First aid tips for eye emergencies

Eyes are very vulnerable and here are some first aid tips for eye emergencies. 

For problems with contact lenses: Lift upper eyelid outward and down over the lower lid, let tears wash out the lenses. If the lenses are not washed out, keep the eye closed, bandage lightly and see a doctor immediately, preferably an ophthalmologist. Do not rub the eye. Take a cup full of water; open your eyes inside the water so that the lenses can be washed out.

If your eye has had a punch, this is what you should do: Apply cold compresses immediately for 15 minutes and repeat hourly afterwards as needed to reduce the pain and swelling. Discoloration or a black eye can mean internal damage-see a doctor.

For cuts and punctures: Bandage lightly and see a doctor at once. Do not wash the eye with water, and do not try to remove an object stuck in the eye.

In case of chemical burns: Flood the eye with water immediately, continuously and gently for 15 minutes. Hold the head under the faucet or pour water into the eye, and keep the eye open as widely as possible while flooding. Do not use an eye cap. Do not bandage. Rush to a doctor.

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  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE OBJECT. Stabilize the impaled object by placing bulky dressings on each side of the object and then securing the dressings together, or by placing a paper cup over the object and then securing to the face.

  2. unknown3:24 PM

    Foreign bodies such as dirt, sand, wood or metal chips may cause tearing. Tearing may rid the eye of the foreign body. If the object remains in the eye, have the victim blink several times. If the object still remains in the eye, gently flush the eye with water.


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