These are visible as pearly like elevations as big as pin points that appear on the face. They must not be squeezed, the content cannot be removed simply by squeezing them, and this is the distinction between them and blackheads. By squeezing you will only spoil the complexion. The cause of whiteheads is the retention of sebum which becomes lodged in a blind duct with no surface opening. They seldom disappear on their own accord.

The best skin care for whiteheads consists of once-a-day cleansing with a mild soap or facial scrub like apricot or oatmeal and fuller’s earth (multani mitti) mask; to aid in the removal of excess sebum and dead skin cells. Oil-based makeup should not be used since these can contribute to the buildup of oil in the follicles. Water-based makeup can be used safely.

White heads is a type of acne. There is no need to suffer in silence for this problem. Consult a suitable dermatologist for this condition who may prescribe the right treatment for you.

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  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    If you’re wondering how to get rid of whiteheads, the first rule is to use only oil-free products on your skin.Avoid wearing oily make-up or using products that contain oil, and also avoid touching your skin with your hands.Oatmeal and yogurt (plain) actually work wonders when you want to know how to get rid of whiteheads. Washing your face thoroughly and then putting baby powder on your skin works well, too – baby powder dries everything up quickly.

    Take care of your skin by washing with oil-free products twice daily. You can also use an exfoliate on your skin daily to smooth out the skin. Don’t be afraid to use oil-free moisturizers on the skin – if your face gets too dry, it will only increase the oil production and cause more breakouts. Do not pop pimples in any circumstance – this causes scarring and makes the oils spread to other areas of the face, inspiring more breakouts that you want to avoid

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Used green tea can be utilized by scrubbing your face with it. Do it twice a week and see the difference.

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Blackheads and whiteheads can also be treated using antibacterial products like benzoyl peroxide and tretinoin. Benzoyl peroxide is good for mild cases. It treats the hair follicle so as to reduce the clogging. Tretinoin, on the other hand, forces the closed comedones (the whiteheads) to open up. In this way, the materials clogging the follicle can be easily expunged.

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I use Rice Bran Polisher by Sensé from Usana Health Sciences every day or so in the shower. I use it on my nose, forehead, temples and ears; I never use soap. Also use their body splash with a loofah, and showers have never been more fun. My nose, after years of large pores, looks great.

  5. use a liquid facial cleanser and wash your face 3 times a day. also use acne cream with benzoyl peroxide.

  6. Reena8:44 AM

    you should wash your face with soap and water and use a pimple cream that works for me any ways and i usually don't have any black or white heads or pimples. Or you could use proactive that works for me also

  7. Sudha9:22 AM

    A combination of carrot, tomato and orange juice works well for whiteheads as well as other skin ailments.

  8. Snehal3:58 PM

    whitehead can be best removed by steaming the face for 1-2 minutes. When the whiteheads in the pores have softened, prick the apex with a clean sterilized needle. You can also gently press it out with your two fingers.

  9. Medha4:00 PM

    Make a paste of cornstarch with vinegar, and apply on the area for 15-30 minutes, wash off with washcloth and warm water, this helps to get rid whiteheads

  10. Shaila10:13 AM

    Grated raw potatoes can be used to treat all kinds of skin problems including pimples, wrinkles, whiteheads and blackheads. Pack potatoes directly on problem areas to extract blackheads.

  11. Thanks for this article, I use to get them as a teen with oily skin, but now as a 'ahem' older person, I get these small whiteheads which my dermatologist says they are from too much lotion, but I have in my places I don't put lotion; my skin is no longer oily - is it age related?

  12. Shantala9:10 AM

    Mix grated carrot, sugar powder and salt. Apply this on face for 20 min.Then massage face in circular motion. It will remove whiteheads and blackheads very naturally and mildly.

  13. Anonymous8:33 AM

    try washing the area with dial soap let it dry on your skin then rinse with cool water. Then apply a good moisturizer afterward because if you dry the skin out too much your body will create more oil to compensate causing more skin blemishes. do this daily or nightly whichever you wish at least once a day.

  14. Mradula8:39 AM

    Mix 1 tablespoon groundnut oil with 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice to prevent formation of whiteheads and pimples.

  15. The Biore nose strips work really well...But to prevent them I think Aveeno is a really good product that works well for moisturizing, daily wash, and preventing white heads...

  16. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Hot Lava.

  17. Beena9:20 AM

    i used to get really huge white heads, but then i started using this orange store brand acne wash on my face and it really worked, then i switch to the neutrogena (what the store brand was a knock of off) face wash and it works really well, i wash regularly and hardly ever get white heads or zits anymore,
    the stuff is orange and comes in a square liquid soap bottle, try it!

  18. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Squeezing them is a bad choice.
    You need to use over the counter benzoyl peroxide 5% cream, and maybe invest in a visit to a dermatologist for some topical retinoids.
    You can maybe use some salicylic acid containing acne facial washes (found at the supermarket), but if the white heads are seriously bothering you, go to a dermatologist.

  19. Chadani9:18 AM

    You should never try to remove whiteheads alone at home.If you try to squeeze the whitehead you may easily break the skin which will result in permanent, reddish scar.

  20. Chaitra9:19 AM

    Never forget to remove your makeup in the evening; otherwise this may clog the pores resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and rash appearance.

  21. Ashvini9:29 AM

    I have problems with whiteheads too, glad I've found this site. thanks for the useful tips!


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