Groom yourself with accessories

“As pickles are to a meal, accessories are to a dress.” The right types of accessories add spice and character to whatever you wear. A simple dress becomes glamorous with just the addition of a colorful brooch. A dull silk sari will look classy aided by the sheen of a pearl choker.
So start collecting accessories whenever you spot an attractive piece; bangles, earrings, belts, bindis and brooches. You will never regret any buy as they always have their usefulness in any given moment. Never mind, even if it goes out of fashion after some days, it will always make a come-back again. But, in your over-enthusiasm don’t clutter yourself with too many items.

Balance should be made to looks smart, keep chunky piece at the right distances. Like if you have worn a broad belt then you can wear large earrings. A heavy chain or necklace will overwhelm the torso. Heavy neck wear should be paired with slim belts and thin bangles or bracelets.

If your choker is extravagant, then you wouldn’t want to divide attention with heavy earrings. Keep ear rings small or slim lined. Hair ornaments like combs, pins, clips and bands look nice if they match the color of the dress. If you are planning to wear contrasting hair accessories, and then keep them as small in size as possible. Gold and stone studded hair clips and pins add a touch of glamour for party and wedding scenery. But they look gaudy and bad if worn with casual clothes.

While buying shoes and sandals see that you choose colors and styles that go with several dresses. Colors such as white, black, beige, brown are natural and match any shade. Same is true or handbags and purses. Basic white, black, navy and tan are safe bets. For special occasions reserve good, showy footwear.

Payals or silver anklets lend a feminine charm to the wearer. They look good only in traditional Indian dresses like saris, ghagra cholis (type of Indian dress mostly worn during festivals) and salwar kameez. But they look incongruous with western dresses. Fresh flowers lend beauty and freshness to the wearer. But haphazard choice of flowers is unbecoming. Long strings of jasmines look beautiful on traditional south Indian silk saris. But, if worn with jeans, frocks or skirts will look out of place giving a sloppy appearance to the wearer. However, western outfits too can be complemented with proper use of flowers. Hair left loose over the shoulders can look attractive if a small bunch of tiny flowers or a single bright chrysanthemum is pinned over one ear.

Bindis, sindhoor, bangles, sun-glasses, finger rings, watch-straps and even handkerchiefs act as effective accessories to enhance the good looks of a dress. But “balance” is the key to success. Never over-estimate or undermine the importance of accessories for achieving that well-groomed, neatly dressed appearance.

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  2. Nagarjun5:47 PM

    Some TIPS--Jeans should not be too baggy. You don’t want them scraping the ground or showing your ankles. Don’t feel bad about spending top dollars on a pair of Jeans. Some of the top jean brands are Seven Jeans, Diesel, Guess and True Religion.-Keep it real, if you’re not a kaki and polo guy then don’t pretend to be. Invest in a nice watch or a wrist band.
    Shoes are the biggest indicator to how well you maintain yourself. Keep them shiny and clean. Try on clothes that you don’t normally wear and get an opinion from a woman who you would want to date, not just your women friends.

  3. unknown5:58 PM

    A modern yet traditional look and the minimal use of accessories makes the dress perfect for an evening party. Whereas those who prefer wearing jewelery can go in for the chunky jewelery that is now in fashion. Chokers look better on a wider neckline. Long necklaces are also in fashion now.

  4. Wear medium toned outfits in warm colors and add bright colored accessories.

  5. Sushmita10:09 AM

    To Look Confident, Inspiring, Stimulating and to Be Noticed: Wear light colored outfits and accessorize with items of dark contrast e.g. a white suit with a large black and white abstract brooch.

  6. Urmila9:06 AM

    Gold sets with gemstones are usually more expensive.

  7. Kajol9:08 AM

    Wow! This post was fun to read.

  8. very nice and informative article

  9. Susmitha10:04 AM

    What are the uses of wearing gold ornaments for health ?

  10. Gold has medicinal value if taken in the form of bhasma as per ayurvedic process.For men gold is not advisable to be worn on the body.Females can.It will protect their skin and beutify them.

  11. Pratham9:30 AM

    Velvet bags, accentuated with stunning design and pleasing embroidery, will be groovy and glamour to go with evening wears.

  12. Dhanu9:30 AM

    Silky bags, crafted in raw silk and beads, matching the glamour portrayed in garments are there to make an erotic statement in fashion.

  13. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Most of these Plastic fashion jewelry ornaments boast of bright and fanciful colors, which are the perfect colors for the season of spring. These colors are added when the plastic is molten, and that is the only reason why the plastic jewelry does not lose the color even when its is rubbed off.


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