Brushing your hair for beauty

If you think brushing is just to brush hair as one likes, you’re probably wrong. So for certain tips read on…
* Start with a good brush. Spiky brushes can damage the hair. Nylon brushes are effective and bone combs are ideal.
* Brush from the roots to the ends.
* Brushing before shampooing can help to redistribute the natural oils to the hair.
* To brush, in order to stimulate circulation to your scalp, and add extra fullness, bend from your waist, throw hair over the head, brush up from the nape to the ends of the hair.
* A light daily brushing helps get rid of accumulated surface dirt, but any manipulating tends to make hair more oily, so don’t overdo it.

* Feel the brush going through more and more easily with the volume of the hair improving. Don’t pull the brushes sharply when your reach the ends.
* Always brush your hair gently. When your brush encounters a tangle, gently work it out with your fingers, and then continue brushing.
* Never brush wet hair vigorously; it’s a sue way of losing hair.
* Your brush should be washed when your hair gets shampooed so that your never brush clean hair with a dirty brush.
Washing and cleaning your hair brush
Wash the brush by swishing it gently in tepid, soapy water. Don’t use harsh detergents and don’t soak the brush. This can loosen the bristles and be harmful to a wooden handle.
* To loosen old hairs in a brush, comb through the bristles with a cleaning brush which is specially made for cleaning hair brushes.
* Rinse brush in lukewarm water, then cold, and shake off excess moisture.
* Dry brush bristle- side down on sink, never over a radiator or other heat source.
Types of brushes and their use
If you normally brush by flicking your wrist as you stroke, the half-round brush is best because the turning and clicking motion will wear down the side bristles of a flat brush.
* If you brush in a straight up-and-down motion, a flat oval brush is best and its best for long hair too because there is a lot of brushing surface and bristles are set in rubber for flexibility.
* The professional brush is better for short hair since there is no as much brushing surface.
* A full round brush is good for styling final stages of a blow-dried hair.
* Remember that the thicker and coarser your hair, the stiffer the brush bristles should be. A firm bristle can penetrate the hair better. Fine hair needs a softer bristle.

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  1. Pranitha10:32 AM

    Don't use a comb or brush that's been used for people -- the oils from human hair will get on your doll's hair and attract dirt.
    bullet .Don't use a bristle brush -- it will make your doll's hair frizzy. Don't use plastic -- it will generate static and make the hair harder to brush. Metal glides through hair.
    bullet Don't buy a dog grooming brush that looks like a wig brush but has plastic balls on the tines -- you won't hurt your doll with the points of the regular wig brush and the plastic balls will make the brush less effective.

  2. Roopashree4:28 PM

    If you get in the habit of brushing your hair every night before bed it will make you sleepy.

  3. Prabha9:40 AM

    We all know to wash our makeup brushes. I mean it's just dirty not to, and it can be a cause of acne!


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