdering your face, the tiny powder particles may irritate your eyes.
* While removing make up, soak a cotton swab in cleansing milk and slowly clean the area around the eyes, try to remove all traces of eye shadow. Then with scrupulously clean hands, slowly remove the lenses.

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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    You put on your contact lenses in before you put your makeup on because the lens might touch mascara before they are on your eye and that can irritate you. You also will have cleaner hands before your makeup because makeup can get your hands dirty and be hard to get off.

    When you take off your makeup make sure you take off your contact lens first.

    Theres nothing else to it. But if you wear fake eyelashes make sure you dont put eyedrops in or else your falsies will start to fall off.

  2. Shruti4:20 PM

    Contact lens wearers should stick to waterproof mascara formulas, as they break down more slowly, minimizing the chance of any flakes getting into the eyes. Always remove eye makeup thoroughly before going to bed. This will keep lashes healthier and prevent any mascara from getting into your eyes during the night.Apply mascara after eye shadow and eyeliner.


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