Makeup- Why is it necessary

The urge to decorate and adorn ourselves is one of the most fundamental and primeval instincts in human nature. The fact that it was prevalent only in sophisticated societies is just not true. Women have cultivated the art of human embellishment from the very beginning of human civilization. So make-up is not restricted to a particular time-frame. It has been always there, will continue to remain…

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” goes a popular maxim. And though the definition of beauty sometimes changes with the times, what does not change is a woman’s desire to look beautiful. Make-up helps us achieve this goal by enhancing our positive features.

Make-up polishes our image whether it is casual, classic or elegant. It enhances and embellishes it. It completes what nature has left unfinished. Make-up can give you a special look that spells confidence. A woman who looks like a simpleton without any make-up will look gorgeous and glamorous with a dash of make-up and a change in hair-style. The purpose of make-up thus is to create a flattering illusion highlighting your good points and camouflaging your faults.

Some are of the opinion that, a radiant complexion rarely requires any adornment, still others believe that beautiful women are better off without any artificial muck on their face. But the fact is that make-up is necessary for every woman, as it forms a protective screen for the skin. When applied expertly, it does not conceal the skin but enhances its luminous quality. Make-up does not cause spots, since the pores get clogged from inside and not outside of the skin. Rather it is the rapid rate of skin cell turnover and excess oil produced at the same time that results in spots and acne.

It is an art that like any other art form has to be practiced to be perfected. And today, thanks to relentless research and development in the world of beauty, a great variety of beauty products are easily available in the market. Substandard, cheap brands of products should be avoided. They may cause damage to your skin. The correct application of beauty products is as important as choosing a product that is just right for you. To begin with, it helps to know the first step in wearing make-up is to understand your face, to know your positive and negative features, and wherever possible to highlight the positive ones to your advantage and to take attention away form imperfections. The makeup should blend in properly with the face to impart a natural look to the woman. An over-made up face with layers of make-up gives a cheap, shoddy look to the woman. It is repulsive. If you don’t know the art of applying make-up correctly, then you are better off without it.

To flatter your face and achieve total harmony, select those cosmetics that merge with the tone of your skin and give it a fresh appearance.

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  1. Reshma3:18 PM

    If you look good, you feel good.

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Honestly,I get ready and look nice because I want to ...I do it for myself,not so other people will compliment me or even take notice to what I'm wearing or how i did my hair...It makes me feel good about myself..
    As far as time goes,it doesn't take me very long to get ready...I'm not one of those girls who takes hours and hours to get ready...Reality is that we live in a shallow world,and you need to put yourself together nicely if you want to get ahead in life,whether it be with jobs,or relationships..or even just meeting others on a daily basis.

    Others won't want to approach you if you are dressed like a bum.

  3. Vaibhavi3:36 PM

    it is to feel good about ourselves. or to impress people .

  4. Christine7:57 AM

    I agree! I love make up and who dosent! WELL GOTTA GO BYE!

  5. Reshma11:18 AM

    What is it that makes some people feel they can’t live without makeup?

  6. No major makeup for me. Cannot STAND having crap all over my face. Luckily I have olive skin tone with dark features. Usually just a tiny bit of black eyeliner and a little eyelash curl. Bam! Done.

  7. I think that makeup is like any other accessory. It can enhance your look. I wear makeup whenever I want and feel that it would look nice.

  8. Christina4:57 PM

    I love makeup. I think everyone looks better with it. Including men.

  9. I love make up if it is only in some occassion. If their is party or other fuction then Make up will give different look. Make-up polishes our image whether it is casual, classic or elegant.

  10. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Coverage can be built in several ways: Use liquid mineral makeup to create a base, conceal specific areas with cream, stick, or pressed concealer using a specially designed concealing brush, then finish with loose mineral foundation. As an alternative, pressed or loose foundation can be swirled on, then misted to set. Additional layers of the minerals can be added with the brush, using a mist in between each and as a final finish. This keeps the skin looking healthy, vibrant and fresh, regardless of the amount of coverage needed. You can find all three types of mineral makeup (loose, pressed and liquid)

  11. Karuna4:20 PM

    When applying makeup, always apply in a dabbing motion. Never rub as this removes the product underneath.

  12. Helen4:53 PM

    Apply make-up with clean hands and supplies. Don't forget to wash your hands before applying or removing make-up. Use a clean washcloth, and use a make-up remover or cold milk, taking care around the eyes and nose. Wipe off spills or drips from the sides of make-up bottles or tubes. Clean out the drawer or tray where cosmetics are kept to eliminate dust, debris, hair, and other residue that can contaminate make-up products.


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